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The field of Biological Sciences fosters a deep appreciation for the exciting facts and concepts, and allows graduates to excel in their chosen careers. The quality of techniques and approaches needed to solve problems in biology has increased steadily over the past few years, which has resulted in a vast array of avenues in science. Alex Oppenheim Omaha is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a passion for science that has developed over a lifetime of interest in biology, research, and education.Dedicated to excel in his chosen career, Alex Oppenheim Omaha has completed a series of courses, including his project work in agricultural biotechnology, learning the latest state-of-the art techniques and approaches for solving biology problems, and being thought how to think in a sophisticated way about real-world problems. Finding out something about the world that no one has ever known before, provides you with the greatest feeling of excitement, and that can be afforded only by participating in research.

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11:06 am 06/09/2017

About The New AI Technologies

What started as a "cool new feature" on the iPhone 4S is 2011 is currently the new "must have" in the smartphone game. Basically Apple opened a new door with Siri and all the companies have tried to mimic this technology.

Lately the trend evolved with AI, which "must be better" according to geeks and tech-lovers, with Google leading the way with its new approach of deep neural-networking and machine learning. Naturally, these new technologies are tested on an approved platform... and that platform is the smartphone. A while ago Amazon leaped forward with their Alexa product-line, and it became an instant hit, so last year, Google launched the Google Home. Apple in the meantime is integrating the Siri platform in many of its products, namely the Mac product line (desktops and laptops).

Now many of the big names in the smartphone industry are trying to get their piece of the cake, with Samsung recently introducing their own system called Bixby. While still in infancy, there is nothing new in their approach, and Alex Oppenheim Omaha believes that they will most likely fail. It all comes down to the timing, to the uniqueness of the service, and most of all - to the quality of services.

- Now, speaking about Bixby, it is not a bad AI assistant by any means, but in a world where Google and Apple kinda dominate the experience it is hard and it will be a struggle.

We have to bear in mind that this AI service was announced only a couple of months ago and that it still not available worldwide.
Alex expects that more and more companies try to bring their product to the spotlight and steal the thunder...

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