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10:31 pm 29/10/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 29/10/2007

I'm happy....

That is all, carry on!

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1:50 am 03/10/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 03/10/2007

Greet Street Hooligans

Two words: fucking awesome!

I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air,
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
Then like my dreams,
They fade and die.
Fortune's always hiding,
I've looked everywhere,
I'm forever blowing bubbles,
Pretty bubbles in the air.

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1:07 am 02/10/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 02/10/2007

I figured it's high time I actually get an avatar w/me in it

So I played around with my webcam's Andy Warhol setting:

I look slightly weird, but I like it!

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12:57 am 30/09/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 30/09/2007

This is the hottest woman ever! Quinne Suicide...

Or I did a thread HERE. (NSFW)

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2:31 am 23/09/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 23/09/2007

Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy b-day...

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1:34 am 18/09/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 18/09/2007

I am soooo behind the times I know, but I just saw HOT FUZZ last night. F00king loved it! I love Pegg and Frost together...

I just want to recommend it to everyone...

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9:48 pm 06/08/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 06/08/2007

Well after many years of not speaking with his parents (I stayed out of it), Darshu (and I) are going to see them this upcoming weekend... They weren't invited to our wedding in 2004... so I'm anticipating a lot of questions and perhaps tears. His father almost died from alcohol poisoning last year and I coaxed Darshu to at least call to make sure he was alive. Now he has many good historical reasons to distance himself from them, but now they've been stabilized with medication and now that Darshu's an adult they can't do anything to him... If they piss him off he can just walk away... But I think they deserve a second chance, darn my optimism...

Just thought I'd share.

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1:57 am 11/07/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 11/07/2007

Broke up with Emma.... I think we all knew it was coming.... When everything came right down to it we didn't have that much in common, she was too young, and there was too great of a distance between us....

Time to move on....

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1:14 am 01/07/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 01/07/2007

Fuck, why do ppl say shit they don't mean? Have you never heard of honesty? Or common decency!? Was it just to get attention? To make you feel better about yourself? Why? Why lie if you know it will eventually hurt someone? It fucking blows me away! All lies, everything. Complete bollocks. Fuck it, I'm done. You open up to ppl and they just shit on you. I knew that I'd get fucked over, seriously I'm not letting anyone in again. "Fool me once" and all that rot....

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8:33 pm 29/06/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 29/06/2007

I am very sad.

That is all....

Carry on...

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6:52 am 28/06/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 28/06/2007

I know no one probably cares but me, but I loved John Inman, he played in "Are you being served?", a BBC comedy from the late 70's through the early 80's (I watched at all growing up).... He was the greatest pantomime dame and was completely daft! I just found out he died this year on March 8th, yeah way to be behind the times, I know..... I'm sad now...

He shall be remembered! (By me anyway...)

Mr. Humphreys are you free?

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10:06 pm 23/06/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 23/06/2007

*ahem* I am a MOD. w00t.

That is all...

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1:09 am 22/06/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 22/06/2007

I found out this morning that my great uncle died. He was a marvelous man. Linguisticly skilled, artistically knowledgable, and talented in many fields. He was an encredibly intelligent man and I respected him greatly.

He will be missed....

R.I.P Howard Ashley....

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12:33 am 09/06/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 09/06/2007

Um, random blog. I don't know whether I should be blogging about it here or not... But I'm so happy I will anyway! Ok, I recently met a girl (online) named Emma, she is the sweetest and most wonderful person ever and she's perfect in my eyes. Well, we found out she lived less that an hour away so we went to visit her... *Ahem* To make a long story short: Darshu and I now have a girlfriend... I know it may sound weird, but it works for us. We have a very open marriage and I am glad it's growing... Just wanted to share my happiness...

This is her:

I get more pix of her and us together... we're going to an art fair together this weekend...

*skips away happily*

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11:12 pm 21/05/2007

allison_oaks's blog post - 21/05/2007

I watched Pan's Labyrinth last night. Very odd and distressing movie. I think I enjoyed it, I have mixed feelings... There are alot of graphic scenes which usually don't bother me, but they were done too realistically. Eee. Horribly dark and sad. I liked the creatures in it, very surreal...

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