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3:25 am 28/08/2013

Review and Introduction about Free Optical Disk Recovery Tools

If you choose CD, DVD, HDD or etc as storage medium to store your video recordings, music and etc, probably you may lose these files if optical disk is damaged by accidence. It is definitely a nightmare when you lost your wedding slideshow or adult ceremony or some other meaningful media files. As we cannot take the same video for a second time, the lost files appears exceedingly important for us.
When your files which have no backup copy become inaccessible or damaged on optical disks, the only way to get lost files back is restoring them with some third-party link removed such as Kvisoft Data Recovery. Besides the paid and powerful programs, there are also a lot of free tools which can be applied to find lost disk files.
1. CD Recovery Toolbox (100% free and safe software)
CD Recovery Toolbox is absolutely free and clean which supports recovering damaged files from a wide range of optical media like CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray and other disks. Users can use it freely to rescue lost datas from disks.
Download: Users who want to download this freeware, please choose a safe site to get it. You can go to famous download sites like to get the software for free.
Brief Review: This freeware is a well-known and hot CD recovery tool that it has been downloaded for more than millions of times on It can compatible with many operating systems like Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and Vista. This recovery tool is of good features that it can recover files from different kinds of disk types. It can scan all files on disks and show files which are available for recovering. Files which are larger than 4GB are also recoverable with free CD Recovery Toolbox. Besides, the wizard mode offers users an easy way that any newbie can apply it for recovering corrupted or lost files.

2. Unstoppable Copier(100% free and safe utility)
Free Unstoppable Copier is another tool which is notable in recovering lost files from disks for free. Over the years, Unstoppable Copier has been downloaded for more than hundreds of thousands. Its high popularity has already proved its safety and powerful features.
Download: from both and, you can get the free CD recovery tool freely and safely. From the two site, you can discover that the free program has rated by many users. You can also get more details or information from its official site.
Brief Review: after a check, I know that Unstoppable Copier supports many operating systems, including Win7, Win8, Win XP, Vista, Linux and etc. It really has a wide compatibility. Before download, please choose the right OS according your computer and click download. The newest version is 5.2 that it supports multiple languages such as English, Dutsch, Romana, Turkish and many more. This program is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface that it's easy for you to recover damaged, corrupted and inaccessible files from floppy disk, CD, DVD, HDD disks for free. The free CD recovery program will try to repair the corrupt files for you. You can check your files easily by file name, size, integrity or etc from its interface.
To know more about link removed and link removed from hard drives, USB, memory card or etc.

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3:53 am 14/08/2013

Best Guide for Undeleting Files in Windows OS

Data loss is a common phenomena among computer users and it happens very often. When computer users come across data loss and lose important files, it must be an annoying thing. Especially the lost digital file is what you need to use on incoming meeting or work, or the lost file is the unique copy which it's of special meanings to life. If you have suffered a lot from data loss, please keep reading this article and you will get effective but free tools to restore your lost files.
Just as any other software, there are many free deleted file recovery tools if you search with free undelete files software in Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Some of them are really freeware, but some are adware or malware. To avoid you from time-consuming search, here comes a list of top 3 freeware discussing link removed. Let's see what you can do with these free programs:
Brief Review of Top 3 Free Undelete Files Software

  • 1. Recuva: It is the most popularly used free data recovery tool that can recover files of many formats on Windows. By using its wizard mode, users can recover files by file type. It also have a Deep Scan but with slower speed. Images can be previewed.

  • 2. Pandora Recovery: the free files recovery tool stands out other freeware with a user-friendly filter that users can filter files by name, size, date and etc. It supports previewing images, too.

  • 3. Wise Data Recovery: it's a free yet user-friendly file undelete software. It's probably not working in recovering files from FAT-based drives.

How to Avoid File Loss During Daily Computer Life?
It is estimated that most of the computer users have ever encountered file loss in work or life. And the file loss reasons are of various types. Last time I discussed the main causes of data loss, today we will discuss about some tips about how to avoid data loss. If you already lost a lot of precious files, you can recover lost files on Windows by using the tool.

  • 1. According to a data loss statistics report, most of the file loss are caused by hard disk and operating system problems like system reinstallation and crash, hard drive crash and damage and much more. The most effective method to avoid data loss caused by these reasons is back up your files regularly.

  • 2. The second file loss reason is human error like mistaken deletion, improper USB ejection, unintentional system or device formatting. To prevent terrible file loss, so we'd better pay more attention before hitting shift + delete or emptying recycle bin. It makes sense to check twice before any deletion or formatting.

  • 3. Another reason is resulted by virus, such as worm, Trojan, virus-infected files and so forth. In order to avoid this, maybe choosing a powerful anti-virus software is the most effective solution.

  • 4. It is reported that power failure is one of the common data loss causes. It's prone to lose datas when power interrupts during transferring files, editing contents in software and more occasions. For laptop users, it's sensible to fix the battery into laptop when electricity is not stable.

There are also some other reasons that can bring about file loss. Anyway, please back up our files at a fixed interval. Besides, you can also try some recover data programs to retrieve deleted, formatted and lost files on a PC. To know link removed.

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7:42 am 11/04/2013

Make a Flip Book Step by Step on Apple Computer

Many digital publishers get interested in page flipping ebooks because flipbook always can attract readers with fresh page turning effect. Flipbook is now widely used in show ebook, magazine, business files and photographic albums.
It is reported that the first page flipping book was published in September, 1868 by John Barnes Linnett. It was a series of pictures that vary gradually from one book page to the next one with visualized page flipping animation.
Now with the rapid development of e-publishing technology, flipbook can be used by some professional programs such as flip book maker for Mac. Stay around to see how you can make a flipbook of your own step by step:
How to Make a Page Flip Book from Static PDF Document?
1. Download and install flipbook tool.
With only a search in Google, you will discover many flipbook programs. If you wanna realistic page flicking animation and multiple output formats, then this link removed will be a good suggestion for you. After you downloaded it, you can double click the .dmg file and follow the setup information to install it on your Apple computer step by step.
2. Import PDF files.
Launch the flipbook making program, you will see a notification which goes like this "click Import button to begin the flipping ebook creation" on the center of its user-interface. It is accurate as you can hit Import button to browse the PDF file which want to turn into a flipbook.
3. Design and Customize
Once it finished PDF file importing, you can be directed to the customization interface. In this section, you can make your flipbook to fit your own demand by customize its template, bookmark, table of contents, page flip speed, cover style, background music and etc.
This is a screenshot of flipbook:

4. Publish PDF to Flipbook
Click Publish button, you will be directed to Publish window which shows all output formats including HTML, SWF, APP, ZIP, EXE and mobile version. If you have no site, the standalone SWF is the best format for you. It can be uploaded to web, blog and Facebook for sharing.
Want to know more about link removed? Follow the link to get more details.

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