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4:16 am 01/03/2007

Spring Break!

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane tomorrow for Orlando FL!

Cannot wait to get to a week of nice weather! Anyone want to meet up, I should be available the 6th/7th.

Hooray warmth.

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3:55 pm 12/02/2007

It's Monday

We're in the process of moving buildings...

We just did this a year ago, into a lease until our new Corporate office is built. I'm trying to coordinate some of the move, which means I get to buy new stuff.


Late nights and long weekends will be most of March for me. Racks to move, phone system to move, T1s being provisioned now, have to call on PRIs later today, and I'm still supposed to do CAD... uhhh... I hate the CAD part. I really, really hate those horrible drawings... so many errors, so many problems...

I'm working on Asterisk, the open source PBX. Got some FXS ATAs and will VPN all branches to corp for free VOIP interoffice. Probably won't get recognized.

Oh well. The owner has an affair with my boss. Too much drama.

Can't wait to run my own company.

Anyone want to work together?

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7:04 pm 24/01/2007


Here's the first entry.

I love you all.

I want some whiskey and cigars.

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