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Top 5 Famous Places in Dubai you must Shop In

The date for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 is closing in, and shopping fever is gripping everybody. Dubai is a retail paradise, where you can buy anything in the world. What’s great is that you can buy products at competitive prices. Cheap shopping is Dubai is one of the reasons why so many tourists come here. If you know the right places to shop, you will be able to buy the most amazing things, at really cheap prices. So, if you are planning on a Dubai vacation, try shopping at the following 5 places to get the best bargains and deals.

Gold Souk
U.A.E. is famous for its gold. It is an integral part of the Emirati culture. Therefore, gold is plentiful and available at competitive prices. The Gold Souk in Deira is one of the best places for cheap shopping in Dubai. The whole market is full of small shops selling designer jewellery. It is always packed with locals and tourists the year round. Though there are large malls and chain stores that sell gold, the advantage buying from the Gold Souk is that you can bargain on the price. If you have good bargaining skills, you can end up with a decent amount of gold at throwaway prices. However, do research on the amount of gold you can bring into your country, as many countries have rules regarding importing gold from Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

One of the concentration points for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017, the Dubai Mall is the one of the finest malls you’ll ever see. It is the biggest malls in the world and is home to all the best brands in the world. Owing to a high number of stores, throughout the year, there are many offers, sales and discounts ongoing in the hundreds of stores in the mall. From high-end electronics to furniture, you can buy anything over here at a good price. The only thing you need to worry about is getting lost in the gigantic mall and buying things you might not need. Such is the beauty of this place. Also, there are many entertainment avenues like an ice skating rink, aquarium, and many delicious food outlets. The Dubai Mall is a great place to shop, and spend time with your family or friends.

Meena Bazar
While there are special souks for different things like gold, textiles, perfumes, etc. you can find all of them in one place - Meena Bazar. This is the hottest destination for bargain shopping, and is famous the world over. You can buy clothes, perfumes, textiles, gold, and diamond jewellery, at good prices. It is one the best places for cheap shopping in Dubai. One of the reasons why this place is cheap is because all of the goods are exported from India. They are of the highest quality, and owing to the difference in currency exchange rate, they end up costing a lot less.

Mall of Emirates
Though The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world, the Mall of Emirates is the healthiest competition of them all. This is also a place that will be a concentration point during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and hospitality, the Mall of Emirates has it all. There’s so much do and see here that it will take up a day for you enjoy it’s best offerings. The mall is home to many stores, and is a great place for retail therapy. Sales, and offers are ongoing throughout the year, making it one of the best places for cheap shopping in Dubai. So, make sure the Mall of Emirates is a must-see place on your itinerary.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

The DSF is the best time for cheap shopping in Dubai. Known the world over, this month long shopping extravaganza is the best shopping festival in the world. The whole city is decorated with bright lights, and there are unbelievable offers, discounts, and sales in all the retail stores in the city. Many people plan their vacations to coincide with the festival and return back home with the most amazing products. During DSF, you can also partake in the raffles which have extravagant prizes like 1 million dollars, Porsche, high-end electronics, etc. on offer. Plan your holiday in between the 26th of December, and 28th of January, and be part of Dubai Shopping Festival 2017.
The above stated are the best options for cheap shopping in Dubai. Therefore, plan your itinerary accordingly, and enjoy the best this city has to offer.

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