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About Me

I guess this is where I am supposed to greet all of you that fall into my hole.

This was my my shop in Arizona.

My better half and myself. (she hates this picture)
It was along time ago... we were just pups.

Just for Lavane!

My favorite song by The Beautiful South. Thanks DRAV3N

I love Schoolhouse Rock

Goofin' Off


Blog Posts

3:32 am 17/03/2007

backroom's blog post - 17/03/2007

OK... my first stab at content. I promise to refine it and mix it up occaisionally.

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1:07 am 16/03/2007

backroom's blog post - 16/03/2007

As recently pointed out to me... my godspace was bare. So I have decided to put a little... little mind you... effort into getting some kind of content in here. Working 52 hours a week I hardly have enough time to read, post, comment and point but I will try to find some file storage on teh interweb and put up a couple images and perhaps a song or three.

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