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I knew a girl who had a tattoo of a seashell on her inner thigh. when I put my ear to it, I could smell the ocean.


Ugh.. gotta find a way to kill the image resizing.. hrmmmmm

!!!!!!!!!KISS THE PAW!!!!!!!!!

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9:13 pm 31/08/2007


:Blinking: Check:
:Autostart Flash: Check:
:Changed Cursor: Check:
:Vibrant Orange: Check:
:Backwards Page: Check:

Hrmmm.. I guess now I just need 200 glittery pictures to make 'my space' complete!

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8:11 am 28/08/2007

My Godspace:

Isn't obnoxious enough yet.

I'm betting I can get it so that myspace looks like a professional layout.

Assuming I don't get bored with it.....
....before the Tabula Rasa servers come back up.

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1:16 am 19/08/2007

Clemson's blog post - 19/08/2007

UGH.. I hate PC Hardware. I'm a software guy. I keep up with languages and programs.

I've found yet another game that won't run on this PC - that's just over 2 years old. The new Tabula Rasa has a sys req of INTEL 2.5GHz or equivalent.

I have an AMD Athalon 64 3400 - that is 2.1 GHz.. but it's AMD's 2.1GHz, which I know is not the same as 2.1 of Intel's GHz.

The two companies should be drawn and quartered for that one.

So now I have loads of wifey arse kissing for *yet another* new PC. The only draw back to being with the same woman for almost 16 years is that there's been a lot of PC purchases. Even though it was over 2 years ago, they think "We JUST bought that one"... good grief! Then again the last 'upgrade' ended up costing her over US$5000 - new PC, 2 LCD's, full 5.1 Dolby surround speaker systems, and so on.

I guess she's gun shy. We're going with premade, out of the box, under warranty, NMFP PC this time - just as soon as I find a system that meets the recommended specs for Tabula Rasa for ~$700 or so. It's not that I'm all fired up about that game, but I had to pick a benchmark to go with.

2 Gigs Ram
Nice Video card......

Ugh . I hate Hardware.

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5:40 am 17/08/2007


OMFG.. Why is it so freekin HOT in South Carolina?

We broke the all time heat record here the other day - it's never been hotter! It hit 105F.... I moved here from Dallas, which would hit 105 w/out thinking about it, but there is one HUGE difference.

100% humidity. Walk out the door and it's instant sweat. That whole 'it's a dry heat' is so fookin true.

I grew up here for 15 years, and it never once hit 100. There's no way it did. Surely as much as the old folks talked about the weather, it would have been the 2nd coming if it ever hit 100.

This brings up my point. I might spend next summer in Australia. As soon as the kids finish school, we'd take off, find an apartment, and enjoy the down under winter while ShellyB burns her buns in this crap!

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