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5:07 am 21/01/2008

about damn time

well the queen is branching out. Went to go look at an actual store front the other day its damn sweet well its actually 2 store fronts adjoining. So if all goes well and we do the financing correctly I will be out of the farmers market and into a store where i can do what i want when i want (sound like a teenager talking about getting out of the house). Im so excited I can't wait. We are going to do a little sitting area so people can have their coffee and treats. Stebon thinks he is going to put a pool table in the back room eh i don't think so. Oh and there are plenty of poles he said for pole dancing anyone up for that. So i will keep you posted and my fingers crossed. The first thing im going to make is the happy hollie it seems to be a big hit here.

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9:10 am 08/10/2007

my new baby

well by the end of this week (god willing) the bakery will be complete wtih the help of sauramon. Decided to build the counters ourselves because i got tired of waiting on the construction workers that deal wtih the place. Its been a little hectic with licences here and there searching up shit and not being able to be on t-6 as much as i would like it but in the long run i will be able to sit back and reap the rewards. I kinda got tired of making everyone else rich with my talent. And let me tell you its murder trying to mass produce bread in a tiny home oven you can ask spykesmom about that. I dont know what i would do without her she has been a great help to me

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4:39 am 19/04/2007

spring is in the air

So they say. The weather has been lousy and being cooped up in the house doesn't make it any better. I can't beleve how bored I am. I think I am becoming one with the chair. You know what I realized that there is crap on TV. Been trying to get the webpage going and of course I am pulling my hair out of my head. I get to the last page and it won't let me do what I want it to do. Pretty soon the laptop is going out the window. I am hoping to get this page done by May. Would like to get this going by Mothers day. And of course you all know I am getting my new knee in the next few weeks so I am happy about that, don't like the feeling of not being able to do anything cause of the pain.

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7:06 pm 22/02/2007

Tis offiicial

I AM OLD.... went to the ortho today for the knee pain, he said he was going to put in in plain english ( boy was i glad for that) My knee is so screwed up we need to do the surgery on it. Hell i cant even pronounce what is wrong with it but in a nutshell the knee cap is off to the side and the front is out of line and the back of it is rubbing together, now here is the fun part he is going to explain what surgery entails. now I am a nurse but there are certain things i do not need to hear on an empty stomach such as Well we are going to cut thru your shin bone and move it a bit to line it up right then jam a screw into it, then you will have to be off your feet for 3 months and wont heal all together for another 6 months. Now all the while I am thinking ( now remember I am not vain) OMG i wonder what kind of a scar he is going to leave and of course I ask him and I shouldnt have. But at least i can fuck with the grandkids whenever they come about and say it was an old war wound. Anyways i guess in a month or two i will have plenty of time for teoti. Hopefullly it has plenty of time for me

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6:16 pm 08/01/2007

2007 another year older and deeper in debt

i just love that song. anyways its a whole new year and cant wait to see what surprises it holds for me. 2006 was good but i plan to make 2007 better. Stebon treated me good for xmas he got me a beautiful diamond and amethyst bracelet which I thought was a tracking device cause i couldn't get it off, seemed the clasp was broke.. The kids all enjoyed xmas like what kids doesn't and Mom and dad are glad its over, now we have the pesky bills that follow. I hope to make some more new friends on here and probably lose a few but that is life. So i wish everyone out there a happy and prosperous year.

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