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6:35 am 31/12/2007


Got a laptop, indeedy, it's an hp, vista... blah... also watching a show called something like Kenichi, about a kid who is learning martial arts... very funny... and since I'm a martial artist... it's amusing to me... and yes, I've gotten a laptop.... SWEET! Just need to figure out a linux distro that works on it, bastards... anyway, good day to ya.

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8:29 am 09/12/2007

New Anime's

Alrighty, lets see here, since I've last posted I've Finished NHK, Mushishi, Rozen Maiden, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Now I'm watching Genshiken, and something called The Skullman. I've enjoyed and am enjoying them all, though I'm not too sure about the skullman... Oh and I finished Loki Ragnarok. That is all, I think.

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2:53 am 17/10/2007

Darshu's blog post - 17/10/2007

There is no point in talking about getting a laptop now. Unless someone wants to either send me money, or laptops... I'm done.

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8:14 pm 15/10/2007

linux, old laptop

So I've been using this Ancient laptop at work to waste some time. It was running Windows ME... Yes I know, the worst that has come from Microsoft every, except maybe Vista. So anyway, I've tried repeatedly to get Puppy Linux to run on it. What makes this hard is that the CD drive doesn't work, and it wont boot from USB. Now I made a boot disk on a floppy that was supposed to find the USB and boot from it. Well after weeks of trying to get it to work, I just recently realized the laptop only likes my ONE usb flash drive, and wont read the other smaller older one that I had the puppy linux on. So I just today (haven't had much time lately) put Puppy on my newer bigger flash drive, and right now I'm writting this on my laptop running puppy. WOW, that was hard. Damn old computer that barely works, you make linux hard when it's usually very simple. Now I'm gonna go off and see about getting a new laptop, a sweet fast lovely computer that has XP on it already. Any suggestions are welcome.

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6:46 am 27/08/2007


So me and Allison went out to dinner with my parents. Yeah, that was kinda awkward... then later they asked if I loved them, and then eventually I said no. Can you actually love someone you don't know, and haven't seen for years? Well, I can't. I don't really have any feelings towards my family at this time, so I don't know. Just thought I'd put that out there.

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11:09 pm 18/08/2007

Lucky Star

New anime, watching Lucky Star, seems good. Didn't think I'd like it when they spent the first 5 minutes talking about how you eat food. But it seems rather good. So I'm gonna watch more.

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8:13 pm 07/08/2007

ack the anime

so lets see here... I can't seemed to get up the wanting to watch Monster anymore... Deathnote kinda got boring. Bleach I'm still all about it. And I'm waiting on the new season of Doctor Who. In other words... I'm not watching a whole lot. So what am I doing you might ask? I'm playing with linux, and working... I have Sundays off... that's it. And usually I get up early and go do something with allison. Doing that again this weekend... Yippie, and seeing my parents for the first time in 3 or 4 years.... we'll see what that is like, I'm not sure what to expect. I don't get along with them.

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8:25 am 22/04/2007

Anime Craziness

So now I'm watching two new anime's. First one I just started yesterday with the wife. Already 13 eps into it. It's called Death Note... excellent show. It's about What would you do if you could control peoples deaths.
The other one I'm watching is just interesting. Kinda hospital related... and murder mystery. It's called Monster. I don't know why I like it, maybe because I'll like almost any anime... well, almost, I do have my limits. Anyway, fun times. Hmm... It looks to me like I'm insane for anime... oh well, what else am I suppose to occupy my time with? I already excersise, and work on computers. I'm already married... so I guess I'll just do what I like to do... anyway, back to watching anime... probably watch some Bleach now.

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9:28 pm 15/04/2007

.Hack//SIGN End

So I finished watching this show. It ended rather quickly... but I still like it. I wish there was more, but I always feel that way when I get done with a show. I recommend this show to most ppl who like deep thinking about what makes us who we are. Now I'm off to find another show to watch.... what shall it be....?

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10:52 am 08/04/2007



I'm re-watching this show... awesome stuff... and by re-watching, I mean actually watch the episodes in order and not scattered about. Back when it was on cartoon network I was only able to catch it ever so often... and the fact allison didn't care for it kinda left long stretches of no viewing. Now I'm back into it, and it's making more sence... whereas the previous times I was almost always tottally lost... Oh well, it's a great show, I suggest you watch it....

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3:43 am 30/03/2007


Finally I'm next to my wife Allison on the Points.... goodness lots of work... remembering things I've seen, and just sitting here looking at cool things... and hoping you guys enjoy this stuff as much as I do... I probably wont be next to her for long sadly. Everyone else has tons of cool stuff... but I'm trying hard folks... she just gets points cause she's cool... me, I've got to work for it... HEH.

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7:09 pm 20/03/2007

Darshu's blog post - 20/03/2007


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10:16 am 17/03/2007

Shakugan no Shana

So I'm apparently done with Shakugan no Shana. Only 24 eps and a special... but very worth it. Ended quite well... apparently there will be a movie at some point... I'm looking forward to it... yay late night anime watching.

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10:17 am 10/03/2007

Bleach 118

Well, Youtube has taken away my only joy at work... at least when I'm alone at work. They have taken away my ability to watch bleach early in the morning.... well, anytime really, but that's generally when I watch it. Damn them... I'm so pissed.... So I'm gonna watch my Shana show... but I miss my bleach... *update* Watched it... good ep... found it elsewhere.

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7:28 am 05/03/2007


I have submitted to T-shop... my first submission to any contest... I feel pretty good about it... oh well.... I hopes I gets points... YAY

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