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11:12 am 04/03/2007

New vids

So no one seemed to like my berserk outtakes... so I give you one of my favorite animes.... and it's Extra, or Omake Theater.... Blue Seed is a wonderful series if you can find it.... luckily it seems youtube has them... so go out and watch my friends... it's a bit cheesy but awesome goodness is always a bit cheesy... like Pizza.... oh yeah... luvs the pizza.... or just a block of cheese... hmmmm... I luv cheese... anyway, back to work.... bye bye.

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6:58 pm 01/03/2007

Google Earth

So last night we had Allison's mother over. We showed her google earth... she thought it was neat. Then we showed her driveway, with her car in it... and she got a little freaked out. Then we told her that the government can probably view her driveway live... almost anytime they want. And that the pictures that we have for google earth are old... and the government can probably get closer... and see your face. I love messing with peoples view of the world.

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2:34 am 27/02/2007


Last night, the Allison was in the mood for some Indian food.... well we didn't have much.... so she made some curry Ramen... HAH. She didn't like it... but I thought it was good... so I ates it all... YAY Curried Ramen....

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3:40 am 26/02/2007

I'm a god

Oh yeah... that's right... oh yeah... so hot... giggity giggity.

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