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2:22 pm 26/09/2012

De-Japping Has Occurred.....

To the great relief of many, including me in the end, I've finally taken the decals off the zed....

Here's some car porn.


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12:23 pm 10/05/2012

I Am Officially Debt Free!

As of 15 mins ago, I owe nothing.

I am not in debt to anyone.

All my money is mine. (37p at last count, but dammit all 37 of them are mine)

It's took almost 15 years in total, and the last ten of them I have not been able to work, but I did it. Bit by bit, month by month....

I feel a night out coming on as soon as Carol's able to... any volunteers for baby sitting?

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1:44 pm 01/05/2012

We Got A New Puppy!

Here's the latest addition to castle skitz, he's a 7 week old Bull Mastiff cross German Shepard, and is gonna be freakin huuuuuuge.....

We need a name for him.... suggestions and vote later this week is in order...

Harry's new sidekick, pup won't leave his side.... awww

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8:17 pm 22/04/2012

dj's Dad.... 2nd update

I just found out my Dad has been rushed in to hospital with chest pains - suspected angina, possible small heart attack...

He retired a couple of months back, and so far has been to Vegas twice, and was at a bull run in Spain last week. He probably just needs a bloody rest.

I'll update when I get updates...

thanks for the comments guys....

he's not doin great at the minute, he had a fairly major heart attack to start with, and has had a few minor ones over the last couple of days. I spoke to my Mum just now, and she says he's having a few chest pains every hour or so, docs unsure as to what exactly to do (?!) they're doing more tests on Friday, and should know more then.

I'm going to the hospital on Friday, to kick his ass for makin me worry.

he had a triple bypass on monday, op went well, but since then his pancreas has swollen, and he is not doing as well as the others who had the same op on the same day. He's still in the intensive care unit, he's conscious most of the time, they have to keep sedating him every few hours for some reason, and he's on regular morphine doses.

I spoke to my mum earlier and she sounded worried for the first time over this. Which is worrying, as my mum does not usually worry, there's nothing I can do to fix it, or prevent it getting worse, (other than go to see him, which I'm doing tomorrow), so I'll not worry, just trust the docs are doin their best, and things sort themselves out positively on all counts.

Oh hey, and Carol's 2 weeks away from giving birth.... I'm not worrying about that either. I'm just gonna make sure there's clean towels, and keep the maternity and ambulance phone numbers on speed dial. There' nothing more I can do, so there's no point worrying.

oooh.... KV-2's are out, you say..... ?

time for a relaxing bit of tank destroying....

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4:59 pm 15/04/2012

RIP The 96.... YNWA

23 years ago today, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives simply because they went to watch a football match. There has never been any form of justice for this terrible event. Today I went to pay my respects, and add a scarf to the collection, at the memorial outside the stadium where the tragedy happened.

Read about it all here

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12:41 pm 10/04/2012

Off To The Match....**BACK FROM THE MATCH.... **

Me and eaglebloke are off to watch Blackburn Vs Liverpool at Ewood Park in Blackburn. It's a 3 1/2 hr drive, 8pm kick off, and we're getting a hotel room so we can have a few beers... pictures and match report tomorrow evening, or maybe the day after, depending on how knackered I am when we get home tomorrow...

Say a prayer for my boys.... we got beat 4-0 by Blackburn earlier in the season, and we want our revenge....

note we're in the center block, behind the goal in row 2...

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5:17 pm 02/03/2012

Fuel Price Rises... Where is it All Leading?

The average price for unleaded petrol in the UK, is now at it's highest ever price of £1:37.9 per litre.... that's fucking ridiculous. When i started driving 20 years ago, it was 49.9p per litre.... wages have hardly changed in that time. £200 a week for manual work was pretty normal then, and still is now. It's almost like "they" are trying to cut the amount of cars on the road by pricing the poorest off the road.

I can't wait for where this is all leading.... that is for electric cars to become mainstream and popular. But when that happens "they" will still want "their" taxes paid, and losing out on fuel duty would be a massive cut to the government coffers that "they" would not allow.... is the value of increased electricity consumption going cover the loss? I doubt that very much, and so what does that mean? an added tax on charging your car? New taxes on driving (as if there isn't enough already), more toll roads, or maybe a shift away from using cars and their users as cash cows, and targeting another area, say, internet traffic, or alcohol... The money has to come from somewhere, and dammit, they will make sure it does....

[/rant over]

NB: The closest fuel station to my house has fuel listed at £1:45.9 for unleaded and £151.9 for diesel....

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2:11 pm 25/12/2011

Merry Christmas Folks!

Merry Christmas Folks! From all the family at castle skitz.

We've got the oldest (87 yr old Lizzie) and the youngest (6 month old Freddie) members of our family here, and 10 others, all getting ready for preparing dinner. The two hour prezzie marathon is over, and the car is full of bags of ripped wrapping paper ready for the recycler. Now is the time to get hungry, while we get dinner ready.... (chicken, lamb and gammon)

It's been a bundle of fun and laughs here so far.... here's to the rest of the day

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5:28 pm 16/12/2011

No Heating = Cold Castle

The castle is a shiverin tonight folks.... the heating's packed up, and won't be fixed until next wednesday.....

Need a new fire valve, and a new pipe from the oil tank to the burner.... good job my landlord's a decent bloke, he's wired us the money to pay for it already...

So... until wednesday.... no need to put the beers in the fridge

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1:26 am 30/10/2011

Our Halloween Party Night V1.00

We went out for the Halloween spectacular at the nearby Fantasy Island tonight, and while there isn't an amazing amount of pics, what there is here for you you to have a laugh at... (and no, I didn't plan to get there five minutes before the start of the Liverpool Vs WBA game (which we won 2-0,btw) at all, no sir-ee, pure coincidence, just like being sat in front of 6 screens showing it was, honest)

Carol was dressed up as a sexy witch, but she won't let me put her pics up.... (BORRRRRRRRRING) <---- (If I don't appear online for a week, she killed me, for writing that)

Miss Connie... posing as normal

yep... that'l be me then.....

This girls' birth was the subject of my very first teoti thread...

The Crew (minus a Harry, who didn't want his picture took...)

Harry wondering why we all dressed up silly...

Freddie, my little pumpkin, praying we won't dress up again....

Jack, and oh hey... football on the big screen and three smaller screens (the other two were left and right of the nearest screen)

Some (not so) pretty firework shots...

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11:56 pm 28/09/2011

Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary....

Ten years ago today I married my wife..... I'd be out by now if I killed her on the first date. But I wouldn't have the wonderful amazing life I have now, with the one woman in the world with the patience to put up with me, and not complain when I act like a div.

I never thought I'd get married, and to see it last ten years, and us being each others best mate, feels dead good...

Go us....

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6:26 pm 03/09/2011

I'm Very Sad Today

I had some tragic news waiting for me when I woke up this morning. One of the friends I've known for almost 35 years took his own life on Tuesday. He'd always battled with himself, and in the end he lost and just gave up.

We were very good mates at school, always bunkin off class together, and smoking or drinking... he was good lad, one of the old school type...

I'm very sad today... thanks for listening.

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4:31 pm 31/08/2011

I Really Like the Blog Function Thingy.....

It means, when you post a personal-to-you type thread, you can find it very easilly, as it's there at the bottom of your profile page...

It's like your own personal sticky list....

Top job Mark...

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2:35 pm 29/08/2011

My Weekend of Fun

We had the kids all christened yesterday, and over this weekend, have had about 25 of our good friends staying at the house, and camping in the front garden. It's been a bit messy, we got through about 500 bottles of beer, half a cow on the BBQ, and a whole field of buddah. No one argued, no one did anything too stupid, the kids have not been shouted at once, and the neighbours haven't complained. Yesterday for the christenings themselves, about another 25 family members turned up, dr3nbo, mrs dr3n and two mini dr3ns even showed up.. all-in-all it's been pretty much perfect.

I didn't take any pictures, and I don't think too many were taken, we having too much fun.... If I track any down I'll put em up lol....

Now with the mother of all hangovers I've gotta drop off 7 people to Coventry, 120 miles away and get back straight away coz we've got an appointment at the bank to set up an account for Freddie at midday tomorrow....

Great weekend.... fukn great.....


I found one picture from the church... Which is over 700 years old, btw

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9:07 pm 24/01/2011

djskitzy's blog post - 24/01/2011


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