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8:45 pm 24/01/2011

mods for a 280bhp, 438lbft diesel volvo

-Volvo V70 -00 2.5TDI (old VW engine)
-mild performance cam
-HE221W turbo (wastegate)
-3" DP + "free flow" pipe
-big IC + pipes
-Bosio R520 II (7-hole)
-Turbotec live program with 1,8bar boost (<2bar EMP)
-modified clutch with SMF + SRE components

Got about 240bhp, 500Nm.

Changing those Bosio nozzles to DSS Ultime2 was the only mod and it got us to this:

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11:42 pm 11/07/2010

djskitzy's blog post - 11/07/2010

I'm pretty pished right now. Spain won de world cup....kar na becky R well funneh,

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9:47 pm 23/11/2008

If I Was A Dog, They'd Put Me Down

ok so 3 weeks ago I was feelin pretty bad, that was couple of before I was in hospital overnight, after tearing some inner chest muscles. I'm still in quite a bit of pain from that, and taking some very strong painkillers. It still feels like someone has a fistful of my chest muscles from the inside, and they're twisting it 180 dgrees when I cough.

I've the chest infection back, so I'm coughin more, and more, esp at night, which means I have to wake up and take pain killers thru the night, which disturbs my sleep even more than it already is, thus me getting up in the morning is, stupidly horrible.

Then today, I sat down for dinner (roast chicken, mash, carrots, broccoli, peas, cabbage and topped with bisto gravy), took three mouthfuls, and though "oh a beer would go down well with this" walked out to the beer fridge, and three steps from it, spotaneusly projectile vomited over the patio.

So not only did carry on pukin for about five mins, but I obviously lost my appetite, and blanked my dinner, but I also missed out on the beer...

Oh and as well as the obligitary cold-sore-once-stressed-and-being-rundown, I'm getting a form of dermatitis caused by stress and being rundown, where the skin will just start like a blister, then when you rub it, it peels off. Well I had to peel a bit off the other day, and it pulled some fresh skin off as well. I woke up this morning, to find my finger was all red, and so now that has become a bit infected, I had to squeeze a bit of pus out, and rub some alcohol hand cleanser into every half hour... It seems to be gettin a bit better, but hey, it's the lowest thing on the list, so I aint that bothered about that one.

I made that damm dinner today, I was totally lookin forward to it.... It looked and smelt fuckin great....

Actually, thinking and typing live here, I hope I aint got a tummy bug... I'm gonna have to be carfull around Connie and Harry for the next 24 hrs... I'm gonna starve the fucker out of me, nowt for 24 hrs, a bit of dry toast, and plenty of liquids in between....

Kids up for school in the morning, and Carol's told me, we're going back to bed untill midday, once the bus collects them at half eight.

Who am I to argue?

If she took me to the vets, I'd be given a funny blue drink to glug...

One more cup of tea, and it's time for bed, just after 10pm. Gotta get some more free drugs down my throat fist though.


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4:29 pm 02/11/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 02/11/2008

ow, worse today

that is all....

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10:33 pm 01/11/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 01/11/2008

ok in a lot of pain today... my chest's killin me, probably a chest infection, but I'm passing it off as a pulled muscle so I don't worry mrs s....

anyway, today had proved to me that is is a chest infection, and luck ole me, I found a full strip of 24 500mg amoxycillins, so dr moi has prescribed them, along with 400mg ibuprofens to reduce swelling and pain...

I love my medicine cabinet

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3:18 am 29/10/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 29/10/2008

You know, I used to love being on the road, on the trucks. The solitude, and all that. But now I aprreciate being at home and seeing every minute of Connie growing up (as you lot see from the pictures) and I see every minute I'm awake. There's a mate of mine, who's probably my closest mate at the min, and he's out on th eroad every day, and I speak to him most days, and each time I do, I'm grateful that I am not able to go to work everyday, like I want to. I'm in a position where twenty years ago, I would have failed my family.

Thankfully these days I'm allowed to be a slacker and not die at 35...... I get to last a bit longer..... You cannot understand how much I appreciate that.

But I can remember getting into my truck at 5am, starting the engine, and glancing at the first drop on my delivery run and thinking.... 3> hr drive to my FIRST drop??? COOL AS FUCK.....

And it'd be so nice to have that back...

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1:23 am 04/10/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 04/10/2008

great, so now I've got an infection in my foot, and I can't go swimming until it's cleared up.... actually, I can hardly fucking walk at the min, it's proper painful. I still managed to take an engine apart today, sod the pain, that's what stella and 500mg antibiotics are for!!

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12:15 am 27/09/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 27/09/2008

so the swimming is helping a bit, it seems. I feel more awake, because I'm breathing deeper. I'm going swimming twice a week, for about 90 mins each time, on tuesdays and fridays... I'm feeling a bit sore in my legs, but that'l pass as I get more used to it. possibly start karate again sometime before xmas, depending on how mental the house goes when the baby arrives...

10 weeks to go now. We're getting the pram in the next fortnight. Exciting times afoot.

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5:26 pm 15/09/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 15/09/2008

I'm gonna go swimming tomorrow, and I'm gonna go twice a week from now on. Nowt serious, I just want a bit of fitness back, and less of a budda belly.

I'm currently 13st 10lb (192lb), 6' 3" , with a 38" waist.

Lets see where this goes....

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12:03 am 07/08/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 07/08/2008

Sooooo... it's looking alot more stable on the heart side of things this year. No measurable growth in my aorta's diameter in the last year, means I can start light training at karate again. No sparring, but everything should be good. I've decided to start swimming again, after getting back in the pool for the first time in 15 years, on my holidays this year. With a bit of gentle exercise, I should be able to improve my stamina a bit, from zero to zero plus a bit....

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4:01 pm 07/05/2008


Had scan, it hurt a bit, results on 17th July, 2 days before my holidays...

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11:35 am 09/04/2008

djskitzy's blog post - 09/04/2008

Well after waiting since 19th October last year, the appointment for my ECG has finally come through. Only took 6 months. Not bad considering they told me to take things easy back in October, coz there was a danger my aorta might pop. Fuckers. Thanks anyway like, 6th of May is D-Day for me.

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2:41 pm 19/11/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 19/11/2007

How's this for urgency?

A month ago today, I got a letter from the hospital. I mentioned it below. They said that I have to take it easier than normal, until I've had an echo-scan at least, and now they think they may have forgotten to let the scan dept know about the scan they had to book me in for, on a kinda-not-urgent-but-pretty-soon basis.

Which means a scan I should've had by now, will not be until next year, mid Jan at the very best. Unless I keel over and go into hospital, in which case I'll get a scan almost straight away, (assuming I'm still alive at this point, of course!).

Fuckers can't get fucking anything right. II was told I have got emphysema MONTHS ago. No follow up examinations, or anything. A letter went to my family doctor, explaining that I had been diagnosed with it, and to expect the relevant issues to arise over time, but that's it! Nothing else. I got diagnosed with an incurable lung disease, and sent home from the hospital, with no follow up appointments, no after care programme, not even a damm leaflet explaining anything to me.

Fucking NHS = National Health Service? What a load of bollocks. NHS = Not Healing Shit or Not helping Shit or some shit like that. Fuckers.

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3:49 pm 15/11/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 15/11/2007

oh yeah...! I'm so chuffed I stopped smoking... I got some new jeans, and they fit me perfectly... 36" waist and 34" leg... I'm officially 6" fatter than I was when I smoked. I'm up to 12st 7lbs (175lb) from 10st 10lb (150lb) in 15 weeks. I'd been roughly the same weight (between 9st 7lb, and 10st 7lb) from when I started smoking, aged 15. I'm 33 now.

It's taken a dedicated regime of over eating and drinking a guinness or two every day, I'm now fractionally over half way to my target weight, of 14st 7lbs (203lb), but If I hit 15st, then that'l be fine, I've been doing some light training, not a great deal, but just enough to prevent too much fat developing, and putting strain on my heart.

Now I stand a much better chance of recovering from the heart surgury I will one day need to have. Plus when I hit the mrs now, she flys back into the kitchen, it's great....

Oh, and the jeans only cost me a tenner.... Bloody bargain...

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3:09 pm 30/10/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 30/10/2007

Walking By The Weekend?

Maybe. It's looking good for it....

Connie, that is. Trying her best, she can now stand up unaided, and not holding anything for about 10 seconds, but not matter how much encouragement we give her, she won't take that first step on her own....

She just had about 30 mins of practice standing, with me, while mrs skitz was preparing dinner, and about 15 mins of trying to walk. She's just scared of lifting her foot, but if you hold her hand, she does it no probs. Lack of confidence is defeated by practice.

Walking by the weekend?


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