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7:00 pm 19/10/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 19/10/2007

I got a letter from the hospital today. It said the results from my last mri scan show an enlargement of my aortic valve. It means I've gotta go in for for an echo scan, and have further check ups.

It also means I've gotta do less stuff. Less carrying shopping bags, and walking anywhere, until results come back.

I'll let you know, no worries....

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5:44 pm 16/10/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 16/10/2007

I hope my phone call with the tax office goes well tomorrow....

Not looking forward to it....

I might get shafted silly by the bastards.

69 days untill xmas eh? Already....

Got mrs skitz insured on her car now, just gotta buy her a tax disc for her birthday in a couple of weeks, and it'l be on the road, with me being driven round by her, until she passes her test... I dunno if I'm looking forward to it or not. I've gotta say I am, of course, and I am, rally. I'm just a bit aprehensive, I can sometimes raise my voice when I'm stressing, and I hate being a passenger, gotta try and chill the old Aries stress thingy for now... woo-saaahhh..... woo-saaahhhh...

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3:45 pm 11/10/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 11/10/2007

Well done to Mrs skitz!!!

She passed the theory and hazard awareness parts of her driving test today

A few more driving lessons, and she'll be ready to sit the practical part of the test....

She's well happy, and so am I...

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5:32 pm 09/10/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 09/10/2007

Had my flu jab today, so now I've got a half dead left arm, and I'm gonna feel crappy for the next few days

I was half drowned today in a rain storm, whilst going from car to shop.... I can't be arsed this week. I just wanna sleep the week through, and wake up on Saturday morning...

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11:20 pm 06/10/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 06/10/2007

Well I was let down today by someone that was supposed to be buying the cabriolet off us for

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11:32 pm 26/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 26/09/2007

I went back to karate tonight for the first class in about 9 months. I'm feeling good, a bit sore in the muscles, but yeah deffo good...

I've put about 20lbs of weight on since my last visit, and I've obviously stopped smoking, and them two factors went together well.

I'd pretty much lost all the fitness I gained from doing karate before, plus I presumed the emphysema was gonna limit more than it has. I did get a bit sort of breath, but not to the point where I had to stop, and catch myself... Chuffed with my body for once? Me? Well, chuffed might be strong, but gently pleased, for sure...

Also, I'm more optimistic as to where and how far I push myself. I'm not on about doing stupid things like walk to the shops or anything, but maybe swimming once or twice a week wouldn't be too bad, and should help me improve my stamina a bit, to the point where I stop worrying so much about running out of breath, and start enjoying my training again...

So yeah, another good day... I'm starting to like these. Which makes me worry. Too many good days can only mean you're getting closer to a bad day... It's a bastard the way shit works, eh?

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8:16 pm 15/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 15/09/2007

I went to pick mrs skitzs' car up yesterday from just outside london (145 miles away) we left at 3.30pm yesterday, and didn't get back until 10am this morning. Traffic was a nightmare getting there, 20 mile jam before the Dartford crossing took 3 hrs to get thru. Then the car broke down 20 miles from the pick up @ 9pm on the M2, it's got no tax or MOT, and I'm not insured in it. We had to tow it to Swanscombe, park it there, and find a hotel.

The first travelodge we found was by the millenium dome, near central London, it was

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10:52 pm 12/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 12/09/2007

Well, I think I've sorted my mouse problem... gotta new mobo, chip and memory, which didn't help the mouse issue for shit, but it made my pc a shitload better..

I robbed eagleblokes mouse, and it works great... so you might not see him on here for a while...!

I just need to get a new GC, my one buzzes like a buzzy thing...

Still not smoking bitches... (hence me being able to splash out on the mobo an stuff...)

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11:29 pm 10/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 10/09/2007

My brother-in-law has made it back from Afghanistan safe...

Happy birthday sis! Have a fucking great one


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11:56 am 09/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 09/09/2007

Another new car.... hahahh... gettin like the old days again! At one time I had seven cars sat around at various stages of wreckedness. Thankfully I aint up to seven just yet, and they're all in pretty good condition, so things have deffo improved over the last 5 years!

I got a Volvo 440 turbo off ebay for

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11:25 pm 05/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 05/09/2007

Is there anything else to eat?

I'm hungry still.....

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1:09 am 04/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 04/09/2007

Still not smoking ciggies... I'm out of the zyban anti smoking pills now, and to be honest I'm thinkin about smoking more the last couple of days, and yesterday I must've smoked about 4 or 5 pipes, but today it's been 2, and I didn't like them, hate the taste now, still love the feeling, but don't like the effects, if that makes any sense...?

Still it's gonna be 4 weeks tomorrow, since I had any tobacco intake, so I've gotta be free of the nicotine now, I just really miss the actions of skinning up, and the chill you get from kicking back with a weed spliff, and the tunes on, when the kids have gone to bed.... I hope I stop missing that at some point, I'm very easilly persuaded by myself sometimes...

The kids are back at school tomorrow, peace and quiet all day.... That'l be nice after 7 weeks of screaming kids, skidding bikes, yelping dog, and crying for the ice cream van every 15 seconds.... I love my kids, but I also love the education system that has them most days, and keeps their loud bits of the day a few miles from me.... (gives me more time to find things to post...)

I need to go away for a week on holiday. That'l get me off the pipe. I never take weed on holiday with me, I use it as a break from the norm, kinda thing. Hmmm... mebbe skeggy soon then....

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1:24 am 02/09/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 02/09/2007

Isn't there a law against typing when drunk?

Still no smokey... though I've wanted a spliff tody. All day.... I'm gonna miss that forever, and I'm scared. My willpowwer sucks. I've gotta do it, I know, but I don't want to be mr stress, I can't coz of my heart. So I'll muddle on, while my body finds summat else it can break, saving money for my US tour, but being mr angry bloke.

Doc put me on diazepams for a couple of weeks, to take the edge off it. Hmmpfff.... I could sell them for

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9:46 am 27/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 27/08/2007

Would you adam and eve it? Mrs Skitzs' 17 year old convertible just passed the MOT test, with flying colours. There's just two tires that are getting close to needing replacements.

I'm amazed. The free car, is a genuine thing....

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1:39 am 25/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 25/08/2007

I've had a nice day... We had a picnic bbq in the garden, which went great...

My nephew and good mate popped round and bought beer, that was good, there still a few in the fridge looking at me (even with the fridge door closed, and in a shed in the garden with the shed door closed and the curtains of the patio doors closed, I can feel them, just there... staring... longing to be drank.... bastards...) They won't last long.

But seriously it's been great. Mrs skitz and myself were sat outside for a couple of hours, with the lights off, spotting sattellites zipping by, and looking at stars, whilst Sophie slept in my arms, and Connie in the Wife's....

Damm them kids why the fuck do they have to grow up, and have bills, and break ups, and shit...?

Tonight was near perfect.... Just a shame it's only a moment. Good job there's lots of them.....

(oh, and the dog was grand today. Proper well behaved, and everything... )

and still no smokin ciggies... almost 3 weeks now.....

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