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1:32 pm 20/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 20/08/2007

So yeah, tomorrow will be 2 weeks..

I didn't think I'd get this far, but I am cheating, so in theory I aint got this far, even though I have...

haha.. gonna start cutting out the pipe this week, try and get that gone by the weekend...

At least I'll have summat to do over the next week or two. I'm getting Mrs Skitzs' car ready to go back on the road, so that'l be a week of oil change, brake changes, and general servicing of the XR. Gonna get eaglebloke to do most of the work, he wants to be a spanner monkey, so why not eh?

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6:41 pm 16/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 16/08/2007

Still not smoking, but I've had a rough day today. Real bad pains in my chest, not heart region, a bit lower down, and all round m ribcage, like a collapsed lung, but my breathing was fine, so I knew it wasn't that.

Anyway, we got the doc out, and he slapped me up with an injection of pethedine, and a course of strong painkillers. I hope this don't happen often. Not nice, but par for the course really.

My own stupid fault for smoking. What the hell, you only die once, eh?

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12:49 am 13/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 13/08/2007

Still not smoking. I sometimes feel like but mainly feel like and pretty soon I'm gonna feel like when I've finally got the breath back to do for a bit longer each time now.

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12:32 am 11/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 11/08/2007

Didn't smoke any tobacco today... Gonna be easy this quitting lark... after tomorrow is over, all the nicotine will have departed my body.... It's just my own head after that.

We had a great picnic today, I really can feel the benefit of not smoking even after this short time. I was kicking a ball with eagleboke, and even had to run after the mutt once, with very little trouble. Only very short distances, 30 meters at most, but I did it, and it amazed me, to be honest. I hope the improvements continue. They need to, for added motivation.

Motivation is high today. A benefit was proven to me. Last week, just going up a flight of 12 steps left me needing a rest to catch my breath. Today I legged it after the hound.

Nuff said.

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7:07 pm 08/08/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 08/08/2007

fucking pills seem to be doing nowt... did I get the placebos?

Only smoked 2 half-cigs today, but I've been a psychopathic Dad. It's driving me nuts already, and It's only been the first day of not smoking, and I've smoked twice already....

I suppose it's better than the amount I used to smoke, but I'm feeling that angry all the time, I'm actually pissing myself off, at the mood I'm in, which pisses me off more... arrghh...

So anyway, I went and got some weed. I'm not rolling spliffs with it, but when the anger gets too much, I'll make a mini pipe, with about 1/4 of the amount I used to fill a pipe with, and suck the hole off that to calm me down.

See how that goes... I'm feeling alot happpier already, just coming to that decision.

Is it better to be happy, and unhealthy, or angry, shouting unliveable with, but SLIGHTLY healthier? Fucking hard choice really, my kids are giving me a VERY wide berth today and I don't blame them. I'd give myself a wide berth if I could right now.

I'm gonna post this as a thread, and see what you lot think....

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5:20 pm 27/07/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 27/07/2007

I got some magic pills.... they're called Zyban, and they're gonna help me stop smoking...



Read about them, you might want to ask your doctor for some...

11 dyas and counting... I still feel like smoking... hahaha....

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2:39 am 27/07/2007

Might I blog?

I might blog. I might just write a couple of things and not be arsed to continue. I'll see how it goes... No promises.

So, about me.... I'm 33 years old, a Dad of four kids, and I have a condition known as Marfan syndrome, and have recently been diagnosed with Emphysema. Read about them if you're intrested, it's not cheerful reading, so I'd reccomend not, but it's up to you. I digress... I've got two boys, 15 and 7, and two girls, 5 and 8 months. I've been married for almost 4 years, to Carol, the rock in my life, whom I'm lean on often, and sometimes heavily. I'm glad she's as strong as she is (alot stronger than even she thinks), if it wasn't for her I'd be in a lonely place.

I used to be a truck driver, before my illnesses, and have been lucky enough to have travelled all over England, for 7 years. I have seen a great many beautiful sights on my travells, and only wish I could remember more of them. I bummed out at school on dope, and beer. I was heading for some good grades, and a career in the RAF, but this was not to be, and to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing, I'd still start smoking pot at 15, and still fail every course I could, to end up exactly where I am now.

I've been unhappy, and stressed, I ran my own business for a year or so, and dodged every tax bill I could until I nearly lost my Mum's house. I payed up, and was broke, but learnt a big lesson. (I await my next business opportunity, and remember the old one, at all times!) I've been through a very painful miscarriage, that was almost full term, and sperated from m wife for a year, as I went a bit loopy, and tried to be 18 again, while I was knockin on 30.... I've been there and wore the t-shirt, but realised before it was too late, my purpose in life. That is to be here, at home, being me. Doing what I do, the way I do it. I'm very lucky to have a multitude of friends, both in real life (yes it's out there!) and on the internet. I appreciate them all, even though there isn't enough time in the year to keep them all happy, AND be a husband, and Dad.

I like my garden this year... I actually got off my backside and did some planting of flowers. It's mebbe me getting old before my time, but I get alot of pride from it, when people comment on it. And I love my car, the flying fridge mover. A Volvo 850 T5. I'm taking it racing in 8 days, up the drag strip at santa pod raceway, no doubt there will be a post with a few pictures and stuff when that happens.

I've got an appointment at the doctors tomorrow, to see the smoking counsellor. I want to try this new pill that's just come out, and stop once and for all....

Hey, I typed loads... that's enough for now, I'll keep updating on the medical things as they happen...

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6:01 pm 04/06/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 04/06/2007

Got the rolling road setup done today. Engine is running lovely, and sweet, should be loads of miles left in her yet...

She came out at 261bhp @ 5750rpm, and 275lbft @ 4250rpm, which is 36bhp above standard power. Not bad for a 10 year old car with 184,000 miles on her!

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1:38 am 07/05/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 07/05/2007

Waheyyy! I'm a Volvo driver now!

I just bought a Volvo 850 T5 estate.


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1:38 am 18/04/2007

djskitzy's blog post - 18/04/2007

Blog sounds like slog.... That's why I don't write shit here.

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