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8:19 pm 21/12/2018

If a tree falls in a forest..

Another 40cm or so came down last night, so I went stomping around in the hills to try out some new poles I found.


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3:13 pm 18/12/2018

Knocking sound from the wall..

I've occasionally been hearing a low knocking sound from a wall, near the mains circuit breaker, and couldn't figure out what it was. Thud-thud... thud-thud-thud... thud... thud-thud. Couldn't see anything outside. I rummaged around in the attic, some rodent nesting in the wall perhaps?


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6:52 pm 16/11/2018

Don't give me that look..

It's not a toy.. it's a strictly necessary household purchase.. can't you tell by the thing on the front?


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4:58 pm 02/10/2018

Calm morning

Winter isn't far off now, I almost thought a thin layer of ice had formed during the night yesterday. But it was just an exceptionally calm morning, so I had to take a picture of the lake before going to work.


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12:34 am 08/07/2017

Lauvnesvatn and Sønstevatn [N56k]

Screwing around on quiet back roads last weekend.. memory card in camera this time.


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2:11 pm 28/05/2017

Walk in the woods (N56k)

Some photos from a little walk in the woods yesterday, around the lake Avalsjøen about an hour north of Oslo.


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4:50 pm 19/09/2016

There be gold in them there hills

I've developed an addiction to the "TrackPoint" mouse, the little nibble in the middle of the keyboard that everybody hates. The problem is, once you get accustomed to using one, nothing beats it. So now you've a shortage of keyboards to choose from, nevermind laptops!

Anyway, when moving some old servers up to the electronics recycling room, a colleague and I did a bit of dumpster diving, and wham, I struck gold! A full size Thinkpad keyboard! Dirty and hideous, but functioning. With a bit of soap and scrubbing, it was as good as new.


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7:39 pm 06/09/2016

Gamle Dyrskartunnel & Oddatjørndammen N56k

Had some work to do on the west coast, and wasted a couple of sunny days on the bike to get there.


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2:47 pm 10/08/2016

Dream house II

Hello, my name is Edorph, and I'm an addict. I obsessively browse country side real estate ads while my noisy city apartment chips away at my sanity.


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4:21 pm 31/07/2016

Lyngør islands & Telemarks channel (N56k)

A few photos from this week, visiting a friend on an island and driving along the Telemarks channel.


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5:40 pm 10/07/2016

3 hour ride, 3 day detour, part 3 (N56k)

Some photos from the last day of my ride home, today crossing the country west to east from Stavanger to Oslo.


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12:02 pm 10/07/2016

3 hour ride, 3 day detour, part 2 (N56k)

.. in which the weather's wet, the bike's on its side, and there's a rock in the road. The plan was to go from Lysebotn to Sauda (C to H in the map), or something thereabout. Not very far as the crow flies, but the fjords and mountains mean you've got to take your time to get there.


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4:36 pm 09/07/2016

3 hour ride, 3 day detour (N56k)

Last Tuesday, I took the bus to the south coast to get my motorbike out of, uh, winter storage. Yeah, I know it's high summer, but I've been busy! Normally the ride back to Oslo is 3-4 hours, but I decided to take some detours, and here are some photos from the trip.


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4:35 pm 30/06/2016

Enough with the politics, Czech out some photos instead (N56k)

Inspired by griffin's Vegas photos, so I'm sharing a couple from Prague two weeks ago. The kinds of places you go for many of the same reasons, I'd say! Went there for a bachelor party. No particularly interesting photos I'm afraid, but damn there's too much Brexit on the front page!


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10:59 pm 07/05/2016

Trains and fjords (N56k)

Bored, so I'm sharing some more photos. Back in February, a colleague from Australia came to work in Oslo for a few weeks. Oslo is pretty dull in the late winter, so we took the train across the mountain to Bergen and ferried around a bit in the fjords.


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