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Puzzled, not sure how this works, but one thing I am sure of is that I will never learn how to delete my first moronic comment.

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3:34 am 01/11/2011

What's Under the Sidewalk*

* That's 'pavement' to our Brits.

Answer: rusty steel girders and a damn big drop.

I took these the other day on Broadway in Manhattan.

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5:47 pm 29/10/2011

First Snow of the Year

The snow is mixed with rain, so it isn't sticking. The protesters marched by at about 9am, no posters, just umbrellas. A small group.

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11:11 pm 21/10/2011

About twenty fire trucks at Zucotti Park

They showed up starting about fifteen minutes ago, sirens wailing and lights flashing. Plus all the usual support vehicles, plus a few ambulances and a helicopter overhead. From John St. down to Wall St, it's a flood of flashing lights. More are still arriving right now.

Broadway is blocked off to traffic from Dey Street down to battery Park. Some cross traffic is allowed, I can see that.

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3:02 pm 13/10/2011

Terry Pratchett

Book signing tonight, will show up early, hope there's not too many there!
Can't wait!

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9:03 pm 08/10/2011

No he was wrong, and so are you.

Taken today at the protest. Cops were moving everyone along (pedestrians, not protesters) so I didn't get many photos. This one is good. Earlier a couple of hundred skateboarders came down Broadway, I assume to join the protest. They came in dribs and drabs, and were weaving back and forth through traffic. I thought for sure one of them would get splattered, but they all made it safely through.

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2:45 pm 01/10/2011

Wall St. Protestors

As promised, I went over yesterday at lunchtime, and took some snaps on my way to get some tasty Ho-Yip chinese food.

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3:02 pm 22/09/2011

Diaspora Update

Got an email from the Diaspora team, here are some excerpts:

Thanks again for your interest in joining the Diaspora* community, and for your patience. We’re working on getting your invite out to you as quickly as possible, and we’re still committed to getting it to you by the end of October.

Diaspora*'s distributed design is a huge part of it. Like the Internet itself, Diaspora* isn't housed in any one place, and it's not controlled by any one entity (including us). We've created software that lets you set up and run your own social network on your own "pod" (or server) and connect your network to the larger Diaspora* ecosystem. You can have a pod all to yourself, or one for just you and your friends, or your family, giving you complete ownership and control over your personal social information (including your identity, your posts, and your photos) and how it’s all stored and shared.

Yet our distributed design means no big corporation will ever control Diaspora*. Diaspora* will never sell your social life to advertisers, and you won’t have to conform to someone’s arbitrary rules or look over your shoulder before you speak.

If you are interested in Diaspora, you can sign up here.

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8:23 pm 18/09/2011

Sporterifically Happy

Ireland beat Australia, Dublin beat Kerry, and now the Jets are whomping Jacksonville.
It is good.

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4:30 pm 31/08/2011

Blog Article Tryout

So it has been pointed out to me very slowly and in words of one syllable or less that when you hit the submit button there are two radio buttons under the thread title, namely Standard Thread and Blog Article. Well duh. I had been looking for the blog option on my profile page, but it wasn't there. It was here. All along.

So I am now one of the elite, the elect, the elluminated, the echosen. I have the blog power. What next? Corner the market, forsee the future, world domination? Bah! These fripperies are for anyone. Nay, a higher, loftier goal for the griff.

That right, the do the dishes and then put the young'un in for a nap.

Reach high.

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1:39 am 10/06/2011

Fucking computer

Upped and died yesterday. Doesn't even post, will complete boot once out of maybe twenty times. Could be psu, could be mainboard. Don't want to spend a week waiting for replacement part just to find it isn't it, then repeat with next replacement part. I could spend weeks at that shiat. Bit the bullet and ordered a new HP desktop. Probably arrive late next week or the week after.

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5:18 pm 26/10/2009

Karmic Koala

Yes, it's upgrade time again.

Here we go...

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12:39 am 27/11/2007

Yeehaw, sort of.

Installed new disk, installed MicroXP. However, yon XP didn't have any services enabled, so had to do that manually. Didn't have any drivers, or other way of say, installing a driver for your NIC (FFS!). Just as well I had the laptop handy, eh? Now, broadcom drivers are installed, and I'm downloading system drivers from Dell (done) and the driver from nVidia (mondo slow - between 20 and 30 kb/s!). Still, it seems to be working. I made the XP partition 40Gb, which leaves about 200 or so for my Ubuntu partition. But, I'd like to get XP working properly first, and get rid of those annoying yellow ?s in device manager. Argh, nVidia driver only 40% done. Crap. This will take all night, or another 19:08 if Firefox is to be believed.

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11:14 pm 26/11/2007

Bloody Dell.

Damn Dell! Installed new graphics card. Envy was assigning the wrong pci slot to it, and was instead giving the old onboard slot to xorg.conf. Took a while to figure that one out. Ok, so changed xorg.conf to reflect new pci slot, and wallop, in like Flynn. Yay. But only a small yay--> Dell motherboard only has one hd sata connection! Fuck me. This is bad. In order to install the new drive I'd have to get a new motherboard, which seems remarkably silly. One option would be to get an external enclosure, the drive speed wouldn't be the fastest, but it would be ok for most storage purposes. Still, it would be a pain in the arse. But I don't really see any other. Get a low-profile sata pci card, to which I could attach the other drive? Shit. Well, it's bigger than my current drive, I think I'll install it, then xp, then ubuntu from scratch. I've put some stuff on an external drive, and shouldn't lose anything.

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7:07 pm 26/11/2007

Hurry up and deliver my goodies already!

Currently, I eagerly await a hard drive and graphics card ordered from newegg. I am filled with anxiety that the intarweb may lie to me, and that they will not be delivered today, despite what the UPS website has to say about it. At least I have an excuse not to do laundry. Once my goodies arrive, then verily shall I be in the land of the hardonicon.

Todo on arrival: install graphics card, install drivers, check that Ubuntu opens Xserver ok. Use Envy for this, neat tool, it takes care of nVidia driver installation. Then, install second hard drive. This part will be easy, but I do not want to install two pieces of hardware at the same time (why create unneeded problems?). Once installed, I will then install MicroXP on it. This is a stripped down XP, designed for gaming. And that is the only reason I need it. At the moment, I am playing games that come without a linux installer (which is most of them, WTF are these people thinking?) via wine. But that really isn't the best solution. Hence, MicroXP.

Problem: Windows installers are stupid, and overwrite boot settings for other OSes. So, once XP is installed, I will have to boot from the Ubuntu cd and re-install or re-configure Grub, so that I can boot into Ubuntu. I will use about 60 gigs or so for the new XP drive, the rest I plan on using either for /home, or maybe just as a data repository.

Now, if only the damn package would arrive. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Damn watched pot.

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