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3:47 pm 15/01/2010


I just checked my grades from last semestar and I got a 4.0 for all four classes. Not bad. I start the next semestar on Tuesday. This semestar I need to do an internship (read slave labor) for a few hours each week but the schedule sucks. I have most classes between 10 and 2:30 so when do I submit to the slave labor when most businesses are 9-5 and traffic around the college sucks ass from 8am-7pm and most days it takes at least 30 minutes to get out to any of the main roads.

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11:22 am 21/07/2008

to ponder

If Ren

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5:59 am 28/05/2008

Back to school

I return to school this afternoon. I hope I can make it through a 4 hour class. I have to go home at 7:30 and sleep til about 15:30. It's been 7 years since I've sat in class and I've never had one that was 4 hours long. I get to do this 10 weeks which is most of the summer. Hopefully when I finish and get a MBA I will get a beter position in my company or possibly some where else. I'm also taking a class online and that is only 5 weeks. The profesor wrote on his site that it will involve about 60 hours of work. Thats more then I do at work. It's all good though because work is covering the cost. The better I do the more they cover. So I'm shooting for a 4.0 so that they pay for it all.

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10:47 am 05/05/2008

Get Mad

If you are not Mad you are not paying attention


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10:21 pm 01/02/2008

i_am_god's blog post - 01/02/2008

OK so my life is boring enough to make today worthy enough to write about. Or maybe not and I just feel like killing a few minutes.
So I got up early today. Around 11:30 or so. I had a few things that had to be done. So I get up and start writing out a few checks. Rent, electric... and I notice that I'm getting close to check #666 who should I send this to I'm thinking? Maybe I'll send it to a church down the street. I'll put like $20 on it and see if they get the connection. But I know if I do that they will just start bothering me for more so I let it rest but I'm gonna keep this one for a special occasion I go to the PO to get stamps and a money order for some thing I bought on EBay. Damn it I hate when people don't take PayPal. There was no one there until I get in my car and try backing out and then there are 20 cars. I hate this freezing rainy weather we are having but at least the roads are not icy yet. Then I head to valvoline to get my oil change and yearly inspection. Not a problem. Then I head to my tax prep office. H&R. I'd do it myself but I had some stock options I exercised this year. Let someone else figure it out for me. So I pay them $130 so I can pay Uncle Sam $25 but then I get $85 from NY. So in all I'm down $70 not to bad. I now have a place to send my #666 check to. Its going to the IRS when I send them the $25. And I could only claim $80 out of the $765 I pain in interest on my student loans last year. I made to much to claim it all. But its better to make more then get a tax credit anyway. I would rather pay a bit more. It means I'm movin on up.
OK so I know it sounds like an average day but this is more then I do on most days off. Most of the time I don't even bother leaving the house. Thats how boring my life is that this was a busy day.
Well I'm off to send the IRS a check.
And if you are still reading you must be just as boring as I am. Go outside.

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10:24 am 10/12/2007

i_am_god's blog post - 10/12/2007

Saturday night I went to see John Mellencamp in concert. What a great show. The Times-Union Center where he played is a hockey arena and some what small so no seats are bad seats. The show was opened by Los Lobos and they did a great show too.
The only problem with that show was all the jackasses that show up late and are wandering around in the dark looking for thier seats. Then when John started his show people behind me showed up that wanted to sing every song. And neither could sing. And there was a lady in my row that spent more time heading to the beer counter then setting down and watching the show. Just get 4 damn beers and have a seat.

A couple reviews written much better then I could do:

Special to the Times Union
found here

another review from a show in IL.

He played some new songs. I cant wait for the new CD
If you like his music and he's in town take the time to go see it.




these were about the only time he slowed down.

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7:41 am 26/08/2007

If you are looking

If you are looking, here it is. If you know what I'm talking about then you know what this link is for.


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6:43 am 24/08/2007

Kill Hannah

I just got back from Kill Hannah/Alice in Chains/Velevet Revolver concert.

Kill Hannah did a couple songs. People were still showing up because its the middle of the week and some people have jobs that require them to work all day.
They were decent. The did a few of thier own songs and a cover of Rebel Yell which they shouldn't have. Those that were there looked like they never heard of them and confusion was evident.
Here is thier myspace page:

which includes thier whole set along with Rebel Yell.
Here is a little bit more about the band

They were followed by Alice In Chains. They did a great job. I was afraid that it wouldn't be the same without Lanye Stanley but they did well as if it were a band without the loss of thier frontman. William DuVall is a great replacement as lead, he made the songs his own, and I bet they continue to make some great music for some time. Thier playlist tonight was most exclusivly from Dirt with Duff McKagan joining in for Rooster before they exited the stage.

And the headliner was Velvet Revolver. They have only two CDs released as a band and several singles. I have only heard Slither, Fall to Pieces, and She Builds Quick Machines on the radio but know the other songs fron the CDs. They did a great job. I like them much better live then I do from thier CDs which doesn't happen often. Weiland was all over the stage and sounded great with Slash and the rest of the band helping. They played all thier hits, a few other songs off thier new CD and did some STP and GNR songs too.

If you like live rock this is definitly the concert to go and see if they are playing near by.

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6:18 am 16/07/2007

Take me out to the ball game

Here is the thread with pictures to the Yankees game I recently went to. http://t-six.com/showthread.php?t=29046
In th eevent you didn't get the chance to see them when they were posted.

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3:01 am 08/07/2007

the game

recently I asked for some suggestions on getting to Yankee Stadium to see a game. Well I made it down and barely made it back. Once I get the pictures from my camera I will post a few and a couple video clips too. This was from thier win on July 5th.

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6:31 am 30/05/2007

i_am_god's blog post - 30/05/2007

I just added a jukebox. Feel free to comment on my selection.

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5:33 am 07/05/2007

i_am_god's blog post - 07/05/2007

just some quotes from a movie:

Justin Bond: These people spend all night sucking cock and eating ass, and then hit the buffet claiming they're vegan.

Justin Bond: As my dear departed friend Lotus Weinstock used to say: "I used to wanna change the world. Now I just wanna leave the room with a little dignity."

Sorry about the language. I saw them and had to laugh.

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11:23 pm 03/01/2007

i_am_god's blog post - 03/01/2007

December 20th 16:30
Just two more days and I start my vacation. Friday I pack up my car drive 3 hours northwest to my aunts house for the night. While I'm there I'll pick up my niece. Then on Saturday I'm driving us to to SC. 14 hours of driving and time spent stopping. I hope she doesn't get motion sickness or anything. I prefer to make the trip in as little time as possible. We are going to visit my brother(her dad) until Janurary 2 when we have to turn around and drive home. I like going to visit but I hate driving. PA and VA are the worst state to drive through. It seems to take forever. And they are downright crazy/stupid drivers in Scranton.
I don't know how much I'll be on but I may take a minute or two when I get the chance.

Janurary 3rd 12:00
I made it home last night after 12 days off. I'm now at work.
I traveled from my house halfway across NY to pick up my niece and then down to SC on the 22nd and 23rd.
here is the trip if you are interested.
My niece slept most of the way down (and back) so it was quite boring and uneventful. I'm just glad the roads were clear and the weather was nice. (the upside to global warming)
On Christmas I drove us all to Cartersville GA to visit cousins.(~3 hours away) Cartersvills Ga is the center of the redneck universe. Where the sheets and hoods are all bright white and pressed for every occasion and they even rewrite thier science books to edjumacate the childs.
I took my niece and nephew to see Night In The Meusem. It was a good movie. There was one line "you have Allman Bothers and... NASCAR." WOW I was the only one there laughing. I don't think anyone else in the theater found the joke funny. Oh well. Take the kids (or young at heart) to see it. You won't be disappointed.
Then on my birthday we got drunk on everything we had; deep fried 4lbs of fries, 10lbs of wings and my brother started frying everything in the fridge (pickles, fruit, mac n cheese.....) Then we shot off fireworks. Can you say "HEY Ya'll, watch this"
I spent the rest of the time playing on the computer and xbox with the kids.
So I got up yesterday at 5am and headed out by 6. There was little traffic so the whole trip took 17 and a half hours before I got back to my place. I could barely stand when I got home and I still had to unpack the car. My laptop, guitar and equipment, suitcase, and old computer my brother gave me (I couldn't fit the IBM server he had in my car) Two cases of peach cider (good stuff) from Abbots Farn near Gaffney. a couple of boxes (gifts). I finally got to sleep after midnight and still didn't unpack. I had to get up today st 5:30 and get to work. When I go home I'll unpack and sleep this weekend.

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