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I am an NYC based Front-End Developer... I guess that is good enough for now.

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3:36 am 08/01/2007

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Here I am, NYC. I made it, but it still doen't feel all that real yet. I am currently staying Brooklyn with a friend, but should be moved into my new place in Soho within a scant few weeks. For those of you who have never been to Manhattan, its packed. Now not just a lot of people, but people stacked on more people. At first it can be a little overwealming, but I think I am going to dig it. There is a lot to do, and damn it, once I get settled, I am going to do my damnedest to to do a lot of it. Of course the bid downside I am running into with the high population density is that space is at a premium. The apartment I am moving into is about 1/3 the size of my previous apartment I had in SF, but I am paying 50% more! Ah well, the price of living in the big apple. Oh yeah, did I tell you it was 70 degrees Farenheit when I flew in yesterday, yeah, I think I am starting to love global warming.

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4:40 pm 05/01/2007

24 Hours and Counting


Here it is, down to the line, and I still have a ton of stuff to pack... More like throw away, I never realized ow much crap I have I don't need until its time to move. Of course the greatest thing is that is lets me rationalize purchasing a new LCD TV when I move instead of moving the monstroscity I have had for the last 5 years. Other good news is it loks ike my new roomate is going to nail down this great place in Soho, and we are going to get a hottub for the back yard! Sweeet! Unfortuately I won't get to move in until February, so I will staying out in Brooklyn for the next few week, but hey, its just a quick subway ride into downtown Manhattan from there, and its not like I have not done it before.

Some goode side news, the company I used to work for just got bought by Cisco, so that means its stock price just jumped ... Doesn't help me much, I did not have enough to make much of a difference, but I have some friends who will nice and loaded, congrats to them.

Ok everyone, time to throw out all my old bills from 5 years ago, take care of yourselves.

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8:37 am 04/01/2007

Party Sideways


Goodafternoon everyone. Its coming down to crunch time. I move to NYC in 4 days and I still need to pack up what I am taking wtih me, and get rid of the crap I don't want/need anymore. Fortuantely I am flying over, and shipping the extra stuff. I still have some work to do remotely, but currently the over all work load is light (crosses fingers) and I can still get what I need to done, taken care of.

On the lighter side, NYE rocked pretty damn hard. I went to the Sea of Dreams NYE party (a burner (i.e. burning man) party) and it was amazing. If you ever get to see Basenectar spin, hop on it as soon as you can, he pretty much took down the house. From there my group rolled on over to Breakfast of Champions and continued the party till about noon. Needless to say, I slept all the rest of Monday. The only problem I had with the party is that I am tempted to do NYE in SF again next year and forgo NYC. I guess there are worse things in life. I will see if I can get a hold of some NYE pics and post them here. Well back to work, I hope everyone has Happy New Year

(update) Here's a pic

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8:37 am 04/01/2007

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


Whew, hellish week. As we all know I am in the process of moving to NYC, so you would think hey, maybe I need to spend time getting my shit together to make the move by Jan 5. Not so much so. We just did a a new updated launch of our website (mind you this apparently had not been done in YEARS) and we have a mercurial boss. That is to say he will change his mind at the drop of a hat and expect changes done yesterday. Well, true to form the day before the launch, major ad changes were requested, and I had to get all th info from other people in different cities (like hearding cats) and redo the ads. Needless to day I did not get any sleep for 36 hours and got it done (I love coffee).

Cool ads are done, I drop in to a coma-like sleep for 8 hours nice and refreshed. Time to get my shit together... Not so fast tiger. The actual landing page needs to be changed... Of course we had signed off on this, oh I don't know, last month. Of course this is now the day of the launch, but that does not seem to phase the boss (nothing really does, he just wants his way). Back to pushing pixels for another 8 hours and the redesign is done and the site is back up. Of course now we don't get any direct feedback on the site because the boss is in flight to Thailand for Christmas... good for him, BUT we are dumping one of our key note speakers, sooo now I get to scubb all the ad video on the site for this one guy, and this dude is plastered all over dthe damn place. I ask why not get the original video company to do this? Well they will, but only after the holidays, and this needs to be done yesterday.... 24 hours of fighting with software, and logging down timecodes, and its done. Choppy, but done, and within specifications

Its morning time... I need a drink.

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