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whats up yall its the fat man coming live from sweet home down deep south arizona, glad to leave the iraqi dester to come to....a desert? fuck i got screwed. wait no i dident, i love it here.

i grew up a deranged kid, you know the ones who hang out in the library and read books and play chess? that was me. i never sat alone at school lunches though, homies always had my back. some had my back in iraq too, stood by my side and like "J, this some shit right here homie. but thats alrigt were gunna make it though."

iraq was cool for me, im too goddamn smart according to my dirll sarg. hes the one who sat me down after my interogation by the NSA and told me that if things went well i would land a well paid career serving my nation. boy was he right.

Iraq for me was a year and a half in demolition. those who know my past have a good idea why.

anayway so my tour was spent mostly making sure other troops dident blow themselvs up, as part of the 183 explosives desposal unit (something like that, i dont remember and frankly dont want to) my job was to blow shit up. i got paid well for that. had a blast doing it. but when you get shot at shit changes your prespective. when somone dies in your arms....the shit haunts me to this day.

currently im a full time student, my sargent got me in on some government paid shit, he was real adiment about me being too smart and said i need to be less destructive and more consturctive, so he got me into school studing law enforcment, its cool for me because i want to go back to the hood i grew up in and make sure those kids dont fuck up as bad as me.

the biggest thing i want out of life is to leave this world a better place then i found it. i look into the eyes of my baby niece whos almsot one and i see an angle, who i hope to be better then me and ill die before i let her get worse.

JFM, your fat man, your loved one signing off.

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6:35 am 17/02/2007

JFM's blog post - 17/02/2007

so im toying with the idea of getting a new pc, its not concreate but what the fuck, i got extra money to spend. im also toying with the idea of sponsering me a god, but again i dunno, shits weird.

for those of you keeping track at home about my background, i never actoually was in trouble for the shit i did as a kid but i got a letter in the mail the other day, im under investigation AGAIN for being a threat to the community and shit. its crazy.

but w/e one day at a time...

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8:08 am 17/01/2007

JFM's blog post - 17/01/2007

school school school and more school. fuck if i wasn't having such a good time i would be a lot more annoy'ed. its hard to be that way when your having a ball....

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