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5:31 am 06/01/2008

hello :-)

SO! From the looks of things people here have had nice holidays and new years(minus the hangovers you whiners). I have also been enjoying this time of year as well! It has also occurred to me that I have not updated anything or posted any art work in a long time. I'm shooting for tomorrow after work to make a post. I've been pretty wrapped up with school work and trying to make a portfolio, but it's all been fantastic

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1:30 am 20/11/2007


HOORAYYY FOR pop-up books! I get to make two ! count them two, pop-up books for classes! lol this will probably never happen again while I'm in school lol : )

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8:25 am 24/09/2007

3:20 a.m.

And i'm finally going to bed! Once again being indecisive bites me in the ass. I had to do a portait for my illustration class. Well I decided to do kat von d. but for god knows what reason I picked a really crummy composition and tried to make it something really realistic. It was boring and sucked lol, just not me. So I started all over and jusrt finished a portrait of nepolien dynomyte. It looks muchbetter and I don't think I'll get an F on it. My teacher is the hardest at school, he passes out f's like it's no ones' business. wish me luck! good night!

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5:56 pm 04/09/2007

Back to school

School has been great. I'm really g lad to have all my friends back lol that has to be the lamest part of summer...We're working on a lot of projects. I finally have an illustration teacher that doesn't sugar coat everything or pick teachers pets. Last semester I was the favorite of my il teacher and I didn't learn very much. Already I have made a tight sketch that is better then most of my finished works last year! *phew*
Past that , my house is infested with bugs, including friggin ticks! Ick , the dogs brought them in. So now the casa is getting sprayed today. yeeyy. Thank goodness...

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10:22 pm 29/07/2007


I just got home the other day from vacation! I had a great time , I just hung out with my gramma! She's pretty young, but I also have a lot of family there too. EVen better, I quit my job selling shoes, because it was a crummy job, and my manager who is a good friend of mine left to have her baby. The new manager isn't too nice. I'm living with my parents again, because my neighbors when I was living on my own were scarey. Too many prstitutes walking down the road to feel ok living on my own. But it's so nice now, I get to save money for school now. : ) things are great!

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6:03 pm 10/05/2007

schools out for the summer!

YEEEYY! I'm officially on summer vacation! It's going to be great(and so far has been great!). Days of doing a whole lot of nothing and working and lots of beach/busch gardens!

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1:35 pm 20/03/2007

comming to an end

yup that's right this hell is almost over! in other words lol, I will be out of this apartment in less then TWO weeks! I'm very excited, plus , the new place is just as pretty as this one, but I'll actually have room for my stuff!! yeyyyyy

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9:47 pm 16/03/2007


I have been having nightmares about this painting for class. for instance, the other night it was that I forgot to even do it so she gave me an F. I have been working on it since 11 this morning, it's now quarter to 6 and I am not even a quarter done f*** f*** f***....I have to finish it today because I work saturday and I need sunday to do my other homework for school. Bleh. Even if this turns out like crap I will just be happy to be finished with this thing...*shakes fist*

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5:58 pm 18/02/2007

master peice...of crap

ok so I have to finish a 30x24 inch painting by thursday, it's a master copy of a Constable painting. Also on thursday, I have 20 figure drawings due...my figure teacher is trying to prove a point, but really there isn't any except that he's mad his class isn't the most important of all of our art classes this year. I still take it seriously but he's so mad with my class (e.i. just a few stupid guys who never do the work) so we all have to pay. Once again, I have two more months to get out of my current apt since things are not going so well. I mean we are talking and being friends, but I just don't like girls who start all the drama...so I know in a matter of weeks she's going to attempt to argue with me again about leaving a maccaroni box on the counter or something ridiculous. Seeing as I don't yell at people or even give the time of day to the person starting the crap, it always just ends with her yelling and cursing at me...*rolls eyes* it's not my fault your ocd about cleaning...why did we have to start the leasein april...what a weird month to try to get al this shit done with...oh well in retrospect this is not bad at all I'm sure it'll end fine and what not

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6:45 am 16/02/2007


uugghhhh I am friggin sick! I haven't been sick in a looonnggg time, but nooooo I have a cold! friggin, I can't breathe and I can't hear, the only medicine that ever seems to work is tylenol sever cold and flu, but when i take it i feel great but really light headed and kind of sick to my stomach. wooo and I won't be sleeping tommorow night since I have to pull a costume out of the air magically for my brother by saturday..

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8:02 pm 12/02/2007


Have you ever tried really hard at something, but then you realize what you just did it really bad? *gives up* in my graphic design class I am bombing with ideas lol, it doesn't help my teacher changes his mind everyday. I had great thumbnails and he liked them, and then one day before the assignment is due he decided he no longer liked it but had another idea so I had to start over ....and then in critique he questioned it !@)(!)@#)(!*@(#$*@#($(@....lol on the bright side this is a learning experience, I know clients can be like this too so i might as well get use to it

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4:16 am 11/02/2007


Schoooollll means no sleep, but I have to tell you all, it has been excellent! I have been swamped with homework and class work , but I feel like i'm being very productive. On the opposite end of that is my bed room. It's like a black hole of papers and pencils lol. It's been taking forever to try to clean it. But everything has to be uber organized before april, I will not be renewing my lease with my current roommate. She thinks it's ok to yell at me for dumb reasons and to boss me around like she's my mother. DOH! So I am in the process of finding my own place or possibly a new roommate to share one with! I'm kind of tired of being so nice to people just to be treated like crap in the end! : ) luckily there are still some good ones out there...and if not school has me busy enough to not need to think about it too much!

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6:47 pm 21/01/2007

so you're cold eh?

Well one great thing about being in florida, is that in January you can still go to the beach! And that's exactly what i'm doing today! YEY!
My frist week back to school has been wonderful! I really missed my friends and sadly all the homework. I am already swampped with homework and I love it lol.
This week two of my friends turn 20, I'm making one of them a t-shirt annd it looks pretty cool, i'll post a photo of it at a later date

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1:38 pm 16/01/2007

so today

I go back to school. I am really excited to start up again, I'm bored out of my mined!

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3:56 pm 15/01/2007

barely breathing

I start school tommorow, and naturally stress and excitement make a bad combination. Luckily I do not work this week. I want to try to get more A's this semester. I get soo frusterated with B's because I know I am capable of more.
My ex is staying in sarasota instead of going to GA. Something is wrong with his transcripts. I don't really want to get back with him. I think he's cute and all, but he always made me feel like I wasn;t worth the time. For example , he would always come over really late, after he hung out with his other friends. HE also never made any concrete plans with me, they were always maybes. I don't have time for stress, and besides, won't he just be going to GA after summer any ways? WHats the point to get wrapped up in that again? OH well, I'm not complaining, it seems a lot of guys want to be with me, but I'm not really into the idea of a relationship right now. My school really does come first.
I've been talking with my brother. Those of you who know him, he's probably the most unique person ever. Well , i've veen trying to spend a lot of time with him, he will be leaving the country at the end of the semester to teach english over seas. He will be conintuing to make music though.

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