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10:17 pm 01/10/2015

Tribal Tattoos: Intriguing History and Plenty of Meanings

Tattoo art has survived for centuries in most of the major tribes of the world. The reason that the body art became popular was the pain it brought and permanence it offered. Tribal people were in awe of members who could bear the tattoo pain. Pain tolerance was respected and was associated with maturity and wisdom. Hence, tribal tattoos were used as an instrument to mark adulthood, victory over enemy, and for establishing position of a person in the tribal society.

Read on to learn how tribal tattoos flourished for centuries in some major tribes:


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6:40 pm 10/09/2015

Cool But Not Very Well Known Cartoon Characters

Mostly, comic characters, which are not directly related to the hero, are either toned down or removed. It is done for a variety of reasons ranging from time constraint to saving the main character from being overshadowed by another character. Below given is a list of 5 such cartoon characters that you never saw on-screen or may have missed to notice them:

Awesome Cartoon Characters You Probably Never Heard Of

Blazing Skull from Marvel comics

He first appeared in 1941 in ‘The story of Mark Todd’. His story of origin is interesting. On one occasion, Mark Todd, a foreign correspondent with a newspaper, goes abroad to learn more about an ongoing Sino-Japanese War. Tough war conditions force him to find shelter in a cave. During his stay there, he encounters the Skull Men - a tribe of men whose heads are on fire. According to them, he was the freedom champion, handpicked by destiny. They train him and he learns a host of tricks, and gains several powers, out of which immunity from fire is foremost. On his return, he wears a suit, which features a head on fire and adopts the name ‘The Blazing Skull’.

After his debut, he made appearances in a number of issues of Mystic Comics in 1941. In March 1972, a bland version of the Blazing Skull was introduced, in The Avengers. The character along with other comic characters played a key role in the 9th issue of Midnight Sons Unlimited, 1995. In recent comics, The Blazing Skull is shown to have had a sordid past as a captive in the Middle East. He has not grown old in all these years because of his ability to heal even from the gravest bruises. He has been seen as one of the members of the Invaders and the Defenders.

Louis from The Rescuers

For some time Walt Disney toyed with the idea of making a movie based on a novel named Rescuers by Margery Sharp. Instead of having two comic characters named Bernard and Bianca rescue a poet from the clasps of an authoritarian government, he wanted them to rescue Louis – a bear from zoo.
Disney team began to work on the plot and artists created Louis. For his voice, Louis Prima, who had lent voice to King Louie of The Jungle Book, was finalized. Since people loved King Louie’s voice, Disney believed that Prima’s voice would make Louis famous as well. However, as in 1966 Walt Disney passed away, work on the story became slow. Moreover, around the same time Louis Prima was diagnosed with brain tumor. The news was the final nail in the coffin and the Louis - the bear never appeared on the screen.

Deafy – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The original dwarfs of the Snow White story did not have names. Nevertheless, for making the story more interesting, Disney team decided to give these dwarf cartoon characters unique personality traits and name them accordingly. One of the dwarves was made to be hearing impaired and was named Deafy. Although his inability to hear clearly and misunderstandings arising because of it would have led to hilarious gigs for the audience, the character was scrapped. Deafy was replaced by Sneezy. Perhaps, the Disney team found Sneezy’s ability to sneeze aloud and move things with its force funnier.

Omar, Kassim, and Babkak – Aladdin

Disney’s Aladdin hardly speaks of Aladdin’s friends while the original story not only mentioned his 3 friends – Kassim, Babkak and Omar, but also Aladdin’s mother and another genie. These 3 comic characters and Aladdin would sing songs in order to avoid toiling. For introducing the characters, 3 songs were finalized while another song was sung by Aladdin’s mother; it was called ‘Proud of your boy’. When the time came for insertion of all these songs into the movie, Disney found that it would make the whole story very complicated. Hence, along with the songs, the characters were also wiped off. Now, you could hear the songs as sung by real artists in the stage version of Aladdin.

Mr. Hare – Bambi

Bambi was inspired by Felix Salten’s story, Bambi: A Life in the Woods. In it, Mr. Hare was an important character. He was full of wisdom and revered by other animals in the woods. Disney decided to incorporate Mr. Hare in Bambi, the movie. From its drawings, it can be inferred that the character had constant interaction with Bambi. He wanted to tell Bambi a story but every time he was forced to scamper off before ending it. Later on, when Mr. Hare is shot, he reveals to Bambi that the story was never good enough and dies. With plot and drawings ready, Mr. Hare was surely going to be in Disney’s Bambi. However, during an audition Peter Behn said a line so well that he was chosen for the voice of Thumper – a rabbit and best friend of Bambi. Consequently, Mr. Hare lost relevance in the plot and did not appear in the movie.


Maybe you have watched these cartoons, but I bet you didn't even notice these characters

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