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1:23 am 26/11/2013

Whig Interviews


I contacted the other committee members about the idea of doing some interviews with local politicians in MA about their platforms and the comparison to the Modern Whig Party stances on these issues. Q gave me some suggestions about pollys on the Plymouth front, and I hope that I get the approval for the interviews, and I will be contacting some people down here on the Cape as to their ideas and the notion of being interviewed. Hopefully this will lead to higher level people willing to talk about their positions on issues. Will keep you posted

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5:37 am 31/10/2013

New Asst Pastor & I Had A Meeting

I'm pretty happy. The new asst pastor who just graduated form seminary had a meeting at my home with me this Monday, and we spoke about Sunday School moving forward and the health of it over the past 2 years. Really encouraged by what he had to say, and his thoughts on the "health" of the church since the fire. Moving forward we want to continue the Christian classics as a staple in the education, and he is really focused on reaching others in the community not just for "pastoral" reasons but also to make a real difference in people's lives. Hopefully the Community Kitchen I worked at 2 weeks ago will be involved, and maybe hopefully the medical ministry that we used to have at the church where people who couldn't afford to go to a Dr could come and get free care will revive once we get our building rebuilt.

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4:59 am 25/08/2011

Viscera's blog post - 25/08/2011

New quarter starts in 2 weeks, and 4 new classes being offered. The Book of Matthew, Pilgrims Progress, A Faith Weavers class designed to help parents of kids in the Sunday schools learn the same lessons their kids are so they can talk to them about it at home, and a Young Adults class focusing on 18-26 yr olds. Very exciting!

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10:27 am 27/07/2011

Viscera's blog post - 27/07/2011

Helping out at VBS this week, 95 kids participating. Cory is doing the projections while I do the music. Good week so far. Coordinating the next quarter for sunday school, looks like a busy fall season coming up with Pilgrims Progress in modern language being on the docket for the next quarter, along with a study in the book of Matthew.

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11:24 am 03/07/2011

Viscera's blog post - 03/07/2011

We are in chapter 19 now in Revelation, doing a lecture series on the 20 fundamental pillars of the Christian faith in Sunday School. Other then that, life is puttering along, son is now a junior in HS and still welding, although he did light himself on fire this year, but no permanent damage.

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6:19 pm 04/03/2011

Viscera's blog post - 04/03/2011

Up to chapter 7 in Revelation on Saturday mornings, the new quarter starts this Sunday. Posting daily reading of the Bible on Facebook, so far through the book of Numbers (oh boy) and into the Gospel of Mark now. Finished teaching the 12 week course to the 7-12th graders in church about the life of Jesus, went well. Looking forward to the new baseball season, and the winding down of NHL & NBA seasons as Boston has 2 good teams this year. Son and wife doing well, my BP is way down, 114/68 this morning. Eating much better, and controlling the maladies to the point that medication is not necessary (BP especially) and less insulin.

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11:18 pm 10/02/2011

Feb 2011

New quarter for Sunday school coming on quickly. Coordinating the three adult classes, along with the myriad of kids classes. 3 adult classes include an exposition of 2 Corinthians, a DVD series be RC Sproul and an external book about sanctification. Teachers have been confirmed, and now the advertising gets set into motion. Saturday morning Revelation study heading into chapter 5 this week, lots opf ground covered in the frist 3 weeks. But now the interesting part of the book is comng up!

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5:19 am 06/01/2011

Viscera's blog post - 06/01/2011

2 Timothy 4:7

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5:01 am 02/01/2011

Viscera's blog post - 02/01/2011

contact me at jerryod@hotmail.com

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7:27 pm 03/12/2010

Viscera's blog post - 03/12/2010

Well, the teaching at church won't wait until next year. Got a call today asking me to take over a Sunday school class for 7-12th graders teaching about the life of Jesus. Will pick up the curriculum Saturday and prepare the lesson for Sunday.

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10:55 pm 31/10/2010

Oct 2010

Lots going on at church lately. Going to be on the Mission Committee at church now. Haven't had my first missions meeting yet, but we are very active ion DR and Gabon Africa. We have missionaries in Aqaba Jordan as well. My wife and I became members of the church today, and we had dinner over the pastors house Saturday night. Good times, lots of fun and good food to!

The music ministry is doing well, recording the sermons weekly, a few CDs made for people who have missed the sermons durting the week, and 30 kids CDs with the music from Kids Night will be passed out this Friday night. Steve and Allison are now on the north shore with Steve being in seminary, and we are happy to be taking part in their ministry in the future.

My eyesight is holding so far, another series of injections in my right eye this time. The hemorrhaging is hopefully going to be controlled by the intravitreal injection. So far so good, but we'll have to wait and see how it all progresses.

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5:33 pm 27/01/2009

Viscera's blog post - 27/01/2009

Ok, so some of the fun of diabetes is, with the lack of circulation to the extremities, there is slow healing when there are injuries. Last year, I had a third degree burn on my right leg. I didn't realize it happened, and only knew about it because the huge blisters on my leg broke, and fluid was running down nto my socks. 1 year later, after surgery and 6 months of going to a wound care clinic, it finally healed. But now I have skinned the leg, and have a dollar bill scuff on the leg again. So the ritual of wrapping it in gauze and having a pressure bandage returns. Good times. But at least I feel no pain, thus the reason why I got burned in the first place I suppose, but cest la vie.

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7:34 pm 09/01/2009

We'll see how this goes!

Currently, my family is doing pretty good, we are moving back into the house that we were in for 7 years, my sisters old house, in March. Can't wait, as we loved the yard and the layout! The house we're in now has alot of mold in the basement, and the landlord has stuff stored down there, so we can't just go in and take care of it as they don't want us messing with their stuff. My wife has asthma, and this doesn't help it. But things are pretty calm on the breathing front right now for her!. My son and I watched the BCS College Football Game last nnight and it was very exciting as we both were rooting for the same team! Usually doesn't happen!

My vision is still impaired, although it did improve in my right eye last dr's appointment. But still legally blind, can't drive or qwork my old job. Just recently discovered the joys of image shack! I'm a little slow on the hosting stuff because we never had a camera so I figured why bother. But got one last year for Ireland, so now you get to see pics of our two dogs and stuff like that, lol

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