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We, the willing, lead by the unknown, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little, that we are now qualified to do anything with nothing . .

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3:07 pm 19/03/2009

thursday Bla's

well today is a kind of blah day. started out with some sun this morning but it went away and replaced itself with overcast skies and rain... blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

looks like im gonna get wet riding home today...

this is a new pic of my daughter Gabriella

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9:59 pm 26/12/2007

my69pickup's blog post - 26/12/2007

well let me do some cleaning in here and maybe i can get some new content posted.

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1:13 am 19/07/2007

well Dash looked cool. anyone else think so?

anyone else think so?

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7:10 pm 11/06/2007

WTF devil in me..

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11:04 pm 27/05/2007

my69pickup's blog post - 27/05/2007

Welcome to the second part of Rolling Thunder 2007 today. It was warm with temps in the mid to high 80's and the sun was out in full but fortunatley for us it was behind over cast most of the day. if not for that little bit of cloud cover our asses would have been fried like bacon on a BBQ grill.
there were so many motorcycles today i dont know where to begin.

the second set begins here.

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2:00 am 17/04/2007

dancing with the stars newest fall member.

Heather Mills just fell on dancing with the stars... haha

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10:09 pm 08/04/2007

Easter yay...

well didnt get to see my daughter again. suposed to take the day off tomorrow and hopefully get to see her. man im at my wits end with this woman. and i just want to see my daughter and its been 4 months. let all hope i dont choke her mother!

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3:58 am 05/04/2007

east coasters!!

wow what a run of posts about the Universe. Science is a huge thing and we are learning more and more as each day passes...
i cant wait for the next 20 years or so to see just how far we can go...

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3:09 am 04/04/2007

my69pickup's blog post - 04/04/2007

wow blue stuff...

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6:47 pm 16/01/2007

latest post!

click here for post
for your smartphones or pocket pc's

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12:39 am 11/01/2007

wow man its wednesday

got some cool mew games for my 8125 today thanks PAR!

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