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12:13 pm 29/04/2007

NovaCaine's blog post - 29/04/2007

YAY! Ubuntu works nicely with my machine now!

Though the sound has muted itself for some reason

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2:01 pm 20/04/2007

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

Oh to have my crazyness back, how I've missed you so.

Well things have been interesting to say the least. Got a noise control complaint last night while I was sleeping. The flatmate apparently had the stereo up too loud and the people below us made the complaint. To top it of the flatmate was also smoking a few bongs inside - which proved interesing when the police arrived to issue the complaint. So that's gone now, or I could pay a $150 fine to get it back...

But where there's bad, there is good. Had a talk with the newsagency chick again, and was having some fun about the whole "setup" thing. She took it a bit seriously and was telling me to just go over and talk to her, but in all honesty I'm enjoying my space at the moment. Well, she ended up giving my number out and I got the hairdressers. That all happened yesterday.

So today I sent a rather random message alnong the lines of, "Hello, I've been told to contact the person on the other end of this phone number. How are you". Ahh confusion, the great planter of mystery. Reading back on it now I'm amazed she rang me at all! So as you could gather, I got a phone call, and after the initial introductions were out of the way our places of residence was brought into the conversation. It turns out she lives right on the corner of my street - damn we live in a small world

So we met on the corner, and then showed each other our homes - which was a refreshing dose of random. Ended up back at hers and just talked for 2 hours. I'm guessing my dear of talking to females is gone, in the past I would have closed up and been insocial. But here we were just talking, and it turns out the news agency chick has been quite the messenger. We were talking about how she was trying to get us together and what she had told both of us. I unfortunately had to cut it short after the 2 hours as I had just realised that I didn't have my house keys and I would probably be locked out.

I was right.. Had to wake the flatmate to let me back in.

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2:01 am 18/04/2007

Randomness for the day..

I believe we are just living on some mold in the back of the great celestial fridge...

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4:03 pm 01/04/2007

One week later

Well, things are going great. Not much to write about, but this experiment has definitely open my eyes to the greater world.

For starters I've found myself not caring about how things may go. Usually I'd find myself trying to justify everything I'd do and wieght up the risks, but now I have reprogrammed myself just to go with whats happening and have fun again. It's also made me reflect on things that have past - mainly the previous relationship and how much of myself I had given up to sustain said relationship. You should never have to give up friends for anyone - EVER! (which I had done).

The newsagency girl has been rather odd lately (I figure it's OK to analyse things here, as it is a recap of the week to pass). She seems to still be giving signs of interest and then pulling away. The most interesting thing was yesterday (Saturday for you US folks :p) when she told me she wanted to set me up with someone. Of course with my new philosophy of "Cease the day" I said "sure, why not" to find out it was a 21 yo haordresser that I had been introduced to 2 days earlier. I think I will do more shopping in the mall up the road if this is how things are going

She (the hairdresser) had also invited me to her 21st, which was Sat night, problwm was that I was broe and REALLY hungover form the boys-night-out the night before. The new flatmate was going out to have drinks with his amtes and I tagged along. It was a log time due for a night like that. Also managed to go into the casino with $5 and come out with $9 (well I broke even, but only because one of the new mates missus was asking to borrow a couple of bucks - so I told her to entertain me with a song and/or dance. "I'm a little teapot" for you folks playing at home)

Other than that, life is good. I'm finally felling great about where I want to go and how I want to get there. I think it might be the alcohol talking though, as since cutting back on the chibi-ing my beer intake has drastically increased. Also doesn't help that the flatmate has a homebrew kit and we have about 100 empty beer bottle just begging to be refilled.

Well goodnight Teoti. I need to wakeup in less than 7 hours, so I should try and get some sleep.

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10:24 am 22/03/2007

Day 2 in the books...

Well things are going good in this little experiment of mine. Yesterday was great, managed to cut back on my cig intake as well as talked to some complete strangers (though it was while having a cig so I'm not sure if that counts). Today was a bit more slow - mainly due to my cold and general feeling of stuffiness that come with it. The news agency girl called again and wanted to catch up, so I went with it. Had an interesting conversation about this experiment and life in general. Odd thing came up in the talk though, she wanted me to record myself talking so she could go to sleep listening to it (not sure if she was serious, kinda creepy if she was :S)

Other than that, just another day. Havn't had a session either, even though I was offered one - mainly due to the cold. I hate being sick, because it feels like I've had it forever. Though I think the sore throat is from the session I had last night with some girls in the flat across from mine. That was a funny event, as me and the new flatmate were pulling his car stero out when he caught a wiff of there smoke. One thing lead to another and then we were sitting on their porch smoking a spliff and hassling me due to my accent. Supposably I talk like a South African

I figure I'm going to try and update my Godspace as much as I can - mainly to keep me on track of my goals. Otherwise I may drift back into complacentcy..

Well enough for now, I'm currently in the process of trying to get my net connection back up and running after the flatmate accidentally reset my router - wiping all the settings. Stupid call centers and their sheet of instructions!

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1:18 pm 04/03/2007

The end of another day

Well that was a big weekend.

Had a new flatmate move in, which is definatley a refreshing change. So the flat was covered in moving boxes as I had one move out and another move in. Got to meet his girlfriend too, which was a good and bad thing - just bring up memories, though it wasn't as bad as I though it might've been.

Get along wiht him pretty good too, though he is adamant on paying everything seperately - whereas I'd prefer the security of a shard account - but each to their own I guess.

Got bored and started/finished The Secret of Monkey Island again. God I love that game, and the ones like it. Guess we won't be seeing those types of classics ever again, which I find to be a pity. Started to play the second one tonight, but just can't find the same hook.

Also reorganised my room, which was a great feeling. I seem to get better reception upstairs of my neighbour's WiFi too jsut as an added bonus. Moving my desk upstairs has cleared a whole heap of space in our lounge now (which is about 10+meters long) so I'm considering buying a pool table. The new flatmate is also keen on "pimping up the place" which is cool. I always had the idea, but just lacked the funds and the motivation.

I was going to brighten up my Godspace as well this weekend, but between all of this AND the Clipsal 500 on TV (too broke to attend ) I just ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow...

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6:06 am 26/02/2007

Insert life here

Ok, that has a lot smaller on my work monitor - sorry for those that did endure it

For the others, you can follow this link.

That song for some reason really drove a point home, but in a completely different way. Now before you ask, yes drugs probably had some influence on the whole thing.

After the whole debarkle here I managed to pull myself back together again. Now, I know some people would advise against what I did, but I rang and apologized (this was just before posting the above). It wasn't her fault so I had no reason to have gone of like that at her.

I've come to the realization that it happened, and it's past. And I don't want to get hit on the head by at damn monkey! I ended up going out drinking with her and a few of her mates later that night, and had the best time since a long while. I think the fact that the smoke and booze had a reason for this as I spent the whole night taking the piss out of her. One of her friends asked if we were dating and I replied with "Been there, done that". I'm not too sure that my ex took that too well, but I got a great laugh out of it, as did a few others

After that night I had probably the worst hangover since New Years, but I woke up feeling like a completely different person – yet the same. I thank the community again for being there; it’s great to have this place. I feel now that I can stop lying got myself in a sense – getting lost in my head of what ifs and feeling of exclusion from the world. It’s time to take life by the horns and go full pace again, starting with getting my paintball gun out of customs and getting back into it.

Like I said at the end of my post above, I have finally heard back from the police (firearms branch, can’t remember what they are actually called) and have enrolled in a Firearms Safety Course that I must pass before getting my actual firearms license. All this so I can play paintball again. Though I know the wait will be worth it

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8:54 am 16/02/2007

Let's ride the spiral to the end, it may just go where noone's been

Wow! I'm still in a bit of shock on how yesterday went. Normally whenever I've broken up from a relationship, within a month I'm completely over her, and back on the proverbial horse. But at least it wasn't all bad, had an unexpected turn of events after work.

As I do on all Thursdays, I went to the news agency and bought the trading post and Just Cars mag. And just like always I started talking with the news agency chick (from now on reffered to as NA chick), just the usual small talk - the only thing out of the ordinary was she brought her boyfriend up in the convo, something about him having a new job and being home for a week, and that she was wanting to pop round for a bit after work.

So fast forward a few hours later; My new flat mate came round to drop off some of the bond and to move a few boxes round, ended up staying for a bit and having a couple of cones and beers - not to mention challenging my old flat mate to a game of Wii tennis. By the time NA chick came round, I had already polished off about 4 PACKED bowls to myself and the guys were about to start their game.

So she comes in, and tells me she has a couple of presents for me. I can't remember what the first one was, but the second was a Mars Bar - to have when the munchies kicked in. She then asked if she could use my phone for a couple of local calls. While she's sorting that out, I get out the stash (still thinking that was her reason for coming over) and proceed to get everything ready; Then she gives me a look of confusion, saying "I didn't come round for that, but while you're there, could I get $5 worth?"

This is where my logic brain shut down. The drugs had kicked in full effect now, and I had the mental age and attention span of a 3 year old. I wanted to play tennis and, being the gentleman and good host I try to be, offered NA chick to play. I got the typical girl game response - doesn't know how to play, don't want to look stupid etc... - But I still asked. She then said if I joined her on the floor (she didn't want to sit on any of the chairs ) for a bit then she would play. Of course I could even look at anything for more than 3 seconds, let alone sitting on the floor. So I ended up on my office chair, swinging around and fidgeting with stuff on my desk while she smoke a [small] cone to herself. All this time she was saying about how she didn't really want to drive to her sisters (apparently where she was going) and then home, and I was telling her that I could bet money that she would enjoy the Wii. Can't remember how the conversation ended, but she left after about 30-45 minutes.

Which reminds me - I really need to thank her for all of this. Just the simple act of her giving me that Mars Bar really brightened my day.

Anyway; enough of yesterday. Today I joined the evil uprising of media players, and bought myself an iPod. I'm going to sell my PSP as I never play it anymore, and the only use I do get out of it is to play music - so I figured I'd get a smaller device that can do what I need now. After talking to a ferw guy at work and getting opinions and prices, the iPod won. Of course this didn't excuse the girl at the Apple store when I went in

Now, before you ask, yes she was fine. Damn Fine. But the best part was when I asked her to convince me why I should buy an iPod over the other media player. She starts reeling of the typical sales pitch you get for any retail person - It can play videos and music and games and blah blah blah - I then reminded her that there is competition out there that can do all those things as well, and wanted to know what is so special about the iPod compare to say the iRiver. There's just something about that blank look you get when the sales person has no idea how to answer your question, but after a few seconds she managed to collect her thoughts and told me that "their customer service is more personal, and that I can even bring it into the shop for servicing". Which I must admit, is still a pitch but I have definitely had bad experiences with other "general" retailers before.

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3:57 am 15/02/2007

Why did I want to do this again?!?

YAY Milestone Week...

Not only have I not been sleeping lately, due to the heat (20

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12:57 am 07/02/2007

Warning: life should not be taken internally.

Not much to talk about. Went and saw Stranger Than Fiction last night, it was a bit more serious than I thought it would be - but still a good movie.

Also went to the bank to follow up on my loan application, turns out it was declined for some "confidential" reason that they wouldn't tell me. WTF!! So after a long talk with the person at the service desk I asked if I could speak with the branch manager. It's amazing how scared people seem to get when you confront them with this. He was in a meeting but I managed to talk to the guy that filled out my application, and he was as confused as me. After a bit of discussion I found out that they don't even know why I was turned down (the reason given was "Failed Bank Credit criteria", yet they gave me a credit card) and he has filed for an override and given me a recommendation. Hopefully I will hear back ASAP so I can buy that Monaro...

Also just joined a corp in EVE, with the main goal to learn as much as I can about the combat system and actually get into the politics and low sec space (without being killed after jumping).

Apart from all that - life moves slow. Trying to actually stick to my budget is proving harder than I first anticipated. Also should get around to spicing up my godspace at some point - maybe during the downtime of EVE

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10:25 am 03/02/2007


Didn't really do all that much today, but enough to write about.

Spent the first half of the day showing a few people around the flat. Usual deal, toilet's here, kitchen's there etc. Only one of the people actually wanted to know a bit about me, and another i thnk had the impression that we were renting the whole place out.

Then came the highlight of my day. For those who have read my post here, thanks again for your input - but I didn't really need it in the end. Went to have a look at her, and she's definately showing her age. There is a fairly major runt problem under the front windscreen sill, a small rust hole in the floor on the drivers side, and a sprinkling of rust under the guards - rear a bit more so. BUT then she got started up and I fell instantly in love. No smoke, no oil burning, basically brand new radiator and that sound......

The interior is in just under excellent condition, only problems were a small rip in the back seat, the center console needs refabrication, and a small crack in the dash. Apart from the rust and interiors, the only other work I can forsee is an engine tune-up and replacement windscreen - which I think I can get through insurance (i get a free window replacement per year).

So now I just need to go to the bank and sort out finances, and it's all go!

The rest of my day I spent playing Eve again, damn mining is boring - but it pays ok. Then on my third run I had some company...

That little ship is your typical pirate. See, the way Eve's "safe" systems work are - as long as you don't steal or attack someone, you have nothing to worry about. Pirate know this and take great advantage of it. Most n00b miners (like myself) usually will grab some 'cans' (cargo containers) and just jettison them into space near the asteroid we are mining, dumping the load in as we go. So a pirate will come along and take your stuff - giving you rights to attack him - and then jettison it out in his own can. This is where the fun begins...

So IF the miner get angry and worked up, he will usually take his stuff back, not thinking anything of it. In reality he just stole his stuff back, so now the pirate has the upper hand. Some pirates are nice, offering a ransom to stay alive and get your stuff back (usually about 10 million game credits); Others will just start attacking you - which they are extremly good at. They will disable your weapons, and your engines, and then.. well you guess what happens next.

So getting back to the story; I knew what this pirate was up to, and I wanted to know how he got into my cans (I was mucking around with password protected cans). So I initiated a private convo with the pirate and we endedd up having a lovely chat about how things in Eve work - and how profitable pirating is. After this long conversation, I think it's time to change my tactics in Eve.

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10:16 am 01/02/2007

Looking beyond the gray sky

So today was my first day at the gym, and DAMN I HURT!!! I didn't even do my full program! The next time I go in is definately going to be fun.

Also, as with every Thursday (magazine day!). Had another lovely chat with her again, and brought up the plans I am making. Basically I'm organising a movie night next week and invited her to come along, and her boyfriend too if he wanted. Turns out she really wants to go (by the way she reacted when I brought it up) but her boyfriend won't let her. He one of those guys that just sits around at home, and she will follow.

I then gave her a look of disappointment and explained that it was sad that she never gets to go out or anything without his say so, which then sparked a rather interesting conversation about how she really feels. Short version - she [thinks she] loves him, admitted to thinking about me more than she should, is concerned that if she was to go out with me she would end up as the "rebound girl" and something else she says she hasn't told anyone - and I'm not going to give this information away because of that reason.

So I then noticed the opportunity to clear some things that I thought she had misunderstood. I pointed out that I don't believe in the "rebound" relationships - shit either works or it doesn't, and that of all the times I've tried to ask her out, the only time that I actually wanted it to go anywhere was the first time - which wasn't that long after I had broken up with my ex, and was in a pretty dark place. I happy just riding through life at my on pace, doing things that make me happy. Screw relationship at this point.

Quote by VoN:
I think she doesn't know what she wants.

You words ring clearer after today VoN, she is definately unsure of what she wants. But how can you tell someone this without them thinking you have an alterior motive in mind?

On another note - I'm thinking of starting Eve back up. I hear the new updates are supposed to bring a whole lot more to the game, and now I don't have a nagging voice over my shoulder to tell me to stop I have no reason that I can't play properly this time.

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1:27 pm 28/01/2007

1 down, 3 to go...

Well today was fun.

Finally decided on joining a gym, oh excuse me lifestyle center is what they prefer to call themselves. On the way home I got distracted whilst going to buy a ironing board (have you tried ironing without one?!?) and bought 4 new DVDs for my collection - Aeon Flux Collectors Ed, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collectors Ed (they were both the same price as the non versions), Biodome and Eurotrip Uncut - I was only going in there to get Up In Smoke!

Yesterday was interesting as well, had two people come check out my flatmates room, seeing as he's moving out once his girlfriend arrives. The first was a nice fellow who had just moved here from Indonesia, and the second was a drop dead gorgeous girl, not sure where from as she didn't speak much except to ask if we had Wireless broadband. She had some guy with her, and judging by how they were around each other, looked like they were friends from uni or something.

And I though it was going to be hard choosing a new flatmate

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12:13 pm 26/01/2007

NovaCaine's blog post - 26/01/2007

See here...


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