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7:42 pm 29/03/2011

My Birthday

Want to thank everyone that sent the good wishes to me yesterday. I work in a school so had to go back to work on my birthday after being off for spring break. I got some new beer glasses, not goggles, and a new t shirt from one of my favorite breweries. It was a fun day which is what birthdays should be.

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10:32 pm 01/02/2008

January's Summary

I made it to the end of the month and am still on the front page. I am afraid that I might get bumped before the reset. I was ten this morning and now I am twelve. I was not on the front page for a day or two but this is still the best I have ever done. I had some extra help this month and I want to thank everyone that pointed me here on my Godspace. I also want to thank WhoamI for the encouragement this month.

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12:28 am 22/01/2008


I am really amazed with myself this month. I managed to stay on the Top Scores list on the front page for the first sixteen days. I know part of it is due to the fact that I tried posting more this month. I started about sixty new threads, which is more then I probably did in the last 4 months of last year. I had some help. A lot of people pointed me when I pointed out my position in the list the first week. WhoamI has also been pointing me a lot. He has also thrown some encouragement my way, which is so cool. I hope I can keep it up next month. I don

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4:40 pm 26/12/2007

Day After Christmas

Had a great Christmas day. Spent it with family and friends. Got some really nice gifts. Nothing to waste your time reading about. Just wanted to write a little something.

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9:01 pm 08/10/2007

I have never done this before

OK, first blog entry I have made anywhere.
I retired this last May after teaching for 31 years. I knew I was to young by a lot of standards, but the state would let me so I did it. I just couldn't sit around for the rest of my life so I decided to go back to work. While teaching I did tech work for the school district. Nothing complicated but enough to help out the regular tech guy. The district asked me back to help out keeping the computers in the district running. Which is more then a full time job for anyone. Ask any tech person. Even the lowly unknowing ones like me.
Well I am now a blogger of some kind. I don't know how often you will see anything here. I don't know if I will even do this again.

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