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Uhm... i have to say sorry for my tiny "vacation-time", but these 2 past weeks i worked full-time.. i hope this next month i have part-time job and have more free time (and start posting again )

Thanks, and cheers!

btw, i reached 20k points!! thanks a lot!!!

ps: dont be mad if i dont talk too much... im quiet plus i dont handle english too much..


Well, ill introduce my self, im Eduardo; from Buenos Aires, Argentina.. im 18 and i work from 10 to 16hs GMT -3.

I try to make very good posts and useful or the kind you said "im glad" or "what impressive"; so if you liked my posts, i feel good.

btw, sorry my bad english, ill try to make my best.

I have to say a big thanks to tobs for paying me a 3 month subscription, without him, i couldnt be writting this.

Later ill try to understand how this works and get to know better the T6 community.

Hasta la vista baby!

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Checking the blog feature

Checking the blog feature

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