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10:45 am 22/10/2014

Teotians You Want to Party With ?

C'mon we have all thought it

some have actually done it

still a very unexplored medium that needs attention

NASA, teh NSA, Discovery Channel, National Geographic

They don't want to help !!!

So pick your 5 teotians for laughs, head banging fun, drinks

drugs in teh back, room, maybe, hopefully not, never kno

and yeah for large group sex, I mean hugs and community/social skills :

Pick 10 !!

so less peeps are left out...


Here is mines:

coffeejunkie/squirrel nowadays, dr3n, DJskitzy, tricpe, whoami

adding 5 more for 10 and truism:

marksyzm, h0p, griffin, mynameis, Edorph

*sure there are many other active/non-active teotians I would do the thingy with

and that I think about a lot, but you must have priorities in life

*All Stars, but you love teh m0f0s on the bench too

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10:22 am 22/10/2014

Three Stooges - Swingin' the alphabet

One of my all time favs:


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8:04 am 19/10/2014

My Teoti Mascots

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12:18 am 22/02/2008

Thanks for stopping by

I don't have anything important to say at the moment except...... blahbadee blah blah, blah blah boo

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