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10:16 pm 11/05/2007

what a day

so last night went great to an extent, though the context of what went great is coming up.

my company was bought a few months back by a competitor for a cool $200mil and they decided that of the entire tech team, they would hold on to me and one other guy. over time people have been trickling out of the company slowly, either of their will or the corporate will, and last night we had a party to say farewell to everyone in my department.

everyone attended who had worked with my department in the last 7 years, so it was a success to say the least. my co-workers and i showed up a little drunk having just come from ANOTHER party, and this was gonna be fun. our ex-CIO who just got cut a check for $16mil paid for everything, and im glad he did; im sure the bill for the whole thing was close to my annual salary.

after a while, i decided i need to leave having just learned that my coworker was going to call out sick today, and needed some sleep if i was gonna function. i get in a cab and first thing to go wrong, traffic causes me to miss my last train outta Grand Central. and its not a spot of traffic, its everywhere in mid-town for no fucking reason. so i caught another train to a near by station that was reasonably close to my car after confirming that my friend out pick me up at 12:40am, only for him to fall asleep and forget.

so now im stuck at this station and everyone who i can call normally, is unresponsive. i finally get a cab home which costs a shit load being a cab from one town the next, and make it in the door at 1:30. i am BEAT at this point and surprisingly still slightly drunk (too many Petron shots) and what happens? i get an email from our japan office saying that no one can download or buy images off our site!

so now im drunk and trying to A) call japan and B) log into our cage in jersey and things are looking bleak. finally i hear from my tokyo contact at 2:30 and im able to start getting things straightened out, until everything starts working for me but not for him. gotta reset the box then.

which goes unresponsive.

and is in New Jersey.


so i call the cage and have them reboot it on site, because thats what we pay them to do, and by 3 everything is resolved so i figure i can get some sleep. but thanks to the alcohol i wake up every 45 minutes, only to have to get up at 6 anyway to catch my train. but that doesnt happen. that doesnt happen at all.

i wake up at 6:36 which is when i try to be out of the house by to catch my train, exactly to the minute, and find my alarm's batteries have vanished. no comment. i scramble out the door to find its drizzling and go to grab a umbrella. when i come back to the door, its torrential rain. i grab my storm jacket and forge out into the elements again and realize i cant catch my train at this station, so i'll beat it down the line with a few shortcuts. and i make it. but now, its not raining and as things start to look up a bit, i get on the train. somethings missing though.

seats. there are no available seats so i have to stand in the vestibule for an hour and a half into the city with the loud sounds of the train battering my hung over brain. in finally get in and realize i have to support my company on my own because its not just the helpdesk guy who is out, but the sys admins and most of our developers. double fuck!

now today i have to deal with this one end user who i am reaching my wits end with because everything is a time sensitive issue, but guess what, everyones issues are time sensitive.

[/sigh] more when i get home from work, when ever that is.


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