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6:32 pm 29/12/2010

Wookie's quilt

From Xmas last year.

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3:31 pm 15/08/2009

almost done

Using some scraps, finished this. Here it is as a flimsy...unquilted.

Probably 24-30 by 26-ish.

Then, using entirely scraps from Sparx's quilt, made a pot holder to practice a quilting technique. Need more practice, but the serendipity of this! I love how it turned out!

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3:56 pm 30/06/2009

Let's be honest

I have a hand pieced crazy quilt thing that I started a million years ago when my kids were small and I was sewing a lot.

I have quarters for two quilts in my head...one is very much in my head. And found a sheet in my rug stash that is good for a backing. (Not pre-used...some sale a bazillion years ago!)

I have a shrug that is maybe two hours from finishing. For DIL#1.

I have log cabin squares (knit) that DIL#1 and I are doing together so she can crochet them together into a blanket. (I do this in the car...brain dead and one ball per square, so easy to carry.) She is depressed and while she was enthusiastic while I was there, I don't think she is learning to knit or knitting her pieces. I took 2/3-3/4 of the yarn with me, leaving her a few blocks and the crochet yarn.

I have log cabin squares for Son#2 in his pick of colors, but yarn is on cones. Five cones. Right now, it is almost a lap quilt. But he wants a cotton blanket. It was supposed to be for Xmas, then birthday... Like DIL#1's blanket, it is brain-dead knitting. BORING!

I have half a baby afghan in Catherine wheels.

I have one FINISHED baby sweater that DIL does not want yet. And another that I started on the plane returning from ZA, but it is only 1-2 inches so far for the front, no less.

I have 1/4 shrug for Daughter.

I have a sweater for me started pre-South Africa --to survive cold Canada . It went FAST! Woosh! Then I discovered that I measured wrong, and must rip it (aka frog) and redo the fronts.

Watching You Tubes, I figure that maybe a queen size quilt is too big to start on, so I piece together some potholders. Big whop. Four squares...awaiting a backing and quilting. And the cat shat on one.

I have been adding to the crazy thing that is half hand done. And washed the cat hair/stuff off it, pressed it and cut a sheet from the stash for a backing. I even have a 24" pillow to use it on, with yet another ripped sheet for the back of the pillow, and cording for the sides and a nice hem section for yet another ragged sheet to cover the cord.

It is 3 dimensional. Yes, One could cover Mt. Everest with it. FOUR, count'em, FOUR darts later, and I still have to add more pieces to make it 27x27. Of course, two of the darts are big enough that I might just add them on whole hog...after I remove the surplus fabric.

Oh! And I forgot. I have 8 squares of rag rug mitered squares for my sister to make kitchen rugs out of. Just need one more square to complete 2 rugs of six squares each. Or, one big rug. Figured my sis would have fun putting them together herself. Each one is different, but the used the same rags for all of them.

I am so depressed. I need to finish something. I need to actually use the virgin machine for something other than Daughter hemming her pants. I need black thread to do the feathered quilting on the crazy thingy...never mind. I see one spool on the desk. But I will need black thread to actually FINISH the quilting using the sill feather stitch thing.

I need to add fabric to the darn crazy thing. boo hoo Some I can seam, and some need to be appliqued.

This doesn't count the darn afghan I started for Grandma a gazillion years ago. Or the BOX!!! of cross stitch I found when I cleaned. I can't even SEE to do cross stitch any more.


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