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Be Welcomed to...

Welcome to my space, I'll try to update it often and not forget about it

3rd January
Hope everyone had a great new year, but I don't feel like writing today so... bye

23rd December
Wohoo!! Christmas is coming and Santa Claus better be packing up all my gifts, because this time I plan to stay awake... Last time I fell at about 10pm, that's a record for me, but this time I'll be able to see him because I was training very very veeeery hard!

So, I thought about a theme for my blog/Godspace, and I thought "Why not make everything orange?"

And so I did. I did everything orange, a title and an intro text, dr3n asked for boobies in exchange for rating, so I gave him boobs. Now I am remodeling my Godspace, hope you guys like it!

Don't forget to rate!

Welcome the boobies that rated my page:

Comics are awesome!

Links will come when I'm ready to post all my pr0n sites

Big thanks to marksyzm for all the hard work, as well as everyone who rates me 5 stars, you can be in the hall of fame

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5:10 pm 03/02/2007

salempc's blog post - 03/02/2007

pmgwtfbbq my godspace has been updated? damn, I haven't touched it... anyway... I know who is responsible for this

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1:03 am 04/01/2007

Umm blog entries?

This thing is pretty confusing...

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