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6:45 pm 21/03/2007

SqdnGuns's blog post - 21/03/2007

Boo Hoo....................AO

[INDENT]Well I sure have learned alot over this past weekend. I learned that some ppl don't know when to end an argument... And that trying to apologize and admit a wrong is pointless when dealing with certain ppl. Apparantly some ppl LIKE to argue, I don't understand it, but apparantly it's true. I learned to never take a risk and post a pic on the internet... I got mostly postitive feedback, but apparantly some ppl like to be party poopers and like to hurt other's feelings for fun. I've learned from a fellow teotian's advice that as long as I ignore him, I doesn't matter. I will no longer validate his need to be agressive. I like myself and that's great! I don't care what he thinks, he doesn't matter. He must be a miserable human being to be doing all these things. Too bad. It's hard for me to feel sorry for him though. But he's easily forgotten! <3 Thanks to everyone that didn't egg him on, I appreciate you and all you do for T-Six! [/INDENT]

Uh, you're the one who couldn't shut their pie hole............explains the chubbiness now.

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6:42 pm 21/03/2007

SqdnGuns's blog post - 21/03/2007

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