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One of my dog's Khado

My pup Lucifer

Nice redneck sign in an equally nice redneck store i visited once.

I was with my friend from Colorado and when the clerk saw his I.D. she said, "Ah've neva seen noones from Collyrado.". Cause she was prolly born in that store and never left.

This is a truth...

MC Chris - Fett's Vette

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7:52 pm 28/10/2008

Mickey Avalon!

So Mickey Avalon is coming Nov. 6th with Dirt Nasty!! Can't wait, that shit is gonna fuckin own all kinds of faces...

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3:00 pm 02/06/2008

Suckapuncha's blog post - 02/06/2008

holy shiat! Im a God againz... and 30 now. w00t!

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6:23 pm 28/07/2007

Suckapuncha's blog post - 28/07/2007

I went to the MC Chris show Thursday and got crunk! Freakin funniest shit I've been to in a loooong time!

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9:18 pm 15/07/2007

workin on sunday sux

i hate working on sundays mayn! stupid people always seem to call more on sundays. im bored as all hell!!!

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3:01 am 09/07/2007

f00k !!!

man i want to go home! 1 and a half more hours and im gonna drink till i forget my damn name!!!

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