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10:51 am 05/10/2008

Personal Project Time !

This is a little something I'm doing as a portfolio piece, and to test my skills There's a competiton on one of my regular forums, something in everyday use but steampunk.

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12:13 am 27/09/2008

Updates !

Ok, so what have I been up to over a year ?

Work, still same company, still same position. The work constantly changes so its hard to get bored of it. Sometimes though I wish we would get a better heads up and be left to finish things instead of being pulled off to work on other things.

Home, my mate has been my flatmate for almost a year now. He moved in after my old flatmates went on an OE ( Overseas Experience ). He's completely fucking annoying. Cant stack a dish, cant think a step ahead and cant leave something to wait. The man just cant shut the fuck up, talks though TV / Movies / Games, I'm surprized he doesn't talk during his sleep to be honest.

Social, I still see my old flatmates a bit, we go to dance parties, house parties, etc every so often. No woman in my life, though I'm still sending flowers and gifts to my friend in Scotland.

I think thats it,....

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2:11 am 16/09/2008

Over a year >_<

I need to stop and update you folks I guess. Try to do that when I get home

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2:28 am 27/09/2007

To Break The Silence

Been a while since I stopped and made a blog about, my life, my universe, my everything. So to get up to speed, lets go over the main things.

My Job is really great, talking to alsorts of important people, finding alsorts of cool things, and doing some really cool things. Talk of new staff members, that will come under the existing teams direction, meaning I'll probably become a team leader, which hopefully means I get a payrise again. Maybe one day they'll finally get my business cards printed.

My Home Life, well its all a mess at the moment, you see my flatmates are going overseas. Because they're going for more than a month they're moving out. I've found a mate who wants to move in, but its his first time moving out & he's 28, I think he's going to get a big shock, and he's going to find it really hard to budget. I'd offered to halfs in the food bill but he wants to buy seperately. While I know I'll have the money to cover myself, I'm not sure he's going to find it that easy.
Once he's in and settled we'll probably start looking for another flatmate to help with the bills. Might be a bit tough to find someone looking for a single room.
Have to buy a washing machine and dryer, as the current ones I use are owned by my flatmates, really didn't see myself buying whiteware till I had a long term relationship.

Love Life, non existant, unless you count the 1/2 dozen roses I just sent to that girl in Glasgow I've talked about previously. We're just friends, but you know I think there could be more.

Virtual Life, I've become a complete prat some days, half of corp chat has me on block I'm sure. Then again other days, I help out the n00bs and send them on their way to greater things. Some have returned and we get to catch up, always nice to hear they have their own little successes.
Subbed up for 6 months the other day, so I'm not going anywhere for a while.
The latest expansion Revelations II is all patched up and we're all now waiting on Revelations III around November / December. Sounds like I'm going to have some more shiny ships to fly.

Might tidy up my profile page sometime soon and add some new images / videos.

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9:45 am 24/02/2007


Added the link as I promised way earlier, also added in a Trailer for Eve. Here's a vid I greatly enjoyed.


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8:45 am 17/02/2007

Meanwhile, in Space...

I come in close to my prey, I have become one of them. I fly like them, merging into the pack, they no longer notice my presense. I move as they move, we glide through space doing their pre warp dance. I move as they move, they begin to circle and then align. I jump ahead of them so as to greet my prey upon their arrival. I warms up my railguns, turn on my the rocket launchers. I wait with hunger for burnt steal, ready to lock my prey and set the first volley away knowing the entire pack will attack me.

They warp in 20 clicks behind me, I flip and approach them. They dont yet know my reasoning, they have no clue what is about to hit them. I get within range and start my orbit, while locking onto the first 4. I imagine by now they are panicking, they know they cant turn and go back, and they have over 100 clicks to cover till they are safe from my aggression. I fire, a message appears warning me doing this will hurt my standings. Who cares about standings when I'm about to make a few million kredits ? The first rounds hit, followed by rockets, all hitting their hulls. Intel says Ive done massive damage to the shields, now all I have left is the armour plates and then its structure. Once I get past there, a glorious explosion, to the victor go the spoils.

Boom, pieces of armour plating pepper my shields, he's down, now for the others,...

Edited for spelling mistakes

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8:34 am 14/02/2007


Have to wait a week or two till I can Eve again.

Been sick, like sleep all day sick

Valentines today, the girl I'm seeing is in the south island, score !

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12:34 am 07/02/2007

Eve Return Delayed

I've not had a chance to get myself a credit card ( long boring story ) so not only can I not pay for porn ( hah like I'd pay for it ! ), I cant resubscribe my Eve account. Last time my Dad paid for the subsciption with his credit card, but this time it's maxed and he cant put my subscription cost onto it till he's cleared the debt ( its his work card so a few weeks or so ).

I might try have a go at one of the fansites competitions for a years free subscription, maybe I'll get lucky :s

By now my skill training will be finished and I'll have one of the few uber skills achieveable by "n00bs". I can taste the plasma burn of blasters on my hull.

Also I've added a second Eve Online sig I did the other day to my profile here. Its a bit too big to use on the offical forums so I might have to do a bit of a redesign.

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5:43 am 01/02/2007

What I'm Up To

Have placed my new Eve-Online signature up the top there, I'll be headed back into it in a few days all going well. Once I have my sub back I'll change the link to the buddy program and offer a 14 day free trial.

Real In-Game Image

There's a few of us playing Eve here on Teoti, send me a PM and I'll set up / offer my private channel for us to help / abuse each other.

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3:21 am 29/01/2007

So WTF do I do ?

Im a Graphic Artist, technically self employed though I only have one client. I work for a company that requires me to do alot of Prototyping of interfaces for computer applications. Some might say the cutting edge technology, but most of my work isn't that amazing.

I've trained as serveral things, all multimedia and have a good knowledge of alot of mainstream graphic applications. Idealy I want to work in the computer video games industry, which I have more than enough leads into. My main trouble is my portfolio. Its empty, I just cant seem to get round to doing anything.

However I was up to 3 am lastnight making this.


Tris:1125 / Polys:376 / Approx:2 1/2 hr

Someone on some forums I moderate asked for someone to model a building with the above horrible sketch. I was bored and wanted to test myself when using someone elses reference to create something.

For some reason my D3D is fucked on my PC, I havent done a cold reboot yet, see if that fixes it huh ?

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3:13 am 29/01/2007

Old News - Moved

If you've been over looking at Novacaine's Godspace, you might've seen this picture.
Me and one of the my flatates Playing Wii Boxing

I'm the one of the left. It was taken when Novacaine came over during the the New Years Holidays. He brought his Wii and me and my flatmates had a bash at it.

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