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8:04 pm 26/04/2009

I haz blog naos!



Also, future site of Noble Computer Repair

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12:15 am 21/02/2009

The4thnobleman's blog post - 21/02/2009

I'm ashamed that I haven't blogged in over a year. Im such a bastard, I swear!

Back in Ironworking. Local 92, Birmingham, Alabama. Now if only the work would pick up.

So im doing tech work in the meantime freelance of course, in an effort to fix the issue of empty pockets. Thusfar, its working swell!

Got an Xbox 360. Oh....sorry about disappearing. Xbox Live will suck you in like that. It's almost as bad as WoW, cept its more socially acceptable by a broader range of people.

Plenty of games, if anyone plays. Add me. My username is my universal everything, so add The4thnobleman and lets play!

Hope everyone in T-6 land is doin swell. I see Hollie is all swole up. Home stretch! Can't wait to point-dump there.

HoP's is mod.....again. Thats pretty awesome considering his status a little over a year or so ago.

Mohit is still Mohit. Good to see you too, buddy ^_^

I'll get around to namecalling more of ya's when I figure out what youve been doing the past year

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6:22 am 07/02/2008


I aint kiddin yall. I drank $50 worth of draft beer this past weekend while watching the UFC pay-per-view at a local sports bar. It reminded me how much I loved the stuff. Nectar in a glass. Straight to the head. Good long buzz. Not much for a hangover in the morning either thanks to me drinking water to compensate for the dehydration.

But ever since then, my stomach just hasnt been right. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Beer shits.

Be sure to keep some fiber handy, thats my advice from here on out.

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10:20 pm 16/08/2007

tehNook is here!

Been a very busy month this month. Back in May, PSM Online was going nowhere as a forum. The place had stagnated for the past 3 years and instead of getting better it got worse. But I spent 3 years there, so I made a substantial mass of friends. Back in 05, I created a free forum with a place known as forumer.com. I created Stevo's Gaming Nook as an answer to PSM. To showcase just what could be done in phpbb even with core features and nothing more. It was a reasonable success.

PSM gradually got worse and I opted to leave the place. Business picked up for Stevo's Gaming Nook, but alas it had picked up for me as well. I opted to donate the place to three dedicated individuals who would become administrators and maintain the place. I dropped the Stevo's and the new site became "The Gaming Nook". Less than 4 months passed and it subsequently died when PSM announced they were turning over a new leaf and becoming more active than ever with the community. Everyone went flocking back with false promises and hopes and dreams in hand. I closed the board and returned to PSM, even myself fooled into thinking the site would change its ways.

They were staying reasonable together and working with the moderators and getting problems addressed as soon as they could. However, during the late 2006 time frame, people began leaving the staff of the magazine. Some went on to better things with other companies. Some were just fed up with crap from Future Networks. Either way, we were back in the dark through most of 2007. In April, we began seeing a huge influx of advertisement bots, often 30 per day or more. Each peddling prescription medication, or pornography, and plenty more with cheap software offers. They became more active than actual members. PSM Online was dying once more.

May 2007, I opted to reopen The Gaming Nook. By this time, gaming wasn't even our main focus. Community was. So we dropped gaming and became The Nook. I slowly advertised The Nook in PSM Online through various means to spread the word. The Nook was back. The sections were opened week by week, until everything was back the way it was.

June 5th, 2007, on it's 2 year anniversary, we reopened The Nook. By this time, all the moderators were on strike at PSM, and every section was infected with advertising bots posting their crap. Some fought it by bumping good topics to the top, but the influx of bots was too much. By this time, I realized that PSM has abandoned its members, and I abused my moderator power to make a public announcement message to the members of PSM Online. Most heeded my announcement that were still active. PSM, was done.

June 26, 2007, PSM Axed their forum in lieu of a blog format. Even worse is they attempted to cover things up with blog posts dated well before June 26th to make it look like it had been there for a while. Many former PSM members raided their blogs to complain, rant and rave about what was done, but in the end it didn't really matter much. PSM lost 5 members from Late December to June 26th, including its original Editor In Chief Chris Slate. PSM was no longer PSM anymore. It truly was over. This grim realization made people come to terms with things and press forward, making sure they secure things with The Nook over all else.

During the next few weeks, The Nook underwent some backstage changes. We were seeking hosting, because forumer was no longer reasonably suiting what we planned to become. A domain was purchased, but because squatters have thenook.com, we opted for www.tehnook.com instead. It was met with little resistance. Originally, the new forum was to become a phpbb3 forum. Upon working for several weeks with this layout, it became painfully evident vB was going to be much more versatile and easier to manage in the end.

August 1st we swapped to vB and got the place setup. A forum member was great enough to help us with a great deal of the forums as they stand, and has the hosting as well. August 11th was also set as opening day for the new forum, so preperation was made to make certain the forum was working and no conflicts were apparent at the time.

August 11th, 2007 the new tehNook opened. We aquired a submission in our logo contest at almost the 11th hour, a mere two days before opening. Darren E did a rather outstanding job, taking visual cues from an old Wico controller from back in the early 80's and adapting it to suit our overall presentation. Within 5 days, we are up to 2000 posts and growing strong. I mention this here not to pull people away from T-6, but to give gamer-centric members of this community a more focused common ground. If you know anyone outside of T-6 that would be interested in a gaming/General Discussion/Art/Overall Community board, be sure and link them through.

My goal in the end is to create a user-submitted content base, where normal gamers can share their views in a professional manner so people can get the news, reviews, and analytical information from the eyes of the common man. Main site is in the works....but for now, its an outstanding community.


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4:04 am 09/05/2007

Inner desires.

Maybe its me...but I have this weird sense. It isn't loneliness, but it feels quite empty. I would most likely compare it to something like a biological clock on women for baby-makin time. But I don't want babies.

I just want to belong with someone. It is somewhere between being wanted and needed without being so overbearing it suffocates one or the other. I have recently been in a relationship with a 36 year old with four kids. Definitely not a place I wish to be right now. Now I have a 40 year old with three kids that seems more than interested. I just want a 20-something with no kids so I can live a little.

But more than that. I would like to have someone I can play the active role of protector to.....if that makes a lick of sense. Someone I feel needed by, like in the bed to cuddle, or just at random for a big ol bear hug.

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, coming from a burly guy like myself. I am not usually one to dump on feelings and such. I miss having great conversation with people....not kids necessarily...and not necessarily middle agers, no offense to either as they are both extremely fun to be around. Sometimes I just want someone my age range to converse with. Talk about the same interests with. Do the same things with.

I find my current palette of friends typically want to do a small circle of things. One usually wishes to play games, or window shop. One usually wants to hit the bar scene or hang out at home with thousands of dollars of electronics he never uses. One I can never seem to catch online to chat it up with. One of them is so far away, I can't really "do" anything with her...so we just yak online.

I think I am getting burnt out on my routine or something. I need a change of pace, and I don't think this town will give it to me anytime soon.

Bleh...now I am shooting all over the place.

I want a companion.....most likely someone I can relate to emotionally, physically, and just all around in general.

Bleh bleh bleh....someone call the wha-mbulance.

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12:27 pm 06/05/2007

All Betta

Back is doing swell. About 90% is where I stand at current. Little soreness, but nothing like previously where it prevented getting out of bed or slowed my walk and such.

I am up to about 7 hours with contacts, working my way up to 8 and possibly 9 today since I have a wedding to attend.

A cousin of mine is getting hitched. Pretty happy for the guy, as I hardly recall him keeping a gal before. Or he just never introduced us to any girls he dated before. But they seem really happy, and she isn't a bad looker either. Quiet but who isn't when introduced to new people?

I am hopeful that things last for him, as my little fling in marriage lasted about a year, and my Sis lasted almost two....of course she remarried the guy after a couple of years apart too. Anywho, different blog.

Have a good weekend, what is left of it anyway.

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8:21 pm 02/05/2007

Yay for laziness

So what else is a guy with a bad back to do? Lay around mostly...until the pain goes away. I got up a might bit late today. I had no idea I had done so either, since the room I sleep in uses blankets over the windows so it kicks the sun out, thus keeping the room nice and dark. Still though, I awoke at about 1-ish this afternoon mostly because at 8-ish this morning, my back hurt so bad I couldnt even get out of bed. I figured this was supposed to be getting better by now? I got a heating pad for it, so maybe itll loosen up some.

How's your day T-sixers?

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12:05 am 02/05/2007

Yay yay for contacts! Hooray! Hooray!

So I got my contacts today with a thought in the back of my mind about what the doc said last time I was in his office. He mentioned this set has about a 90% chance of going back.

Well, after 30 minutes of adjustment into the new lenses, he tested my eyes. 20/20 in the left and 20/30 in the right. He thought it was sufficient enough to let slide, and I agree...I am already noticing worlds of difference in my vision from earlier today.

So the plan now is to get prepped and get trained to wearing these things most of the day. That means 2 hours right now, 3 hours tommorow...then 4 and so on until I build a tolerance. Here's to new eyes!

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6:07 am 01/05/2007

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Well, I showed up at the blasted Health Department this morning and discovered that the doctor I wish to see is in fact not there. She will return Wednesday. I am then informed by the security guard that not only will I not be seen today, but there is a good chance I wont be seen for two months. Gee...thanks....cunt. Then she informs me about the doc I am coming to see having a bit of a Family Emergency, which is forcing her to work only half a day, three days per week.

So, I check in with the nurse at the desk to make an appointment anyway. She sends me over to some phone, 3 feet away to call two numbers to make one.....only problem is neither is getting an answer. She simply snorts, "keep trying" like I am supposed to just sit here pushing these buttons until someone says "Oh dammit all to hell....someone pick that bastard up!" on the other side?

I leave....and arrive at another branch. I walk in to standing room only. Then I notice things. Like the fact that 3/4 of the vehicles in the parking lot are in the sub $35,000 or more in price. Then I notice jewelry. Expensive cellular phones. Expenditures I would not be able to afford on a minimum wage earning, or during tough times. And then I notice something more. Illegal immigrants. Do I know they are illegal? No....but they do not speak English, and they have no insurance, thats enough for me. The likelihood of me being seen today somehow now seems dismal.

I stop at the main branch. Standing room only. The same expensive cars. The same Immigrants. I get immediately told that before I sat down that I needed to know there were approximately 57 people ahead of me. My chances of getting seen would be better at the emergency room if my problem is severe enough.Appointments for those locations likewise are filled for the next month.So the hell with it. I will deal with it. Its better than racking up some medical debt I cannot afford as is.

So while I wait on the back to heal up, I may as well do other things. My contacts came in that were ordered. This should be the "90% chance they have to be sent back" pair, so I am doubtful I will have great vision for long, if at all with this set. The good news is I go to get fitted at about 4pm in the afternoon tommorow.

Aside from that, things are going fairly nicely. Take care all.

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4:16 pm 29/04/2007


Heat heat....lots of heat....all on the back....mmmmmmmmm

It's a day, uneventful and nothing much to report from what happened yesterday. Hopefully this will ease up soon though....im dyin here.

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7:50 pm 28/04/2007

Blowout...and too much masturbation???

In other news.....my back is fucked!

Something happened yesterday when I went in the attic for a little networking. I had to climb over some ductwork and suddenly found myself with about 6 inches to squeeze through on the other side to run the cable. To prevent myself from swimming through the insulation, I held pretty much all my weight on my hands and feet, bridging the rest of my body. I was face down, so the strain to the lower back seemed to be more than was expected. Coming out backwards most likely didnt help either.

So I thought it might be a pulled muscle....had those before....no biggie.

Its gotten worse. I cant even sit up in the bed without rolling out of it. It has pretty much disabled me. I can't drive too easily either, as the pain just shoots anywhere in my lower back.

Dad seems to think its possibly a pinched nerve and he says the best way to eliminate that is by working through it. The shooting sensations dont seem to be limited to just muscle....it feels like maybe my spine or something deep like that. It hurts just to turn my head left or right. Its insane. I prey no one has to go through this sort of crap in their life. It truly takes by breath away. If this worsens anymore, I may just visit the ER tommorow.

FUCK....never have I ruined my back like this before.

In other news, last week I had an eye exam to be fitted with contacts. My glasses broke about 3 weeks ago, and they are seemingly unfixable without new frames. Well, the doc took one good look at my readings and pretty much told me he believes I have something known as Keratoconus, which is a degenerative corneal disease, seemingly heriditary. It basically means my cornea is not round like normal ones....instead its misshapen meaning both near and far vision are effected, making normal glasses ineffective. It causes ghosting in the vision, which is only slight for now, and blurriness of what would be considered an extreme nature. I likewise seem to see glare worse than normal seeing eyes. Even better, they have to fit me with RGP(Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses instead of the normal softies on the shelf. And due to the nature of the unusual shape of the cornea, it would take quite a few "fittings" to get the right prescription. The good news is with the contacts, it will slow the degenerative process down tremendously, as the lense is set to fill in the spaces where the cornea lacks in an effort to refract light off of it properly.

Wiki has some interesting info on the whole thing. I recommend anyone interested, have a look there for it.

Other than that, I am single again. *finger twirl* yay -_-

Ah well, thats all that is in my world....you folks take care!

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9:05 pm 13/03/2007

Dirty, Underhanded Tactics

So I am a bit miffed today. It would seem that one of the boys got suspended from school today and for a rather disappointing reason. Normally, he has anger issues that cause him to end up in many fights throughout the year. This is all well and good, and my girl and I can relate as it is just him defending himself. Today however, he was suspended due to drawing lude and highly inappropriate content at school depicting a fellow student and another rival student's Mother in various precarious positions.

It has been a while since I have vented, but this is just too much not to blog about. I need parental opinion, as to me personally, it just isn't normal behavior I exhibited as a child. He came home from school this afternoon and we promptly confronted him on the matter.

He had stated he did indeed draw a picture depicting the other student and rival student's Mother in a hot tub with the Mother without a top. He let information spill out of his mouth leading me to believe information was omitted, so I asked a series of questions to divulge the truth in the matter. He was a tough egg but mentioned "one scene" and then later stated he only drew one picture.

Well I stated I would be looking into the picture in the morning when I went to his school. This made him come clean on a few things, such as the fact that it was not actually a hot tub in any of the pictures....what? More than one? Well...yea....but it was multiple scenes on one picture and it was only one picture.

My girlfriend seemed completely content with punishing him for the drawing and letting that be that. I was more openly concerned with the underhanded tactics he exhibited to try and prevent his punishment from becoming worse. He manipulated language to tell a false truth. This is not ordinary bullshit. This is Bullshit 101 college level stuff. He is using advanced tactics to lie his way out of a more severe punishment. I actively called out Denise on the matter, and was met with some severe attitude from her as she felt the punishment for the drawing was enough. A mere 3 days of grounding.

I was a bit livid but civil on the issue, but I was quick to inform her that she was obviously pulling a veil over her face on this issue. She was absolutely pissed for me making the accusation, but yet still refused to recognize that this is a layered issue that needs layered attention and likewise, layered punishment to prevent this same manipulation from occuring in the near future....or ever for that matter.

Parents out there.....was I right here? I know I obviously have the flaw of youth on the matter, being 24 means I obviously lack the experience the more mature girlfriend of mine has on parenting. But I have a serious feeling that she does indeed have a veil over her face on this issue and that she is ignoring the more difficult problem rather than dealing with it accordingly.

If left unchecked it would be very bad for this kid's future. He lies on a lot of things, and worse has no conscience on the issue. He does not seem to acknowledge his wrong even though he was quoted as being "apologetic" on his referral papers.

Whats a cracka to do?

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5:55 pm 30/01/2007

New Happenings

So, I have been MIA for over a week....where exactly? Well, lemme tell ya.

I got back with Denise since the last entry. There were a lot of things not right in my life, and I felt not having her in my life was one of them. I have also stepped up the job hunt and loosened my tastes to include not-so-luxurious jobs. However, this past Friday led to some rather great news. I received an unexpected call from Hyundai Motor Company, who has a car plant in Montgomery. I sent in a resume back before Christmas, and they finally got around to calling me. We had a phone conversation that was basically a pre-screening to an interview. I was called again yesterday, and I now have a face-to-face interview for 3pm this afternoon. It's a semi-tech based position that will get my feet in the door to other prospective positions within the company.

So, other than being nervous as hell, things are well. The two older boys of Denise had a birthday party this weekend. At best, imagine two boys inviting about 10 kids each....and the two younger kids inviting one friend a piece to be "fair". It was an action packed Friday and Saturday. Laid out a nice large bonfire, set up some tents that were never even used, and the house was completely wrecked. Most of the "wreckage" however was not due to the kids, but was instead due to the fact that Denise picked up 12 cans of silly string, 10 packes of 6 shooter-styly party poppers, 6 cans of shave cream, and an impending cake fight where luckily I did not get involved. The good part about NOT getting involved is you don't have to clean up anything th next day ^_^

Aside from all of the above, I have had to get around to fixing these two desktops that have been down for about two weeks or longer. One had issues with a virus and I attempted to put linux on it...well, most know of my troubles, so I have since decided that if I am to toy with linux anymore, it will need to be with an Nvidia setup with some more mainstream hardware. The other one was having issues that seemed to point to bad RAM....but upon further inspection, it seems it was an error with some software and a screensaver not getting along too well. Ah well, thats the breaks I spose. Thankfully it was nothing too terrible. I aquired another 250GB hard drive the other day to go with my 200, 180, 80, 60, and 60....which also accompanies my 160, 60, and 40GB USB drives. So with room for 830GB internally and an additional 250GB outside the box...I look to lay host to a LOT of data soon. Anywho, enough geeking out for me. Take care folks, and I am back.

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3:54 pm 12/01/2007

...and now for something completely different

Well, things have settled and so it has come to pass. What you may ask? Well..allow me to fill you kind folks in. I was in a particular stink over the past couple of weeks. Often pondering whether I could advance myself beyond my current situation or not. I ended up going over to the gals house I was dating previously in my blogs to check up on her. This is the girl I mentioned in my "regular" blog before this was around. Anywho, we had a huge talk, and I made a mistake I feel in leaving her. She was truly awesome to have in my life, and I missed her as well as her children.

Basically, we made up. We are back together, and as such, my free time has been getting the shaft sadly. I don't really mind it all that much, as I get to be near people instead of working in my room most of the time, but with free time at an all time low, it makes one appreciate a little down time.

On the job front, things have been horribly slow on it for the most part as far as the freelancing business is going. Most notably due to people trading in old stuff for new, and so not a whole lot of need of repair of new equipment. Sadly, they dont call for preemptive as much as I would like...they like to call me to fix their PC after its pretty much dicked.

I applied with a job agency to try and strum up some regular work in the meantime. They seemed very attentive to my desires and my field and such, and made me feel pretty optimistic when they asked "How much do you know about computers?" to which I responded with some overall credentials and the fact that I repair them at current for a living. I came in, filled out some paperwork, and peed in a cup...all standard procedure. I listed all my employers as well, which went a lot like this:

1 PC Repair Company (6-8 months)
1 PC Repair Company (3-6 Months)
1 Self-Employed PC Repair Company
(3 years/off and on between above two)
1 Construction/Trade Job Local 92 Ironworkers (2 years)
1 Casino Attendant (6-8 Months)
1 Digital Film Processing (8-10 Months)

I thought for sure, based on that list of experiences, that above all, I take a general preference to technology over Construction. Lo and behold, the norm of all these companies however....they glazed over the experiences and pretty much looked at the tech experience as a positive and professional enhancement of my career.....however, they could not stop asking about the construction job.

Do you operate a forklift?
-Well...yes...I did for a long while there.

How about a crane?
-Minimal experience, but I am capable

Can you lift more than 75 lbs for an extended period of time?
-Do I look like I can? I should hope so.

Can you take repetitive motion tasks involving blah blah blah...
-Ok wait a sec....I thought you were after my tech experience here as in you had some computer jobs available.

Oh, well, they sort of do....Sort of? How do you sort of have a position available? You either have a job involving computers, or you do not last I checked. Well, apparantly, they get job calls like that time and again and need someone handy for it, but in the meantime and at current, they only offer these labor jobs and construction jobs like cleanup crews, bricklaying, and roofing, as well as plant work jobs here and there.

So you have nothing with computers available at the moment?
-That is correct sir.

And so, there we go. Open face liars. You see, they DO have these positions available, because the girl I am dating was offered one of them. She starts Monday....she was offered the job after my little event as well. So, I get basically typecasted as a grunt because out of 6 titles with jobs I have held over the past 7 years, one of them was a construction-based one. This is precisely why I am even bothering with the notion of college, so I don't have to tolerate this crap. With a degree, at least I can name my salary to a reasonable amount, and get a job when I need it, in a field I want, rather than this crap.

Its frustrating....I don't mind working construction and all, but jeez....don't tell me you have jobs in the field of choice and then give me this BS excuse because you think I will do you more good as a bull worker.

Anywho, thats what is happening at current....enjoy.

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4:47 pm 07/01/2007

Linux, Goat lovin', and other random things

Well, while I wait, I may as well make up a blog entry. I recently had issues with the windows install, so I decided to say the hell with it all, and try my hand at linux. Being an utter noob at it however, has been one huge stumbling block to overcome. Tried the newest version of Ubuntu, and just could not seem to get it to work accordingly. Random errors here and "no operating system" there led me to believe Linus himself hates me...but fear not, I refuse to give in so easily. So I snagged up an older CD I had laying around and gave it another go. Surprise! Were up and running on Ubuntu. Granted, it only upgraded to 6.06 or so, Dapper Drake and all that jazz. Its still working and functional, which is a start. All that is left is to get the video card to work accordingly, so I am not stuck in an archaic 640 x 480 for the rest of my life(I can see just fine thanks....I dont need 3 inch letters and foot long icons ).

On the other side of the fence, the laptop I have does not seem to have much support for its built-in camera, which sort of peeves me a bit. Why bother putting one on there from the start if its so obscure that no one thought to include generic camera settings and such from the start. Case in point, locating a suitable video editing suite that offers good options, a capture setup so I can record from that actual program and not jump to three or four, and it actually supporting my camera has been quite a task. Premeire Pro from Adobe does not seem to support my camera, after a few hours of toying, poking, and prodding. It would support a list of about 5 brands of camera, with nothing "generic" listed anywhere. Bleh. At current, Ulead has one that looks to work the best for what I have needed, but its rather a bother in layout, so it pretty much disheartens me to make anything through it due to the fact that its a pain to deal with. Windows Movie Maker.......no....just no. It crashes every time I get to the editing portion. I have lost 3 recording sessions trying it. Fuck Microsoft and their shitty editing program.

Aside fromt hat, its been excruciatingly boring. So boring, fapping doen't even help. I should get out more, but I really don't have much of an interest unless I can drag a friend along, and they have been pretty much tied up since I returned back in September to Montgomery. I cant really blame them either, as I left for about two years there. It isn't like they are supposed to wait around for me or anything.

Talked with a girl I happened to meet on myspace.....'ey....I don't wanna hear it. She came to me dammit. So she liked my page, filled with its uberdorkiness and such.
So we have chatted it up on two different nights now. She seems cool for the most part, but she is fresh off of a bad relationship, and is quite bitter for the most part, so I am unsure if I truly wish to involve myself in something that ultimately could hurt me for no reason at all. I think I am becoming too picky in the women I date. A lot of people would think "Thats good....you know what you want in a girl"...while that may be true, it also leads to longer periods alone which quite honestly stinks. Don't get me wrong....mastubation is good and all, but I think Rosie and her five sisters is cheating on me. I dunno, the more time one has to sit and reflect, the more one is left pondering things that ultimately drag a person down.

The Sis is doing fairly well in Florida with Hubby. My little neice has a doctor's appointment sometime between the 26th and 29th, and following the appointment, she will be bringing her up to stay with us a while. Yay....spoiled Uncle Steve making a return *does a happy dance*. If I can get things squared away, I may see to it that little Kaydence makes her Youtube debut as well as T-six one. Well, thats the news. Video to come as soon as I get this blasted crap to work the way I want. Toodles. <---hopefully that didnt come out too totally gay.....cause then I would have to grab my flannel gear, grow a logging beard and make a video to prove the manliness factor. Or I could just up a vid into pornotube proving I likes teh womenz.

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