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About Me

Looky! A homemade Elisha Cuthbert gif from a Girl Next Door deleted scene. More to be uploaded later if I feel like it.

Can't think of anything to put here, but in the meantime...

For the time being, this is a test to see if anyone will actually hit this page. If you are on the hi5 network make a friend request since I seem to have few friends. Here's my profile if you dare. If you aren't a member, then sign up and have another reason to waste time online. someone can even start a T6 group or something

Blog Posts

7:00 pm 03/08/2008

TonyChu's blog post - 03/08/2008

Hmmm... I'm just 1 point ahead of Von for top godspace as of this posting. How about whoever regularly hits this page dump mucho points here so that I can at least maintain the top score b4 reset happens (whenever that is)?

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7:40 pm 15/05/2008


Looky at that! I'm on Facebook & it seems most of my friends are from high school. For anyone who cares to, go ahead & use my hotmail address and befriend me, with the added bonus of seeing what I really look like!

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3:08 am 30/12/2007

comic releases 4 dis week...

...will be posted either on Monday or Tuesday since they were released on Friday due to some celebration of some sort. If you happen to read this, leave a response at the bottom so I'll know if Teotians actually READ this particular Godspace.


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6:49 am 16/06/2007

TonyChu's blog post - 16/06/2007

Ummm... why am I getting profile points? Considering that this hasn't been updated since Feb, I find that very peculiar ....

I'm currently looking for work. If you have an interesting job to offer in the IT field, lemme know & I'll ignore it since I no way of getting to the US to get it.

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9:03 pm 22/02/2007

I give up...

...being a wannabe point whore

Yes, I'm giving up posting till next month since there's no way I can crack the top score list at this point, especially since during that massive point dump a while back, I didn't seem to get any of those and the fact that I have limited access to the net at this point. If you do see me online, that's most likely that other guy who I let use my pass since he's he's a real buddy for warez & stuff.

Now onto...

Why Does "Lost" suck?

I'd like to know why you (and most of the USA) say that this show blows since I seem to be one of the few people actually enjoying this show and able to follow (barely) what's going on on the island(s). Don't be shy & drop a comment.


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