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6:03 am 24/07/2019

Treasure beyond Measure

...and like all true values in life, it comes at absolutely no cost at all!

One hundred days ago


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10:57 pm 20/06/2018

Bali, one year ago today


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8:56 pm 15/04/2018

Singapore 2017


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10:33 am 29/05/2016

My Friday night

This was the sixth time I saw them live (Belgrade, Basel, Belgrade, Helsinki, Oberhausen, DORTMUND), first time from the gallery. I always tend to be as close to the stage as possible, this time I got a bit late to the venue and they pretty much shut the floor so I went all the way to the top. They played six songs from the latest album and nine more from earlier period.

Full setlist:

0. Doctor Doctor [Intro]

1. If Eternity Should Fail
2. Speed Of Light
3. Children Of The Damned
4. Tears Of A Clown
5. The Red And The Black
(at this point, my contact lense came out and I was having problems putting it back in. I licked the damned thing, I even soaked it in beer before finally being able to get it in)
6. The Trooper
7. Powerslave
(here's the video; I thought they were going to play "The Book Of Souls" so I wanted to record it, insted they went from 1984 hit)

8. Death Or Glory
9. The Book Of Souls
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name
11. Fear Of The Dark
12. Iron Maiden


13. The Number Of The Beast
14. Blood Brothers
(here's the video; Bruce started talking after TNOTB, so I wanted to record his speech instead just songs. I knew from the story that they were going to play Blood Brothers, what I didn't know was that he would be saying "...somebody from Serbia down there as wel..." That's my "Whoah" at 0:39 mark)

15. Wasted Years

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11:07 am 23/03/2016

tricpe update


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10:18 pm 15/01/2016

tricpe's road trip 2015

So last year my gf came to Germany and we drove from Dortmund to Bari, Italy. There we boarded a ferry to Montenegro, had a couple nights there before finally reaching central Serbia a week after departure.


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1:51 pm 31/10/2015

UK, brace yourself...

...because winter is coming teh tricpe is cumming!

I'll be in London December 1st to 9th, so if anyone wants to meet for a beer or ten, please let me know*.

I'll also be in Manchester this coming weekend, but I don't think I'll have the time for anything, because I wanna visit a friend of mine that I worked with in Switzerland. We'll see Utd. match and probably Spectre. This will only be Friday - Sunday.

In other news, I was fired yesterday because my company has nothing to offer me from december, but with not used holidays I'll "work" for them until mid-january, more or less. After that I'm unemployed Oh, well... F♥ck it!

*) disclaimer: may contain traces of speedo

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5:53 pm 11/10/2015

Gateway to space - the exibition

So I was bored yesterday plus I woke up really early, so I went to Brussels Expo centre to check out the ongoing Gateway to space exibition

Idea for the next prize...

Greetings, Earthlings!

Russian and US shuttle side by side

I touched the Moon, I did!


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3:47 pm 03/10/2015

tricpe's visit to Madrid

This actually happened back in 2012, and I was waaay too lazy to upload the images until now. Madrid is beautiful, I highly recommend it!


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10:12 am 24/10/2013

Thank you, TEOTI!

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6:52 pm 28/05/2013

Pirates of TEOTI...

...have a brand new captain!


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11:09 pm 12/04/2013

Nineteen ninety three

I was asked why I left Serbia...


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1:01 pm 26/03/2013

So, it has come to this...

- Do you think that they care?
- Well, djskitzy doesn't care, that's for sure. If he looked just once there, he could see that lrrp is within his reach. That's two clicks that he doesn't want to make. Besides, half of them in fron of me don't visit this place anymore.
- Do you care?
- Not that much, but it is a significant milestone. Next time I get an extra digit... Well, I will be so old that I just might be dead.
- Dead? What do you mean?
- Just do the basic math. I registered here when Hawk send me an e-mail informing that TEOTI is back at teoti.us. That was in October 2006, so it's almost 6 and a half years for the first 100K. In this tempo then, I'd need additional 58 years for one Mega.
- Woow, you're right! It's a strange coincidence that all of this is happening just about when teh n006573r5 went down, don't you think?
- In all honesty, I don't think about it at all. It was a strange and difficult time for me when the split of 2006 occured, and then I signed here first. I only visited them maybe 10 times, only to take a peak, never to engage myself. Don't get me wrong, it makes me sad that they are down, but most of them will probably come back here. And that's a good news.
- So, are you ready?
- Like I said, don't make a big deal out of it. It just happens, it will not change me in some profound way.
- So why are you making this thread blog entry then?
- For the points of course!
- You are such a point whore, you realise that?
- You say that as if it's a bad thing! And don't forget, as of now THIS point whore is worth 100,000 points!
- [/get-a-life!]

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9:29 pm 13/03/2013


While I was gardening this morning, I found a rather big chunk of pure love.

This is pretty strange for at least two reasons:
1. I don't have a garden.
2. I could never recognise love, even if it bit me on the ass.

So after some thinking over it, I put it back to earth just before I peed over it.

by tricpe

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1:12 pm 04/02/2013

8 years


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