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9:02 pm 28/01/2013

Fifty shades of tricpe

Marko! The name struck her like thunder, causing an earthquake in her soul and body. In an instant, she froze, incapable of any articulated move. Then her knees shook, a wave that spread to her whole body, all the way up to the lower jaw. Terrified, she kept saying "Marko! Marko!"
Chaos broke out in her soul, because she remembered everything. Every word, every look, every kiss. Once again she saw the amount of her being that she put into that man and once again she thought that she could never forgive him leaving her. Only now was she able to put into words exactly all the feelings she had for him. While they were together, she did not think of herself as a whole, rather she believed from the bottom of her heart that she was one only with him. That's why it hurt so much.
Once again she remembered how she put her young body and soul around him, giving in to him, believing he was also giving in to her. How naive! She used to think that the two of them were two drinks destined to mix and make a beautiful cocktail, but it turned out that he was the slimy oil that came to the top, and she was smelly water that fell to the bottom. She was rejected like an organ after transplantation. She wasn't sure if his intention was to hurt her, but it is what he did. She thought that she could never heal. Furthermore, she felt as if she died after he was gone.
Now she could feel tears building up, her shoulders and head bowed, her breasts were rapidly losing the battle against gravity. Once again she remembered the good times, feeling fresh like a bowl of fruit. Then he left, the fruit rotted away, spreading the smell and attracting the flies. After all this time, someone (time?) washed and dried the bowl. Although clean, she felt empty, a vacuum that caused her body to implode. As if someone just took the soul out of the body. Pain, powerlessness, misery and rage took over. She was whimpering his name, numb with pain, totally unaware of the world around her.
The very moment she felt first tear appearing in the corner of the left eye, something snapped. The tear never made it. She felt at peace. Eye of the storm. Everything stopped. She imagined she was an airplane that suddenly left the strong turbulence field and continued with smooth flight. If she really did die, THIS was the moment of resurrection. The Phoenix will fly again!
No sound reached her ears, because the room was still. Her brown eyes wandered aimlessly across the room. Then she noticed that she wasn't breathing. Instead of panic, she felt full control. She stayed like that, her lungs empty, for a second or two, and then she took a long breath. It pumped her up, straightened her body, stretched her shoulders, breasts reached former firmness, her hands laid at her knees. Only the head remained lowered, but she had control over it. She was aware of every single cell in her body, she reckoned.
She closed her eyes, emptied her lungs once again, and filled them up again. She lifted her head, opened her eyes and put her lower jaw just a bit to the front. Finally, slowly and quietly, she said „Marko!“ while a glimpse of a viscous smile danced on her lips. Things don't have to be the same this time. This time, she was ready!

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8:43 pm 17/01/2013

tricpe's childhood revisited (a.k.a. God among mortals)

OK, I have a confession to make! I know most of you believe that my body is 32 years old, and you are correct. However, I was actually born some 2500 years ago at Mt. Olympus, which was then (as it is now!) a part of Greece. After several millennia, I decided to go back to revisit my childhood, which I did back in September 2012 (by the human counting of the Time)...


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8:27 pm 28/10/2012

tricpe update

So, I was feeling a bit sick this week, and pretty much slept the weekend over. I just need to put all my strengths together for november, because my mileage is going over the top soon.

I start up Wednesday, when I go to Madrid (Spain) for the long weekend. I come back Sunday, and already on Tuesday I have to go to Bruxelles, to a conference that will be taking place in the EU Parliament building. It is only one day, and Bruxelles is about three hours on a train from Oberhausen where I reside at the moment. Then, the very first Friday after theat I have a booked flight and a hostel in Munich, where I go to meet an aunt of mine. She's celebrating her 70th B-day on 11-11. When I get back here, it will take only five nights before I board the plane to Belgrade. I haven't been to Serbia since june and Ozzy Osbourne concert, and then I only got to Belgrade, not to my beloved home town of Trstenik. It's about time to make it upt for that, but allas! I will be in Serbia for a total of 16 nights, some of those in Belgrade, some in Trstenik, going back and forth...

Recent events of mine involved welcoming my mother here, renting a BMW 118i convertible automatic blah-blah, and spending a lovely weekend in BeNeLux. We stayed in Rotterdam on a Friday night (Rotterdam has a completely different vybe from Amsterdam), visited Scheveningen and Bruxelles the next day before arriving to the city of Luxembourg in the evening. It is a lovely little town, but mom insisted to go back early, so we only spend 2-3 hours exploring it... Those pics will follow some time in December, along the vacation pics from Greece...

Otherwise, life is good!

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12:47 am 16/09/2012

tricpe's pilgrimage ... to Paris

This is due exactly six months

Yes, I know. If you want to go on a pilgrimage, go to Santiago de Compostella. Or Mecca. Or Jerusalem. Or India for that matter. Paris isn't really a pilgrimage destination. I didn't even want to go on a pilgrimage. I just wanted to see Paris. But fate had a different thing on her mind...

So I booked a hostel somewhere on Monmartre, as well as a train ticket via Cologne. I took a week off and had it all worked out. 16th to 25th March I would be in Paris.

My birthday was on 14th, and pretty much 15th of March was the first day of spring. So myself and some guys from work went to a local bar to celebrate ... uhmm... whatever! I picked up some money from the bank earlier that day and left most of it at home. As it was very nice weather, I was jumping with joy to whatever tune that was in my head then. And all this jumping managed to remove my wallet from my inner jacket pocket (I forgot to zip it). Driver's licence, bank card, credit card, health insurance card, train discount card, some money, and a photo of my late brother... All gone! And that was just the first temptation that I had to go through.

I cancelled both bank cards the very same evening. The next day (the departure day) I informed my health insurance company as well as the Deutsche Bahn (trains).

With a full back-pack I set off on Friday, 16th March. The first train I took came late to Cologne, so the train I paid my ticket for was already gone. Fortunately, the people of DB are always so kind in these situations that they sent me to the very next train where I just had to change in Bruxelles. (maybe you don't remember it now, but I think it was a national mourning day in Belgium for all the kids killed in a bus crash in Switzerland that week). Never mind that, I got safely and only one hour late to Paris, and after a short walk from Paris Nord managed to find my hostel. I checked in and pretty much went straight to bed.

On my first day, after breakfast and checking my money, I went to see an exhibition titled "Mathematics - a beautiful elsewhere" somewhere in the latin quarter of Paris. Among other things, there were some video works of David Lynch, music by Patti Smith, Takeshi Kitano was also present with some of his work and it was interesting.... And then came the night, St. Patrick's night to be exact... So I wasted myself somewhere on the Pigalleand went back to the hostel.

The next day, they told me that I have to change rooms, so I did. But, in doing so, I realised that someone stole most of my money that was in the back-pack. Some 400-450 € to be exact. That meant that I only had about 275 € for a week in one of the most expensive cities in Europe and world! I could pull it out, living on a budget, but then and there decided that I would not do this. I have come to see the Louvre, Versaille, Eiffel Tower and to enjoy the world famous French cuisine. You do not do that on a budget. So I sent a FB message to an undisclosed teotian if he could send me some money via Western Union.

And then I went on a free tour of Paris, which started at the bridge of Sent Michelle. It was OK, learned something new, and walked my ass off. (I pretty much walked the whole time I was in Paris, I still have a couple of metro tickets).

Anyhows, when I got back to the hostel and checked my FB, I got an answer that the person in question was broke so I had to find an alternative. I found it in a Brit man that used to work with me while I was living in Switzerland. He was more than happy to help me, and indeed had send me some 400 € the very next day - Monday. So that was about temptation number two.

I started Monday by visiting the Louvre. Got there early, didn't even pay the ticket, and had spend all day there. In the end I was so exhausted with walking for some 5-6 hours, that I thought I would just fall to the ground and sleep. After visiting the museum, I found a Western Union office and picked up the money. It never left my sight since then.

Tuesday - the Versaille. I usually don't fall for the riches of the past, but Versaille really knocked me out. The Hall of mirrors is truly something that amazed me, as well as the whole parks there.

In the next few days (I don't really remember what was when), I visited the Arc de Triupmh, Orsay Museum, Museum of Wine, went up the Eiffel Tower (walked until the 2nd platform!), walked around the Georges Pompidou centre for modern art (it was too crowded to even try to get inside), the Sacre Coeur church and so on... In the end of it, after nine nights in Paris, I really think I saw everything I wanted to see.

And now back to the pilgrimage side of my trip. I am allergic to dust mites, and have started sub lingual immune therapy, for which I have to take fifteen drops of some vaccine twice a week in a period of at least three years. It's something I started in 2011, and have never skipped a dose. Until I came to Paris. The little bottle I put in a fridge was thrown away. I panicked a little about it, but there was nothing I could do. (Later, when I got back to Germany, and called my doctor about this, he told me not to worry if I missed one day). I consider it to be a temptation 3.

And then, on Friday night I met a guy from India, that knocked me out with his wisdom. We started talking while I was microwave heating some lasagna in the hostel and he asked me if I was hungry. After replying that I was, he told me that I'm just a small atom in the galaxy and must obey it. I said that I was just a small atom in the galaxy, but I liked to think of myself as the atom which the whole world depends on. We both started laughing. Later, he said that his biggest wish was to become like the donkey, and thought I would make fun of him. I said that I also have a great respect for the animal... Let me get this straight, he didn't really tell me nothing that I didn't already know, but talking to him made me feel as my senses have become a bit sharper and more precise. (No, I was not drunk at the time, that came later that night). It was then that I concluded that the forces way stronger and higher than myself have sent me through some temptations in order to arrange the meeting with this guy. Yes, I know that in some other realm I can say that all of this was just a coincidence, but it's just something I choose to believe in. We stayed in contact, and I decided that I just must visit India in my lifetime, and spend at least one month there...


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6:27 pm 26/08/2012

Teh Prize

As some you already know, I won the July point cometition, and decided what would be my prize....


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7:04 pm 14/05/2012

Two Thousand

First of all, here's two thousand slices of bacon:

If that's not enough, how about Pulp - Disco 2000?

Still not convinced? How 'bout some boobies...?

Now, since this is my thread No. 2000, give me some pointza!!!!!!

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10:03 pm 08/05/2012

tricpe is prudent

I'd like to share my view on the world that we are a part of, without wanting to impose my way of thinking onto you (well, maybe You!) I am doing this for pretty much no particular reason whatsoever*... Also, this text won't be as much "this is like that because of those", rather some monologue of mine with more questions and hypothesis than actual answers, facts and solutions...


I consider myslef to be clever and wise. Or at least in some areas of life, which means I am very dumb in many others. Why do I think that? I don't know really. I don't talk much. I'm silent most of the time, even with people that are dearest to me. I haven't read that much books, I'm shit scared when I think of all the classics that I'm still not acquainted with. It is possible that I'm afraid to speak, because I am very unsure of myself. But one thing that being silent allows you to do is to observe the world / life / people / self. And in doing so, you can make many conclusions... I like to superimpose one area of knowledge to totally another subject (as an example, teotians might remember this).


I believe what I'm told. I remember back in primary school learning some story about kids always wanting to grow up, while all the grown ups wanted to go back to being children, and the moral of the story was that childhood is the best age in life. While many kids in class (pretty much all of them) didn't believe teacher, I did, and still do. But, being rebelious, I must also say that every age has it's ups and downs. The reason why people think that childhood is the best, is that the greatest anguish people have is the one tormenting them in that particular point of time. I don't care that much about my problems from the past, just because of that - they are in the past! That's the reason why all people can relate to melanchollic songs, movies, books... The similar applies to the future.


I also believe in God (well, sort of...) Not quite the Serbain Othodox dogmas that should be within me, but I do believe in some entity which is (intelectually) so much higher than all of us combined. I also believe that I have a soul, which is immortal, probably "made" waaaay before I was born, which kinda needs a question whether this soul really is "mine"...?


But I also believe in quantum mechanics and science, which if I understood it correctly says (the string theory) that there are many universes existing in parallel to what we call "reality". Now, one of my hypothesis is that people can get a glipmse of these other worlds when we dream (or when we are under the influence of drugs, which I never tried - no experience). That is, when our consciousness is overtaken by subconsciousness. Another thing I find interesting is that our brains must reject a shitload of information that tries to get through our senses to the mind, so it doesn't become overwhelmed. I think it's called "filtering" in psychology or whatever's the name of science that explores our senses. Now, these "filters" are not so good with people who have schitzophrenia for example, which poses a rather disturbing question: if a person walks into psych ward and says he / she talked to God, is this person crazy, should he/she be locked up, or maybe put on TV and the internet, so people can get a glimpse of a higher truth? My answer? There should be a consensus on what reality is, but people should be open to other interpretations as well.


The best instrument we have to explore the Universe (Nature) is human brain. The main problem with human brain is that it hasn't really changed in the last 100,000 years. Up until then, the evolutive processes required the brain to grow from generation to generation, separating what would become Homo Sapiens from other life forms. Language is a great thing, it enabled us to draw up wisdom from the generations before us. However, it also came with catch22 - I think it stopped the evolution of the human race. Once the early humans realised that they can change (generation after generation) their habitat to suit their needs, they lost the ability to change themsleves and adopt to the habitat. Which is what evolution is!

One of the consequence of this is that there is no progress whatsoever in the human race. Need proof? Let's go back some 2,500 years, to ancient Greece, OK? The cradle of modern world, phylosophy, politics, theatre and famous Greek tragedies... whatnot! But, they were a slavery. Which is what we still are, in this way or another. That's why pretty much every theatre in the world that has some status can still (after 2,500 years!) put on a play about some people that died before Jesus walked the Earth.


Anyhows, back to the brains. IMHO, in order for human race to evolve some more, it's necessary for the brain of an average person to become, say, 10% bigger in volume. Maybe one of the consequences could (would) be that instead of dreaming in metaphores (I'm reffering to Freud now), we would truly dream our wishes and fears, and probably be more open for the world behind our eyes. Another could be that we could say: "What, Shakespeare? Are you kidding me, it's child's play since 2354!


There's a most famous scene in 2001: A Space Oddyssey, when the apes varily gather around the Monolith to touch it. One of the most common explanation of the Monolith in the movie / book is that it's a source of intelligence that was set out to the Universe to spread the wisdom. When I was discussing the film with a childhood friend of mine (we were about 10yo), he told me this.... But, what if the target for the "intelligence" wasn't Watchmoon (that's the name of the ape, for those who don't know), rather the weapon, the bone he used to kill a pig or a competing tribe's apha-male? It kinda fits what I said earlier about human race not going very far in this Universe, we only found out ways to kill each other more efficiently... I'm not happy things are as they are, I'm just stating (my) truth!


...might be continued...

by tricpe

* Actually, this thread of mine represents the year I was born, if you believe in Jesus and all that jazz. Also, if you measure up time using Julian calender, today's saint and yours truly share the same name...

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8:47 pm 02/04/2012

tricpe @ Berlinale (Hollywood gala)

Well, after unsuccessfully trying to catch up with Marina Abramovic last year in Venice as well in Moscow, I finally got to be in the presence of the Artist in the Country I lived all along - Germany. The Documentary Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present was shown on this year's Berlinale festival, and yours truly went to see it. I was even so lucky to be invited to the party after the film. The reason I got invited? No, I was not wearing my speedo's, rather sat at the right place on the right time, and then the director of MoMA Klaus Biesenbach said something like: "We need to close these seats for the guests of honour, but all of you can remain seated. Oh, and here are the invitations for the afterparty!"

Then we all saw the movie (I was really impressed and did manage to find something new about Marina) after which there was an obligatory part of introducing the filmmakers. There was a director, producer, Marina (ofcourse!), Ulay, and ahole bunch of other people. At the party I overheard someone saying "I run the Mad Men"... The party was pretty ... well, how should I put this? I've never been to a Movie party before, but I knew that this party would be like no other. When we got there, each of us received a white (doctor's) coat and a white head set, which we also got to keep for our selves. We were instructed to wear the coat and headset, but not to talk until Marina says it's ok to talk. So we all went to this big room where the only sound was that of a metronome, being played through the speaker. Everyone was wearing a white coat and a white headset, so it was kinda strange. Of course, there were people who did talk to each other, so there was a bit of murmor, but nothing that bad. Some 30 minutes after I got there, Marina showed up, also with the coat and headpiece, and she did a couple rounds in the room, (saying) hi to her friends and such. After another 30 minutes, she got upstairs and said that the time of being silent is over, and that we were now free to speak among ourselves. The noise that followed overwhelmed me. While we were silent, I thought that no more than say 50 people is present, but once they all started talking, it felt like there was at least 200 of us...


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8:15 pm 15/02/2012

Teh Prize

As some of you folks might remember, I won the August 2011 Point Competition, and for my prize I opted for an inflatable globe, which after some going back and forth finally made it to my address some time last december.

Enjoy the pics...

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11:24 am 28/12/2011

I dreamt the Queen of UK last night....

And in this dream, the conversation between the Queen and yours truly went on something like this:

Her Royal Highness, the Queen: So, where do you think all the light in the Universe came from?

His Speedoesness, teh tricpe: (in a slightly lucid voice): the Anti-Universe!

(Laughter in the room, even the Queen showed a glimpse of a smile)

Her Royal Highness, the Queen: I must say that in all my life I have never ever heard something as bold as that. Do you have something to back-up your claims?

His Speedoesness, teh tricpe: I haven't had the time to work it out just yet!


So there, if someone gets a Nobel for proving that light in the Universe came from the Anti-Universe, you heard it here first!

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3:15 pm 17/11/2011

New Avatar


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10:11 am 11/11/2011

11-11-11, 11:11:11

In the 11th Time zone! Enough said!

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3:29 pm 29/11/2010

Blogging is easy

Wow, look how easy making new blogs is using blueberry!!! Great work, Marksyzm!!!

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4:52 pm 14/05/2009

tricpe in Devil's town

Went there on Good Friday according to Julian calendar, 17th April, with my parents.

It was pretty interesting, what amazes me is that the good old people of Serbia made

a Church (???) there! And not only that they made a Church, people that come there

bring their hopes, wishes and prayers written on a piece of cloth or paper and leave

them hanging from the trees. So - there you have it, God and Devil working together

trying to make people happy...

What do you say to something like that?



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9:27 pm 17/01/2009

Looking good

Well, this is one interesting month here on T-SIX, and I like it. I am posting, threading, commenting, just being a smart-ass, I think...

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