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4:14 pm 03/04/2007

...the begining of a beautiful 10 day vacation.

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10:34 pm 03/02/2007

Last January Weekend Surf Contest

...the dude representing Puerto Rico.

There were competitors from all around the world. It was fun!

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5:38 pm 31/01/2007

Let me paint a picture for you...

Tonight a promise was kept. Here in Puerto Rico, it's a tradition to make promises to the "Three Kings". CLICK HERE to read a description of the Three Kings Day Celebration.

People promise to sing and celebrate their legend to give thanks for all the good things and even the bad things that happened in the past year.

So my girlfriend and I went down to the plaza, which is just across the street, to see the celebration. My grandpa was playing his guitar with a group of other musicians. Yeah, my grandpa's a Rolling Stone.... still. He's been a musician since he was a teenager, and he's very well respected among other musicians in his field. I had a chance to talk to him after the show and they've asked him to play another show tomorrow, and he had the biggest grin... he's got the music in his blood and it wont matter how tired he is he's going to the show and play... and have fun at it too.

We're sitting among the masses and something that I've never seen before happened. The musicians were inviting people from off the street to sing with them... WTF. It was very touching, to be honest with you. People came and said hi to all the musicians and everyone was very friendly. They told the guys on what key they were suppose to play on and the songs came out perfect... it was amazing. Could you imagine if Mick Jagger would've told people from the audience that if they felt like coming up on stage and sing with them they could? So imagine how people felt when they got the chance to sing their songs with respected musicians.

Something else that I've never seen before is how some brought their pots and pans and cooked right there on the sidewalk and gave everyone food... good food too! Traditional puertorrican food was passed out among everyone who wanted to eat, for FREE. These people are not part of the show, they just brought their stuff and shared with everyone. Heheheh, and some also brought their own home made moonshine and passed it around too... LOL!!!

The local kiosk is also a big hit selling the best hot chocolate and coffee in the whole island. The highlight of the night was when the local priest came down, grabbed a guitar and sang a few songs, everyone cheered when he arrived... kindda like if right in the middle of a set at a David Bowie concert Paul McCartney would've walked in.... that's how it felt like.

We had a great time, drank some hot chocolate, had a few laughs and now it's time to say good night... our last weekend with the XMAS tree, we're taking it to recycle next weekend... I think we're boxing the decorations tomorrow...

Oh well, the XMAS Celebrations are over... but they'll come back next year... LOL!!!

Thnx for reading

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5:52 am 14/01/2007

...biggest TV evar!

I saw my self sitting in front of the TV these last few days of my vacation... and so I decided to go watch the best channel on the biggest TV I know...

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5:02 pm 06/01/2007

This Year Came And Went Full Of Surprises...!

2006 could not have been any more crazier. Started with a great evaluation from my work after working at the school for one whole school year. Then I moved in with my girlfriend.

As soon as August started, development deals started going around. Over $100,000 in deals were done in just one semester of classes. I got these people a wide area wireless network open to everyone with a full server and a linux firewall. And still on the way are brand stinkin' new computers for everyone who needs one...

I also went to a few shows...




I've gained and lost some friends on and off our intarweb...
In the end it was a great year full of ups and downs that have made me even more educated in this thing we call life.
Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to everyone!

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