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11:14 pm 28/04/2007


That's all. I'll keep everyone who see this updated once I am positive there is something to be excited about.

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11:03 am 25/03/2007

Latest entry

Been posting random bits in my ""About Me" section. This is like a mini auto bio with bits and pieces of my life contained within, think I'll start posting it on the blog thing though...


Crocheting those parachute pants had managed to save my life, but for how long? Especially since Senor Vasquez knew the where abouts of the Nazi gold. Was this really such a great idea? I mean the bees were a great distraction, but they hadn't really made the souffle so to speak. And now they were really drunk and mean drunks at that, genetic engineering gone too far I suppose. And that damned creepy surfer guy...

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12:19 am 25/03/2007



Just thought I'd actually add some sort of content to this bitch...

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9:04 pm 17/02/2007

New friends

Well glad to see some people want to add me, I don't know if you actually like me, but I'm coming to all your houses and staying for a month.

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12:07 pm 05/02/2007

Going in

Well Going into work for the first time officially today... This means getting paid, but also orientation (gay training vids/ why our company is great vids). I have to go in in like 26 seconds so perhaps this blog entry is not in my best interest.

Also it's good to see people actually read this thing. Oh yeah my problems are officially over with that girl... we have stopped talking altogether so, I guess look on the bright side

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6:31 pm 19/01/2007

Got IT!!

That's right I got the job I went in and interviewed for. Much better pay, overtime and double time (double and a half on holidays) and great insurance. Best of all it turns out a bunch of people I know work there. In a very good mood right now, if only I could get those woman problems straightened out...

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11:08 pm 15/01/2007


Man I need to keep up on this thing. Oh well... So I applied for a new job today and I should get an interview soon. If this works out I will get a nice pay increase, good overtime, and great insurance so I got my hopes up.

Things seem to be going my way for the time being, despite some problems with women (or more specifically woman), so I am pretty confident about this.

Anyway keep your fingers crossed

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2:26 am 04/01/2007

First One

Well here it is the amazing first post of my Godspace, granted it will not be pretty, heck it might even burn a little when you look at it and then again when you pee. But this is the best I got, I am going to kiss a little ass and say that this is a great ideal and I am appreciative such an undertaking came together. Man I really got to pretty this thing up.

Till next time

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