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1 hour 56 minutes ago

Air New Zealand - Epic Safety Video 

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3 hours 10 minutes ago

awesome one liners 

1. I hate Russian dolls, they're so full of themselves. 2. I asked my North Korean friend how

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10 hours 1 minute ago

Sword Art Online cover  

my cover of sword art online

1 Comments • Created by pipoballestero • Last post by DoomOnYou

10 hours 6 minutes ago

RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo 

4 Comments • Created by DarkHelmet • Last post by Flee

11 hours 24 minutes ago

Happy Diwali TEOTI...!! 

Happy Diwali TEOTI...!!

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13 hours 40 minutes ago

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaster Trailer 

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13 hours 41 minutes ago

Astronomy Video of the Day 20141022 

Sunspot Group AR 2192 Crackles One of the largest sunspot groups in recent years is now crossing the

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14 hours 51 minutes ago

24 Types of Libertarians 

The Twenty four types of libertarian 1. Naive - If the government would disappear, everyone would act sensibly

0 Comments • Created by bytehead

15 hours 43 minutes ago

Sugarland~Red Dirt Road 


0 Comments • Created by LordViscera

15 hours 48 minutes ago

Evanescence~My Immortal 


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18 hours 10 minutes ago

Will Oregon Be the Poster Child for How to legalize Marijuana? 

At the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Portland last month, the atmosphere was that of a winning

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

20 hours 8 minutes ago

Biting & Dying 

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by tricpe

20 hours 20 minutes ago

Director And Actors Want You To Avoid Dying Of The Light 

It is seldom that the director, actors, and executive producer of a film beg the public to refuse

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by Flee

20 hours 31 minutes ago

Wombat Day 

I was on another site and saw it was Wombat Day.

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20 hours 34 minutes ago


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22 hours 33 minutes ago

Welcome to Norway.... 

Or The green lantern just came....

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22 hours 35 minutes ago

Don't Be Scared 

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22 hours 36 minutes ago

That wood be a dragon 

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22 hours 37 minutes ago

Sharing your weird internet finds with friends 

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22 hours 38 minutes ago

My bowelcut becomes so powerful 

My bowlcut becomes so powerful I am now able to absorb the life force from my siblings

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23 hours 46 minutes ago

Worst Halloween Costume Contest 2014 

Okay, for a massive 1000 points to the winner, 500 to 2nd place and 250 for the runners

43 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by tricpe

23 hours 50 minutes ago

Vagina hat? 

Yes, it's a vagina hat. And this guy feels like a right dick head. Did I actually just

3 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by superuser

4:23 pm 22/10/2014

Soldier shot at Ottawa's War Memorial 

This is where I live. A few days ago, over the border in Quebec, someone hit and killed

22 Comments • Created by Flee • Last post by Flee

4:00 pm 22/10/2014

Who's interviewing who?! Richard Ayoade speaks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy 

Actor and director Richard Ayoade is famously shy. So shy, in fact, that when he wrote his latest

7 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by marksyzm

3:31 pm 22/10/2014

Nation Anthem Subliminal Messages 1960's 

5 Comments • Created by Darshu • Last post by evolution