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38 minutes ago

A Cataclysmic Event of a Certain Age 

Geologist James Kennett and colleagues narrow the date of an anomalous cooling event most likely triggered by a

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53 minutes ago

How to fly a Ferarri.. 

Great battle between a Ferrari 458 and Ferrari 430 leads to an unfortunate crash at Round 4 of

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1 hour 1 minute ago

Two Irishmen and a Rally Car... 

In-car action with Neil Hickey and Enda Kennedy. (subtitles available) 'colourful' language.

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2 hours 3 minutes ago

Mr. Trump's 757 

Walk through of Donald Trump's new Boeing 757 private jet.

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2 hours 32 minutes ago

PHP script to get the Total Filesize for a list of files [DEX/Direct-Links] 

Hi! I've created a PHP script to calculate the total filesize for a list of files (DEXES/Direct Links)..

0 Comments • Created by mohit_117

4 hours 41 minutes ago

Eat A Sammich 

13 sarnies from around the world.. in video format.. nom.. zrVLf7QgEeA

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5 hours 57 minutes ago

What’s Wrong With the Internet? 

...and How We Can Fix It: Interview With Internet Pioneer John Day Below is an interview conducted with

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6 hours 3 minutes ago

Poor doors: the segregation of London's inner-city flat dwellers 

Poorer residents in capital's developments forced to use different entrances and facilities Multimillion pound housing developments in London

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6 hours 16 minutes ago

1.7 billion "anonymous" comments from 5% of the internet 

Complete Public Reddit Comments Corpus I took the Reddit comment archive and converted all the JSON into one

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6 hours 42 minutes ago

Copy to, Move to, GrantAdminFullControl 

Something I always forget to install on a new install. Still working since 98! No restart required. Add

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11 hours 43 minutes ago

Painting reveals how breeding changed watermelons 

Christie Images LTD 2015 Giovanni Stanchi's painting from the 17th century shows how much watermelon has changed. Look

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13 hours 33 minutes ago

Google fixes serious security hole in Chrome. 

Google has published an extension for its Chrome browser that fixes a serious security hole that can reveal

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15 hours 33 minutes ago

Japanese team fires world's most powerful laser 

(Phys.org)—A team of researchers and engineers at Japan's Osaka University is reporting that they have successfully fired what

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16 hours 1 minute ago

Scientists in Greece Design Cryptographic E-Voting Platform 

2,500 years after they first designed democracy’s core operating system, the Greeks are giving it an upgrade. A

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17 hours 15 minutes ago

Sea of Bones - Dragonaut (Sleep) 

Cover of Dragonaut from Sleep's Holy Mountain for a Cvlt Nation Session. (related link)

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17 hours 19 minutes ago

Linux Symposium Statistics  

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17 hours 25 minutes ago

Poota lurve.. 

Press play and scroll slow...

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17 hours 29 minutes ago

Tough love 

3 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by dr3n

18 hours 14 minutes ago

Chords Every Guitarist Should Know: 32 Crucial Chord Shapes 

3 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by DoomOnYou

18 hours 24 minutes ago

Nasa Golden Record: Listen to tracks on board Voyage spacecraft on SoundCloud 

Nasa has released Voyager's Golden Record on SoundCloud – the tracks intended to tell the story of our

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18 hours 31 minutes ago

3D-Printed Modular Home 

Innovative Chinese Company Assembles 3D-Printed Modular Home in Just Three Hours Thanks to new 3D printing technology, an

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18 hours 47 minutes ago

Mah new PC. 

Shitty tablet camera is shitty. Case is a "Cooler Master Silencio 550" and the new headphone sitting on

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18 hours 57 minutes ago

I said "Break it up" . . . . Over-reacting? Like hell I am 

0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

19 hours 53 minutes ago

How dead is SeaMonkey? 

On mozilla.support.seam onkey Ed Mullen asked 2015-07-07 the question from heading. I tried to ask Bugzilla for

0 Comments • Created by pachi99

21 hours 59 seconds ago

Airplane debris found could be from missing flight MH370 | www.wsbtv.com 

Experts are analyizing a piece of a wing discovered Wednesday to determine if it belongs to Flight MH370

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