Music of the day 7/9 Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue

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I think I'll try a bit of non-political posting that might enhance the culture in this seedy pub. I'll share stuff I like from Classical to Grunge Rock (don't expect much Country or Rap... but there might be surprises).

I'll start with the best piece I know for my least favorite instrument. The Clarinet was played my my littlest sister and this is one of the rare pieces it shines. It's a simple theme that

I chose the Fantasia 2000 version of the piece because the early Bugs Bunny cartoons were set to classical music and laid the roots of my love of that type of music.

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My daughter is studying Gershwin in her Music classes at the moment, I think she's made me listen to it more than she made me watch Toy Story.

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