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Squirrels stashed over 200 walnuts under the hood of a woman's car

1 comments, 973 views, posted 9:38 am 10/10/2019 in Nature by superuser
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A Pennsylvania woman was driving her car when she smelled something burning and heard a strange noise. She popped the hood and discovered something a little nutty — A massive stash of walnuts squirrels saved for the winter.

"Here's a little PSA for everyone on this rainy Monday," wrote Chris Persic in a viral Facebook post Monday about the comical situation his wife, Holly, found herself in after opening up the hood of her car. "Rodents and vehicles do not mix ..."

She sent him a photo of the squirrels' haul, and he came right over to help clean up.

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9:39 am 10/10/2019


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