Wind turbine blades can't be recycled

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As explained at Bloomberg

The municipal landfill in Casper, Wyoming, is the final resting place of 870 blades whose days making renewable energy have come to end...

Tens of thousands of aging blades are coming down from steel towers around the world and most have nowhere to go but landfills. In the U.S. alone, about 8,000 will be removed in each of the next four years. Europe, which has been dealing with the problem longer, has about 3,800 coming down annually through at least 2022, according to BloombergNEF. It’s going to get worse: Most were built more than a decade ago, when installations were less than a fifth of what they are now...

Wind power is carbon-free and about 85% of turbine components, including steel, copper wire, electronics and gearing can be recycled or reused. But the fiberglass blades remain difficult to dispose of. With some as long as a football field, big rigs can only carry one at a time, making transportation costs prohibitive for long-distance hauls...

On social media, posters derided the inability to recycle something advertised as good for the planet, and offered suggestions of reusing them as links in a border wall or roofing for a homeless shelter.

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11:49 am 16/02/2020


Wait, What?
So they cant grind them up and mix them with black top on roads or into concrete?

10:56 pm 16/02/2020


Fiberglass dust is very damaging to the lungs, grinding and handling is very risky.

2:04 am 17/02/2020


It can be cut using dust collection and wet mixed stored and transported: (water soak mixed for concreat, oil soak mix for black top.

Just a thinking out load since I have no say, no inputs or revinue stream for this.

2:56 am 18/02/2020


Fiberglass is a bitch to recycle, the silica is held together with so many chemicals that any practical re-use is very limited. My father made fiberglass boats when I was a kid and I got dragged along. I grew to resent the material (and if I don't die of lung cancer from a group ignoring 80's OSHA standards I'll be surprised). Filling up asphalt is probably the best option though (if handled correctly).

I honestly thought the idiots who designed these things were at least going to use aluminum... Carbon neutral is a lie, environmentally positive is a lie.

I expect within the next twenty years these things will be taken down in massive numbers.

12:27 pm 18/02/2020


Fill them with concrete, they'd make a great wall.

5:49 am 20/02/2020


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