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A parasite removed from a hornet's abdomen

0 comments, 147 views, posted 9:39 pm 06/04/2020 in Nature by tricpe
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Note: Not for the squeamish.

This is a video of a parasitic Xenos moutoni being removed from the abdomen of a hornet. The parasites cause wasps and hornets to alter their behavior and make the proliferation of its own species easier. The story of the closely related Xenos vesparum, which I discovered last night isn't a great bedtime story:

the parasite infects a European worker wasp and completely alters its worker caste behaviour. The infected wasp begins to suffer nutritionally, then flies to meet with other infected wasps. The male parasite exits the wasp's abdomen and mates with the female parasites which stay inside their host. Wasps infected with the male parasite die. Wasps infected with the female parasite then fatten themselves up much like queen wasps do. They then fly to meet with other uninfected queen wasps. Then when the parasite is mature, the infected wasp flies to mingle with other uninfected wasps, thereby spreading brood and larvae into new environments
Man, I thought I disliked wasps and hornets, but I REALLY dislike these Xenos parasitic bastards. And I thought the enemy of my enemy was supposed to be my friend. Of course I knew that wasn't true because Derek hates Greg and I hate Greg too.

Keep going for the video. Or don't.

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