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Five charged after fanboi sells kidney for iPad and iPhone

3 comments, 198 views, posted 2:12 pm 10/04/2012 in News by bradpitt
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The visual representation of untreated mental illness.

Five people have been charged in southern China with illegal use of a kidney after a teenage fanboi in the
country sold one of his organs to buy a shiny new iPhone and iPad. Xinhua news agency reported that
the five include Song Zhongyu, a surgeon from a provincial hospital in Yunnan province, Su Kaizong, who
works in a hospital urology department and ringleader He Wei, who organised the operation to pay off his
gambling debts. The 17-year-old from Anhui province surnamed Wang, who agreed to the illegal transplant
last April, is now suffering from renal failure, a condition which could ultimately prove fatal. In total, the
project generated 220,000 yuan (£21,971) of which Wang was given 22,000 yuan (£2,197) and the rest
split between the five who have been charged with intentional injury. Their cover was blown after Wang
confessed to his mother how he’d managed to afford a new iPhone and iPad. The illegal trade in organs is
big business in China, where demand way outstrips supply. According to Xinhua, Ministry of Health stats
show that out of around 1.5m million requests for new organs per year only 10,000 transplants are performed
legally. Earlier this year, for example, a man in Guangdong province reportedly woke up to find his left kidney
gone and 20,000 yuan in his pocket Trading in bodily parts for Apple goods also happens disturbingly frequently
in China, with desperate fanbois using internet forums in order to find willing intermediaries to help them. Last
June, for example, teenage fondleslab fan Xiao Zheng sold a kidney to pay for an iPad 2. Chinese Apple fanbois
aren't just prepared to part with an organ or two to get their hands on a shiny new phone or tablet, though.
A teenage girl reportedly offered her virginity in return for an iPhone 4 last year. ®

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Quote by bradpitt:
A teenage girl reportedly offered her virginity in return for an iPhone 4 last year.

I wish I had my virginity back, so I could use it to buy stuff. The question is: What is it worth?

9:59 pm 10/04/2012


I think male virginity works as a kind of asset vacuum... people know you're willing to give anything to give it up!

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