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It is being planned the extermination of a part of the population

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The background of the wave of violence promoted by a right-wing sector in the country goes beyond ousting President Nicolás Maduro from power: “They are planning an extermination war against a part of the population”.

“(…) Next to the Chavistas there will go to the bonfire those who look like chavistas; Those who smell like chavistas; Those who once were chavistas; Those who in the midst of a row between two people are branded as chavistas, to direct their fury towards them … The whole society will pay the consequences, not only those of us who are chavistas, but the whole society”.

The warning was made by the Minister for Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas, on Tuesday during a telephone call with the “Dando y Dando – Radio” (Taking and Giving-Radio) program, broadcast by the RNV Informative Channel, a space where he warned of the “emergence of a fascist outbreak in Venezuela” .

“The phenomenon of fascism has shown its milk teeth with the setting of live citizens on fire; With the persecution to everything that looks or smells of chavismo; With the ‘confusions’ of the clash groups, as it happened with the businessman of the CCCT Shopping Mall, who was subjected to blows and kicks because somebody said he was a magistrate or a chavismo leader. We are facing a very serious situation (…) ”

Villegas expressed his surprise at the number of anonymous victims of the fascist onslaught lying in the beds of the country’s hospitals, referring to the case of a motorist he met at the Dr. Domingo Luciani Hospital in Caracas, who entered the center by a fracture in the leg after being attacked by an angry mob that tried to burn him along with his motorcycle.

He reiterated his concern about the seriousness of the attacks, and called on all sectors to draw on the experience of countries that have traveled through long armed conflicts, “we have to make an effort to collect that experience,” and it is in this scenario where it takes on a greater force the Commission for the Truth raised by President Maduro in the framework of the National Constituent Assembly.

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