Mass shooting at Texas church

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A tormented man.


12:55 am 08/11/2017


Quote by tricpe:
Do you think this guy will go to trial?

The shooter or the guy who shot him?

First one yes. Second one should get a Ford pickup with gun-racks pro-grata.

Negative point for bringing the Koch brothers into this.

4:10 am 08/11/2017


Quote by Quaektem:

You? Hell come up to me in one of those things I'd offer you a beer. Three hours later we'd be singing "This is Halloween"

Goddamn right we would! Some people say I'm anti-social or have social anxiety disorder, but actually I'm REALLY EXTROVERTED... I guess it's easier to remember my moments when I am, uh, not in the best spirits (yeah, I can be a nightmare lol)

Jeez, It was snowing today and I'm walking through work singing "Oh, the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful. And since we've got no place to go, Let It snow, Let It snow, Let It snow..." REALLY LOUD! lol

besides, who would tell me to be quiet lol?

1:45 am 09/11/2017


Quote by REALITY:

God, I would LOVE a chainsaw bayonet... I used to have one back in the 50's and it up and left home one day. Maybe I'll find another one just like her


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