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I want to be the reason you get out of bed in the morning...Even if it is to make sure the door is locked.

1. Matt Lauer Out
2. Garrison Keillor Out
3. BuzzFeed To Lay Off 100 People
4. ESPN To Lay Off 150 People
5. Donald Trump Insinuates Joe Scarborough Involved In The Death Of A Former Intern

Oh, and Donald Trump also retweeted three of 'Britain First's' (a UK far right group) anti Islam videos.

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1:42 am 02/12/2017


Quote by LordViscera:
Quote by Quaektem:
I have evolved to understanding that though I can feel it's a very bad thing... that unless it's my child in question I have no right to interject my personal beliefs on anyone else.

I understand, but where I draw the line is when you are going to use public funds to pay for those procedures, I have great objection to that

That's also where I draw the line.

6:28 am 02/12/2017


Quote by Vormid:
I know you are being sarcastic as I know you know the electorate has the memory of a frigging goldfish.   

So Vormid, do you think some authority should trump democratic elections of government representation? Shouldn't people to be free to vote their conscience, no matter how misguided... or do you think we should enact some sort of tribunal to screen out the 'bad ones' before we get to vote?

I get your contempt. As a Constitutionalist I find the electorate is woefully ignorant (including you... no offence)... but that ignorance is protected. If (say) I were to start disqualifying people from voting based on mental capacity (from Downs syndrome to dementia, to IQ scores that are too low) would I be respecting individual freedom? (the answer is no). I would no more prohibit the misguided, stupid or mentally disabled from voting than I would call for a national gun confiscation. All citizens regardless of race, sex, gender (because that's different now), sexual orientation, IQ, or (what am I forgetting here...) has the right to vote. Period. They often vote for bad candidates (McCain, Romney, Dole, Mondale) but that's the way the system was set up. Hell I live in a state where Ted Kennedy, a man who let a woman drown in the back seat of his car rather than risk (another) DWI was constantly elected to the Senate until his death. That;s politics... in every country. We adapt to the system or resign ourselves to eternally throw ourselves uselessly against the machine (I tend to do the latter *shrug*)

I would say the comment was less sarcasm and much more cynicism.

7:14 am 02/12/2017


and thus the nature of humanity all summed up, (ignorant, self-serving, willing to look the other way as long as it doesn't affect anyone personally, and as Pink Floyd put it, comfortably numb, The electorate is who I am summing up here and I am included in that btw)

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