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Girl Scouts Sue Boy Scouts over using the word Scout...

7 comments, 604 views, posted 2:24 am 07/11/2018 in News by Quaektem
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The Girl Scouts Just Sued the Boy Scouts Over Use of the Term 'Scout'

(Bloomberg) — America’s gender divide is leaving no generation on the sidelines.

A year after the Boy Scouts of America announced it would admit girls, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America punched back Tuesday with a federal trademark lawsuit seeking to block the boys group from rebranding itself simply as “Scouts.”

The Girl Scouts, called GSUSA in the filing, claim the move by the Boy Scouts will “marginalize” the female organization and “erode its core brand identity.” The Boys Scouts announced in May that it was changing its name to “Scouts BSA,” with members known as “Scouts.”

“Since BSA’s announcement that it would admit girls to its core programs, GSUSA’s fears about the damage that would be caused to its trademarks and the mission those trademarks symbolize have been realized,” according to the complaint filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court. “Throughout the country, families, schools and communities have been told that GSUSA and BSA have merged, or even that GSUSA no longer exists. Parents interested in signing up for Girl Scouts programs have instead mistakenly signed up for the new girls’ programs offered by BSA.”

A representative for the Boy Scouts didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The case was filed as Americans went to the polls to vote in midterm elections in which the gender divide is stark and expected to influence the outcome. A record number of women are seeking office in the election, and the #MeToo realizations of workplace sexual harassment in the last year have crystallized voter opinion on candidates and social issues.

In the lawsuit, the Girl Scouts claim their right to use “Scout” and “Scouting” marks in marketing to girls has long been recognized both by the law and by the Boy Scouts. But the Boy Scouts’ decision to open all of its programs to girls has crossed that line, according to a complaint.

The Girl Scouts seek a court order blocking the Boy Scouts from using the term “Scout,” “Scouts,” “Scouting,” or “Scouts BSA” without an “inherently distinctive or distinguishing term appearing immediately before it.”

The suit isn’t the first time the two organizations tangled in court. A century ago, the Boy Scouts sued to block the Girl Scouts from using the name “Scout,” according to The Atlantic magazine.

The case is Girl Scouts of the United States of America v. Boy Scouts of America, 18-cv-10287, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

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3:13 am 07/11/2018


I'll start with the basic dismissal... the BSA already has registered trademarks for the terms Scout and Scouting ( which was the basis for the case 100 years ago. Even if they didn't register the term, the precedence for it's use was set in that case!

Now, as far as the Girl Scout (and media) pushback on this issue...

I'm a former Girl Scout — and I think the Boy Scouts' plan to allow female members is a pseudo-progressive ploy

Girl Scouts slam Boy Scouts' decision to accept girls: 'The Boy Scouts' house is on fire'

It's not quite as black and white as they would have you believe. The Boy Scouts of America has been co-ed from 1971 when the adventure/career program for young adults aged 14-21.

From 1971 until now, girls have been attending Jamborees, Campouts, High Adventure Camps, and every other activity with Boy Scouts without being able to participate in the core Boy Scouting program (Explorers, now split into Explorers and Venturing are youth lead and run and have a specific focus on developing leadership, business, communication and other skills while planning, funding and executing their own programs). My sisters were Explorers and two of my daughters are Venture Scouts.

Further, unlike the Girl Scout program, the Cub Scout program is very open to family participation. Camping is done with family units, siblings attend Den and Pack meetings, carve and race cars during the Pinewood Derby and have been included... except for being able to be formally recognized for their achievements.

Now, my mother and sisters were Girls Scouts, and they have a good program with a singular focus... but it is a very different program than that offered by the BSA. My sisters wanted to go do what I was doing, my mother wanted to do what her brothers were doing, all while enjoying Girl Scouts. Like many others with a long history in the program I have daughters that have grown up exposed to Boy Scouting and wen they had the chance eagerly embraced the program. All of them were Rainbow Girls (a Masonic youth organization) and I tried to register them when younger in the Girl Scouts (check was cashed but never heard back) but now I have my entire family in uniform enjoying the same program together.

Now, what are the differences? The BSA is very structured and homogeneous. Scouters in Alaska get the same exact training as those in Florida, and the Scouts all have the same requirements. Our focus is on Duty to God, Duty to Country and Duty to Self. All religions are accepted, and the program includes learning about your religion/spiritual outlook. We teach about civics at all levels, and encourage youth to be an active member in their communities and families. We help them strive to be physically fit and self confident through a progressively challenging outdoor program while allowing them the personal freedom to choose what awards they can earn on the path to Eagle.

Girl Scouts is very much focused on female empowerment and for, I'll even say, most girls is a great place to achieve, build self esteem and learn life skills. The Girl Scout Troops are very decentralized allowing each leader to tailor a program toward the needs of the girls in it. Their latest push is a S.T.E.M. based program, certainly very empowering to girls interested in those fields (The BSA also has S.T.E.M. programs, but they are electives, not part of the core program).

What I don't like is this idea that Girl Scouts is the only right answer for all girls. My third daughter started in Cub Scouting last year as an early-adopter. She earned her Webelos Rank and is close to completing her Arrow of Light (as such she'll be in the very first group to earn that rank!). She loves and excels at every part of the program, and as the Den Leader for all the girls (six girls, kindergarten through 5th grade) they are camping, learning knots, starting fires, hiking, learning animal lore, forestry, and dozens of other skills and loving it. And... if they wanted to... they can join the Girl Scouts as well! I can't imagine a more empowering event for girls that to open up another option for them.

Troop 1920 (yes, very deliberately chosen) will start up February 1st. We have four older girls (13-15) ready to go and six Cub Scouts ready to cross over. Troop 64, a male troop, has invited us to their outdoor activities (starting with a ski trip at Loon Mountain two weeks after the Troop forms!) and are looking forward to helping the girls learn the same skills they have.

3:22 am 07/11/2018


I was a Boy Scout, well I particpated in most all activities... I was also a Girl Scout and a Girl Scout leader, Girl Scouts suck and I would never, ever participate in GS again. Would do Scouting in a heatbeat with my girl and boy though through BSA

4:47 pm 07/11/2018


wtf is happening

7:59 pm 07/11/2018


I suggest THEY SCOUTS OF USA as the title

10:59 pm 07/11/2018


Only if the GSA goes to THEM SCOUTS OF THE USA!

One problem for the GSA..

The BSA has a history with using this language on their uniforms.

11:42 pm 07/11/2018


Boy Scouts of America vs Girl Scout USA.

10:10 am 10/11/2018


Quote by marksyzm:
wtf is happening

shits bonkers all over the planet my friend, doomsday ain't far away....

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