I hate it when that happens

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I want to be the reason you get out of bed in the morning...Even if it is to make sure the door is locked.

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4:13 pm 17/02/2019


sun and sand, man. it has its appeal

5:08 pm 17/02/2019


people have little sympathy for us beach dwellers

7:06 am 23/02/2019


US brides dad is suing for his daughter to keep her citizenship.

I would be fine with bringing them home and sending them to a brain wipe facility and get them re-educated before reentry to society. And if they have kids they should go up for adoption to a non-crazy non-religious family so they can be raised without the need for jihad.

1:38 pm 23/02/2019


Nope. She is an enemy combatant, she needs to be tried in Syria.

Also as the child of a "foreign national" with diplomatic immunity, I do not believe that she would be a US citizen even if born here, the foreign national title would also apply to her.

We do not want her, the poor child is the one that will suffer. But as his own mother and father, the child will grow up to hold extremists views and hatred towards the US. It is a lose, lose, and very sad. Children do not ask for this.

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